A share house without borders to connect you with the world:DK House Tokyo・Nerima

This time we’re going to introduce you to the large scale international share house “DK House Tokyo・Nerima” just a 5 minute walk from the Yurakucho line and Seibuikebukuro line.

There are no conditions based on gender or nationality, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a working person.  The only requirement is that you’re a person with good sense.  Since this share house maintains 179 rooms in total, you can make a lot of friends living here.  Also, because there are so many foreigners living here, it seems like international exchange is very active here.

The share house periodically holds events and throws parties, and with this many people living here, there’s no need to worry about whether or not things will be lively.  While it’s great to be with friends who have the same values and can relate with you, don’t you think it’d be refreshing and stimulating to meet people with different values, customs, and different ways of thinking?  I think it’s these differences that will lead you to take an interest in such people and want to know more.

While I’m sure there are those who will tire out from always being around so many people, all the rooms are individual rooms here, so you can lay back and relax in your own private space.  For those who are moving in to the Tokyo area from the country side and find themselves with no friends or acquaintances, I highly recommend this share house.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the rooms.

「DK house Tokyo Nerima」House Detail Page

Main Lounge (1st floor)

The lounge on the first floor is connected to the kitchen and adequately maintains a spacious atmosphere.  Here you can enjoy a meal, study, enjoy friendly conversation, it’s all up to you.

Second Lounge (3rd floor)

This lounge you will see immediately after getting off the elevator.  Every floor has a space about this size, but they all have different designs so I’d like to introduce them to you later.

Here is the entrance.
On the right side as you enter, you’ll find all the resident’s mail boxes. 
Then when you open the door and go further in you’ll see a spacious lobby.  To the left there are two computers available for anyone to use.
After you take off your shoes and head straight in, you’ll run into the lounge area.
Here you’ll find a space with a sofa to kick back and relax, a dining area to enjoy a meal with friends, and a kitchen to cook your meals all in one. 
This main lounge looks to be the primary place to enjoy the company of the other residents.
As you can see here, the cooking area is fairly spacious, so there’s plenty of space even if a lot of people are cooking around the same time.  Cooking is sure to be fun as well if everyone joins in on the work!
Also, the middle picture here is on the same floor as the main lounge, but this is actually another lounge a short distance away from the main one.  This area looks to be invaluable for relaxing with just a few people to enjoy a bit of conversation,.

And you can  grow vegetables for the house´s people.

The bathing room is a common bath set on the first floor. 
It’s equipped with shower rooms,
and a large bath where you can soak and relax.
Every floor has a washroom equipped with toilets, washing machines, and dryers.  There’s also an iron on each floor, so working people can press their clothes. 


You can take your laundry and dry it in the dryers if you’d like, but on a day with nice weather a bit of sunbathing on the roof while letting your clothes dry looks like it’d feel great!!
Now then, let’s take a look at the rooms. 
Every room is furnished with a bed, closet, shelf, desk, and miniature refrigerator, so when you’re moving in there isn’t anything in particular you need to bring.
The layout is also quite simple and they’re all individual rooms.
Every room has different lighting from the sun, so if you happen to have any particular preference it’d be best to check the rooms ahead of time.
Also, the picture on the right side is the lounge on the 2nd floor.  Well, while it’s said to be a lounge, there’s only 1 sofa.
So if I had to say, it was arranged for those who’d simply want to enjoy the atmosphere of the room.
The secondary lounge on every floor has a completely different design.
With different interior decorating and color schemes in place, you can enjoy a different “color” theme on each floor.
The 4th floor in particular has darts, so those who like to hang out at night are sure to stop by here!  (From the right are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors respectively)


At any rate, I think DK House Tokyo・Nerima is perfect for those who like to interact with people and want to enjoy the experience of always encountering new people.


Trilingual staff is always present, and being fully equipped with a security system you can move in with peace of mind.  You can move in for periods as short as 3 months, so this looks like a great place even just to sample the share house life style if you’re interested.


When visiting, there was sense of security as if someone is always close by.  In fact, when being shown around the share house there were residents walking about and we’d exchange greetings as we passed by.  For those who are interested in DK House Tokyo・Nerima where you can always feel the warmth of people like this, click here for more information. 


As we live, we encounter people, and through these encounters we communicate with others. One could say this is the very reason for the appeal of a share house.  Because we live in a time where a connection with people is highly valued, I think it’s great to live a life where you “share” while helping others. 

/Author: カガワ

DK House Tokyo Nerima
House DetailDK House Tokyo Nerima
Area Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥27,500 ~ ¥55,000
5 min walk from Fujimidai Station
Condition Male, Female