The center of culture of New Kamakura

Now "Kamakura "  is the sightseeing city both Japanese and foreign people love and 23 million people visit each year.
This town which built one generation and is filled with hisitorical atomosphere has many shirines and temples which remains the mood of that days and Shonan sea where many people enjoy gathering  in summer.
Also, the sharehouse we introduce this time is situated in the middle of the tourist resort in Kamakura.
The house is 5 minute walk from "Hase "station on Enoden line famous for Hasedera which is filled with bigleaf hydrangea in rainy season.

You can go to the beach in 5 to 6 minutes on foot. There is Amanawashinmeimiya, the oldest shrine in Kamakura, next to it.
The God enshrined in the shrine is Amaterasuomikami. At the bottom of the stone stairs, there is a "well where Tokimune Hojo was bathed when he was born". At high place where building of the shrine is located, you can have a bird's eye view of Yuigahama and Hase.
Across the shrine is a house where Yasunari Kawabata who received Nobel Prize had lived.
This Amanawashinmeimiya is a shrine that appears in part of his novel "Yamanooto".
You can feel history and culture of Kamakura deeply here.

The building used as a sharehouse this time is an old and large house that had been build for more than 80 years ago. It was revived as a new house by taking over the history after the large renovation. The residential part only has been completed so far. However, it will open as the cafe space. It provides a place where the tenants feel relaxed. It is the sharehouse that is focused on in this autumn we expect greatly as a place where the new Kamakura culture is issued. Let's see in the house now!

Amanatsu-Minka」House details page 


A shared office/house in a rare location surrounded by cultural heritages. 

Although it is located in the middle of a popular tourist destination, it stands on a smaller street back from the main road and the environment is vary quiet and calm.


The house has fences around like blinds that protect your privacy.


This is the entrance. This splendid gate has a nameplate a designer has specially made, which perfectly matches the style of the house. 


Out in the garden stands a sweet watson pomelo tree, which is the origin of the house's name "amanatsu-minka".


In the entrance area after going through the gate, instead of a sign, there is art there.  


When you go inside, imported vintage furniture is set, and you can see the owner's taste.  


Wood flooring and well chosen cloth brighten the resident-only lounge.

The common space for residents include the cafe space projected to finish by the end of November, and resident-only living room shown in the picture above. The beautiful cloth creates a space that is warm and good relaxing. 


Furnished the electricity. Here too a big vintage table, chair and rack will be settled. The air conditioner will be the large size for shop.


The kitchen is a user friendly built-in kitchen. Behind the living room, surfboards and the shower facilities will be set so that the surfers can live in comfort.


The lightening will make the house more attractive.


The vintage storage box looks so cool.


The sign is also nice. Let's take a look at the kitchen and bathroom!


This is the rest room and power room separately built.It is very spacious and clean inside.  


The room has three shower booths, including Ladies-only area. 


In addition, there are two washing machines and drying machines. The gas-type dryers enable washing to get dried quickly. 


Private rooms with outstanding wooden texture equipped with a separate washing sink.

In 9 individual rooms with sink where you can feel quality of the tree, there is a sink. As it has no space for accommodating items, it has a shelf for accommodating the items where it has a high space for living.


This is E room. It has a sufficient sunlight and a open space.


There is a stand alone sink which is useful, because you can get ready without leaving your room.


The light coming into the window even gives a lyrical impresson.


The lighting is from France. Charming lights decorate the house here and there. 


This is room F.


This is room H.


Instead of having storage space, there is a Danish made desk by the wall that works as a shelf as well. 


All the products are of good quality, with great design and durability.

The share house introduced here is managed by Safari B Company. Mr. Yokoyama, the representative, is also famous for being ‘a master who travels’, having devoted himself for traveling and motorbikes since he was 19 and travelled around the world for nearly 5 years. He still continues traveling in and outside Japan while managing the real estate business. His travel experiences makes what he is and has a significant influence on his business; his motto is to "create apartments and condominiums where people gather and talk to each other regardless of race".

The sharehouse we introduced this time is exactly where that kind of feeling is condensed.
I was wondering if it might change to the place where new culture is born while taking over the history and climate of Kamakura.

I imagine that many people dream leading life by working and enjoying leisure here.
Why don't you consider it to be not a dream and ideal but a place where you set your main life style here?
You can set it by expecting that it is a place where many people voluntarily come as a place where information of new Kamakura culture is issued. 


House Detailamanatsu-minka
Area 1,Hase,Kamakura,Kanagawa
Rent ¥62,000 ~ ¥62,000
Enoshima-Dentetsu Hase station 5 -min walk
JR Kamakura station 20-min walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり

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