As of today,  the English version of the share house and guest house portal – – is up and running.

 In recent years, share housing has grown increasingly popular in Japan, especially among those in their twenties and early thirties.  Until now, the main draw has simply been affordable pricing, but now share houses are not only fully furnished, but are also host to events held by the share house management, in addition to the opportunity to immerse oneself in a foreign language and culture.

 On the English version, rather than simply translating Japanese articles into English, we visit share houses personally, only publishing articles for those which offer housing for foreigners to ensure your stay in Japan is more enjoyable. We strive to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the many share houses in Japan making it easier to find housing

 On our website, you’ll find articles offering an objective view of share houses and the managers’ policies, along with photos so that you can make an informed decision when selecting a share house.  In addition, on the top page, you’ll find a map of the Tokyo metropolitan area in English, allowing for searches in a more specific area. 

 We believe, especially if you are from outside of Japan, share housing may serve as a platform for social networking where  you can easily mingle with local people and expand your community. We hope you cherish every moment you spend with the people you encounter on your  journey in Tokyo.

Thank you.

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