The happiness of hanging out with good friends you get along with: CENTO ANNI Ⅰ

Today we bring to you CENTO ANNI Ⅰ, a share house by Marumi Co.,Ltd a 5-minute walk from Kasai station. The house is in a location surrounded by parks and tree-lined streets perfect for running and cycling. Inside, there is a bicycle maintenance area and other facilities making it a great share house for active people.

The name CENTO ANNI is Italian and translates to ‘100 Years.’ In Italy there is a toast that is said before meals that goes something along the lines of ‘may our family be happy for 100 years to come’ and as such, this share house is a place where the tenants can meet close, like-minded friends that become family, enjoy food and wine and passing the time together.

The house is not just geared towards fitness. The rooms are spacious, complete with ample storage space and there are many things that both those active people and those who prefer to relax can find appeal in. Let’s get on with it!

「CENTO ANNI Ⅰ」House Details Page

Living room
The living room on the 3F of the café-esque building has large windows and ample lighting. The view is great and there is no doubt that this is a place in which the the tenants would often come to gather.

Fitness Space
You are greeted with this fitness area as soon as you open the front door. Get active with the other housemates in here instead of heading all the way over to the gym. The staff is also considering inviting fitness specialists to the house.


The outside of CENTO ANNI. The brick exterior was modelled after New York’s Brooklyn and the composed building oozes class.

CENTO ANNI is an 8 storey building, and today we’ll take a look at CENTO ANNI Ⅰ which is located from the 2nd to the 4th floor.

The house nameplate also adds a touch of class.

Opening the front door we find personal mail boxes for each tenant and,

bigger boxes for parcels.

Through the solid wood door and to the left are shoe racks and to the right is the studio.

The fitness room on the 1F is very spacious and can be used for all sorts of exercise, including ballet, yoga, pilates and dance.

There is also a garden outside, the perfect environment to pump you up for exercise.

Opposite the window there are 2 treadmills.

At the back of the 1F there is a paid bicycle parking area.

The area can be locked and is installed with security cameras, and there are bicycle rollers and even a sink.

Those who love their bicycles as they would their spouses will be over the moon about these facilities. There is also a free parking area outside.

Alright, let’s go up the elevator to the 3F communal area.

The kitchen has induction cooktops and is quite spacious, making cooking a breeze and with the bar-like counter you can enjoy conversation with others will making meals.

There was a picture of Buddha sitting on the counter.

Opposite the kitchen is the lounge area with a 46-inch TV, Wii, DVD player and even a massage chair.

The stylish furniture makes you feel like you are in a café.

Here is the staff from Marumi. They created the place as if it were their own house and are still working at it with the help of the tenants. They are a very frank and good-humored bunch.


(Room 201) A room on the 2F.

(Room 202) All rooms are furnished with air conditioning, a bed, desk, shelves, refrigerator, full-length mirror, under-bed storage and curtains.

(Room 203) The black wall on the right is a nice accent.

(Room 301) 3F, the floor with the kitchen and living room.

(Room 306) The color of the floor differs between rooms, so go and have a look and choose the one you like.

(Room 308) The floor is a brilliant color in here.

(Room 401) Room sizes vary from 12.9㎡ to 14.4㎡.

(Room 402) It’s great to know that with this much storage space you don’t really need to waste your money and buy your own when you move in.

(Room 407) All rooms have great natural lighting.

The male and female toilet signs are fairly unique, don’t you think? The signs differ from floor to floor and are quite interesting. Check them out for yourself when you come over to have a look at the house. 

The toilet is cutely designed and is nice and clean.

And of course there is also a washing machine and dryer.


As mentioned earlier, CENTO ANNI Ⅰ is located from the 2nd to the 4th floor of a 8 storey building, and in the future a CENTO ANNI Ⅱ will be opened on the upper floors. Using the fitness space and communal areas you are sure to meet and interact with a lot of different people in this share house.

There aren’t many other places in the city that have such spacious rooms and storage space and as the management staff are actually the owners of the property there are no extra costs such as agency fees, renewal charges, or administration fees. The low moving and living costs is definitely a big plus.

Each room of this newly opened house has a different layout and style, so I recommend you head on over, pick out the one you like and hopefully start your new life there.

That said, February and March is a popular season for moving, and even though this is a newly opened property be careful you don’t miss out as this rooms get rented out one after another.

While on site at CENTO ANNI taking photos of the living room, I couldn’t help but imagine the future tenants sitting around the table and making a toast before enjoying a meal together.

/Author: moriyama

House DetailCENTO ANNI 1
Area 3-chome, Nakakasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
5 min walk from Kasai Sta.
Condition Male, Female

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