A living space unswayed by the times

We live in a bustling, ever-changing era. The spread of the internet has greatly changed the way we live our lives and run our businesses, and our concept of time has altered.

Nevertheless, it is because we are within this whirlpool of intense change that we are attracted to the constant. We see this inside ourselves, swayed not by the times and current fashions,being made to think about universality and reaffirm who we are.

In this article we will look at D Share Jiyugaoka, a renovated sharehouse in an approximately 50-year old vintage building that has stands in Okusawa, Setagaya-ku.

Although it’s edgy decor gives the impression of a cool, male-oriented space, this is actually a female-exclusive sharehouse with an interior to be appreciated by any design enthusiast.

Let’s move on and have a look inside the house!

「D Share Jiyugaoka」House Details Page


A vintage apartment building with department store and cafe

The house is located a 15-minute walk from Jiyugaoka station and 6 minutes from Kuhonbutsu station on the Tokyu Oimachi line. The large building can be seen from far away.


Part of the building is occupied by a D&DEPARTMENT cafe and store.


The 990m2 store interior stocks a wide range of products, including furniture, lifestyle magazines, and used books and CDS.


The sharehouse occupies one of the apartments in the building.


The long history of this building can be seen in the design of the door and the look of the apartment.


That said, on the other side of the door a brand new interior awaits. Residents can each use one shelf of this shoe storage box.


The lounge matches simple yet high quality furniture with its concrete interior

The common area can be found through a door near the entrance, a space high in design yet comfortable at the same time.


The lounge caters to all daily life situations and residents can move about and use the space to suit their mood or purpose.


The dining area offers counter seating, and here residents can enjoy conversation with their housemates while cooking.


The lounge from another angle. The overall color scheme lends to a relaxing ambiance.


A small work area is set up by the wall. This is a plus for people who do work at home.


The counter in the kitchen resembles a bar and could even be a place to crack open a can of beer or enjoy spot of wine at the end of the day.


The table and its tall chairs are all of good quality.


Lighting is provided not by ceiling lights but spotlights, adding to the quality of the interior.


The floor has been left purposely rough, with a carpet spread out on top.


The stainless steel kitchen is simple in design and easy to navigate.


The house has seven rooms, and to accommodate this there two bathrooms to share between residents.


There are also two toilets, and one shared washing machine.


Exposed concrete and plumbing remain untouched

In order to appreciate and show off the long history of the building, much of its original materials have been used to create a slightly edgy accent to the sharehouse interior.


Looking up in the hallway you will see the exposed plumbing that speaks to the long history of the building.


Residents can look far out over the city from some of the windows in the living room and the hallway, with spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and surrounds on clear days.


Nicely sized white-themed private rooms

Rooms are simple in design and ready to be arranged as residents please. Each room contains a bed and simple storage unit and has a fresh white color scheme. (Room A)


This room has a large window and balcony. There is no need to turn on the lights in here during the day. (Room D)


In some rooms you may see a peak of exposed concrete, like this one. (Room E)

This sharehouse is run by Arial. The company originally dealt with rental housing before broadening their business to tenant and sharehouse management.


Arial’s sharehouse model is based not only on everyday comfort, but also the pursuit of international character and design. D share Jiyugaoka is the materialization of these ideals.

While the building itself is quite old, once you move in you will surely find it to be comfortable and consider it to be a place one can live in for many years to come.

This is a quality, comfortable house in which one can contemplate about life itself in a moderately stimulating environment. If you’re thinking about moving, why not give this property a chance?


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