Kurihira, a quiet town in a good location away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Kurihira is a peaceful residential area atop a small hill. You will become relaxed as you breathe in the fresh air here. If you feel like you’re being swallowed whole by the frantic city lifestyle, just by stepping foot in a place like Kurihira, all of your worries disappear.

Go for a leisurely walk outside and you might just discover sights and sounds that usually go unnoticed. What is strange is that even in such a quiet, peaceful area a plethora of new encounters and discoveries are waiting for you. Too bad we can’t always get away from the city and our workplaces to relax.

The share house we will introduce to you today is near Kurihira station, which is on the Odakyu line and 30 minutes to Shinjuku, 17 minutes to Machida and 4 minutes to Shin-yurigaoka, a location perfect for those working or studying in the city.

This 96-room house is Comfort Machida Kurihira. The house is complete with communal areas such as work-space areas, a soundproof room, a theater room, a studio, and a café lounge. There is also space in the basement to get a massage.

So, without further ado, let’s see what this house has to offer!

「Comfort Machida Kurihara」House Details Page

Great location to gaze out over the town

Getting off at Kurihira station and heading over to the house, I noticed many children playing about and people walking dogs on my way. True to the name of the share house, there is a ‘comfort’ of feeling safe in this neighborhood. Kurihira itself is located atop a gentle sloping incline, and is a great place to look out over the surrounding town, a view not unlike something you would see in a movie.

The cute shoe lockers on the left side of the front hallway can be decorated by the tenants. You can even fit long boots into the lockers.

As we went to have a look at this place before Christmas, the interior was decorated in a Christmas-theme. The office was even done up and it all felt very homely.

The rooftop. You can see the entire town from here. It would be nice to hang washing out here on a sunny day.

The living and dining room foster communication with individual tables.

The large living room is spotted with a number of individual tables and is a place where you can interact with a small number of people even though the space is so big. The television is also huge, and the room is connected to the kitchen so you could even watch a sports game with everyone while eating breakfast. You could potentially talk all day with your friends in here.

TThe television and guitar. The many paintings hanging on the wall add an artistic touch.

The cheerful environment comes together with the lighting, furniture and paintings on the wall. It was great to see the tenants communicating and having a good time in this bright room.

The kitchen is also quite spacious, perfect for cooking alone or in groups.

There are induction stove tops so cleanup is a breeze.

These shelves in the living room are for tenants to store anything they please. A lot of them keep their condiments and spices here.

The lounge. It’s a space where you can work and with a computer and copier also provided you can do all of your business here.

The view seen from this large window is like none other. Even if you’re not using the space to work you can relax and enjoy the view from further away.

This is the theater room in the basement. Stretch out your legs and relax while watching a movie on these chairs to fully enjoy this room.

This is a fully sound-proofed room so you can beat on those electric drums to your heart’s content, an irresistible option for those music lovers out there.

This is Momihira, where the masseuse among the tenants provides cheap massages for Comfort Machida Kurihira housemates. The masseuse apparently has many repeat customers.

Get a massage right here in the basement. It’s almost like a dream to come home to a massage after a hard day’s work.

There are also sofas positioned beside Momihira. You can feel completely at ease down here.

There is a smoking area down here with a stylish signboard you wouldn’t usually find in smoking rooms.

There is also a vending machine. Take ease in the fact that it is designed to work even during power outages.

The basins beside the toilet. There is enough space here to do your makeup with ease.

The toilet is in the same design as a public restroom.

The shower room. There is also a female-exclusive shower room.

Extremely livable rooms ready to move into with all the furniture you could need.

One appeal of this place is that all 96 rooms are furnished with a refrigerator, large closet, desk, chair and bed. You can start your shared living lifestyle immediately without bringing anything with you, and decorate the room as you like.

Room 125 is unified by a purple-colored theme with an adult touch to it.

The desk is a chic black and being quite spacious you’ll have no trouble working here.

Another room has this simple design.

The large closet looks big enough to hang up your coats. There is also a mirror, convenient for that one last touch up before heading out.

The large closet looks big enough to hang up your coats. There is also a mirror, convenient for that one last touch up before heading out.

Many people store their food and tableware in their own rooms. You can get a feel for living by yourself in your own room.


This property is in Asao-ku, Kawasaki which is an affluent artistic town. Sure enough, through the paintings hanging on the walls in the house, watching movies and using the instruments you can get a glimpse of the art of the town. Even those who don’t usually take the time to watch movies can pick up a DVD when they are out and about to watch on the large screen in the theater room. You can also play instruments without worrying about making too much noise.

Managing this property is Oak House, and the supervisors spend a lot of time at the house interacting with the tenants. It’s an atmosphere so homey that anyone on the outside looking in wouldn’t even realize that the supervisors are actually staff. I earnestly felt that a lot of great connections are made here with the tenants getting along well with each other, also.

I think the real appeal of share houses is the fact that it fosters new connections among people. It often happens that if you step a little outside of your own community a whole new world lies waiting before you. Large-scale share houses like the one we have introduced to you today are sure to create an abundance of lasting relationships between others.

New encounters and discoveries to be found just 30 minutes from Shinjuku - in line with the new year, how exciting would it be to be starting something new in the Comfort Machida Kurihira share house.

/Author: Emoto

Social residence  Machida-Kurihira
House DetailSocial residence Machida-Kurihira
Area Kurigidai,Asao-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa
Rent ¥44,000 ~ ¥45,000
5 min. walk to Kurihira station (Odakyu Tama line)
30 min. to Shinjuku station by train
Condition Male, Female

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