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Looking back on my own ordinary life, there are times I am surprised at how little time was set aside for pursuing hobbies. I would often come home from school or work exhausted, falling into a deep sleep. It’s quite difficult to relax or spend time doing things you like to do unless it’s your day off, don’t you agree?

Recently concept sharehouses have been popping up all over the place as a way to solve this problem, with houses equipped with a music studio for people into music and houses with their own golf courses for people who like golfing.

However, there must be more than a few of you out there who want to meet and interact with people of all occupations with different hobbies, who want to make connections as well as more time for their own hobbies. The house we will introduce to you today, Share Residence Miyazakidai, gives us a combination of these two concepts.

Within the house there is a living room with its own bar to enjoy, a lounge room to relax in, a soundproof studio with drumkit, a fitness room and even a golf course. With such diverse needs catered for, you can ensure time for your own interests as well as get to know a lot of different kinds of people.

The house is in a great location with local Miyazakidai station just 22 minutes to Shibuya and Mizonokuchi station with its bustling shopping street two stations away.

Let’s go on in and have a look inside the sharehouse that is the ideal house for many different people!

「Share Residence Miyazakidai」House Details Page


Step inside and be greeted by an interior like that of a high-class apartment building

Walk about 4 minutes from Miyazakidai station on the Denen-toshi line and the apartment complex-like sharehouse will soon appear. With a total of 51 rooms, it’s quite large. 


You’ll get excited just by opening the large door and heading inside imagining what awaits you. 


Looking at the entrance from the living room. You can get a feel of the scope of the house. 


Due to the high number of tenants the shoe racks used are like the one’s you’d find in a Japanese school, and takes you back to the good old days.


Your favorite café is right inside the house with a living room reminiscent of an English bar

Walking straight up from the entrance the living room appears before you, with a bar counter and café space. The furnished interior gives a retro feel and there is something nostalgic about the room, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax.


The retro items placed around here and there in the modern living room harmonize and create a unique atmosphere. 


I was told that the managers bake the bread for breakfast themselves. It’s such a luxury to have freshly baked bread in the morning before work. 


An actual cocktail set is also provided, perfect for starting a new hobby or working on the skills you already have. 


Alcohol is also provided. However, it is the tenants responsibility to buy it among themselves. 


The view from the counter. You can almost hear someone saying, “I’ll have the usual.”


This is the kitchen. Although it would be more fitting to call it a “commercial kitchen” from the looks of it. 


The stove has been specifically modified so there’s no need to be worried about its heating power. There is also an induction stove with 2 burners.


There is also plenty of sink space. Those who love cooking will be in here often. 


Ample communal facilities can be used whatever the hobby or occasion and cater to various needs in one’s life

The atmosphere of the lounge differs from that of the living room. It’s the perfect spot for reading a book or for when you just want to relax. There is also a bookcase in here, so it might be an idea to share your books with everyone. 


A glimpse of the lounge walking down the hallway beckons you inside.  


Here is the sound-proofed music studio with electric drum kit, keyboard and microphone. Music lovers will no doubt end up in here all the time.


There is also a fitness room on the 3F. Sweat it out while looking at the view. 


There is a rooftop terrace, set out in a way that makes you feel like you’ve come to a resort.


The electric drum set is a pretty serious setup. The room is on the first floor so the vibrations won’t be felt by any lower levels.  


The keyboard. It’s a simple design, but great to use for practice.


There is also a karaoke device so it’s not just a place to come and play instruments but also to let off a little bit of steam. 


There is also a Japanese-style guest room on the 1F. The smell of the tatami mats was really calming when we went to visit.


A Japanese-style room means paper sliding doors. You don’t see these around too often anymore so it was refreshing to find. 


Open the paper sliding door to find pebbles spread out outside like a Japanese garden. 


On to the fitness room. There’s a treadmill facing the window and...


.. and exercise bike. Come here when you want to get active and its raining outside.


These are professional machines so you can make use of all the different settings.


There is a bed and sofa to sprawl out on in the terrace. On sunny days you’ll probably head up here.


There are also decorative plants so those interested can test out their green thumbs. 


This space in front of the terrace will be for golf.


Relax in the spacious private rooms when you want to spend time by yourself

Relax in luxury in these rooms after spending time on your hobbies in the communal areas. With lots of storage space and big windows you’ll never have a worry in these rooms. 



This is Room 102, the only one room apartment-type room in the house complete with kitchen, bathroom and toilet.


There is a lot of space. There is also a large closet with plenty of room for storage. 


It comes with a washstand, toilet, bathtub and washing machine. There is only one of this type of room available, so call up before it’s too late.


This room is a little more cosy than the other rooms but there is plenty of space for one person.


Incidentally, this room can house two people. You can get a feel for the space with two beds in the room. 


There is also plenty of storage space with a closet and you can always have fun trying to fit things underneath the bed. 


There are times when we meet people at work or in our private lives that have a multitude of interests. When talking with these people, who have made room in their lives for the things they like to do, we often adopt their outlook on life and end up longing for the same thing ourselves. We also think that people who stick with and are serious about just one hobby are quite amazing.

It’s fairly difficult to pursue or broaden interests by ourselves in our everyday lives. Stepping outside of our comfort zone and discovering new things brings passion and a higher level of interest, and by doing so we are often surprised that things aren’t so far from home after all. I believe I have found the place to experience both passion and surprise side by side here at Share Residence Miyazakidai.

Share your interests with others, and in turn discover theirs. Doing so will broaden both parties minds and create something to share. Before you know it you’ll be immersing yourself in the hobbies of that person with the multitude of interests, as well as that person who focuses on just one. You may end up meeting many new people through these new interests.

The place to do exactly this is Share Residence Miyazakidai. With spring on the way, take the first step towards a new passion.

/Author: Emoto


Social Court Miyazakidai
House DetailSocial Court Miyazakidai
Area 1-chome, MiyamaeDaira, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Rent ¥47,800 ~ ¥47,800
Tokyu Den-En-Toshi Line Miyazakidai 4 min walk
Tokyu Den-En-Toshi Line Miyamaedaira 5 min walk
Condition Male, Female

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