A neighborhood with good public transport access

During the Edo period, the merchants lived below the hilly ‘Yamanote’ where the samurai resided in an area where commerce and industry developed, and came to be called ‘Shitamachi’ or the ‘low city’.

Nowadays the low city is no longer the center of commerce and industry, however this area, where the traditions of old Edo remain strong, is the place to go to experience Japanese culture such as sumo wrestling and kabuki theater as well as gourmet dining.

Today we introduce to you a share house in the low city near Morishita station, Alpha Style Morishita.

Morishita station, which is serviced by the Toei Shinjuku and Toei Ōedo lines, has great access with it taking 13 minutes to Shinjuku and also within 20 minutes to Tokyo station, which those working in Tokyo would be happy to hear.

Let’s have a look inside!

「Alpha Style Morishita」House Detail Page

A stylish exterior makes a good impression

5 minutes walk from Morishita station. This building nestled in a quiet, residential area is Alpha Style Morishita.

Let’s open the glass door and head on inside, shall we?

This is the front hallway. Shoe lockers like the wall next to a door leading to the lounge room.

This phone is connected to all of the rooms. Convenient in times of emergency.


The lounge fosters an adult-like ambiance

This photo was taken of the lounge from the entrance. The renovated house is unified with a relaxing color-scheme.

The dining table.

The sofa and television. This area is mainly for relaxing.

The television is right in front of the sofa so you might end up lounging around and watching it all day if you’re not careful.

Here is the kitchen located at the back of the lounge. Areas in the front and the back help keep hindrances to a minimum when more than one person is cooking at the same time.

The refrigerator. There is also one upstairs.

The washstands on the 2-3F. Two people can use them at the same time with one in the front and one in the back.

The shower room. There are 5 in total so you will never worry about someone else being in the shower.

The washing machine. There a 4 installed in the house.

Private rooms with loft-style beds use space effectively

The private rooms are equipped with loft-style beds and you can even use the space below as a desk.

There is a phone in the room connecting to the one we saw before downstairs.

The hallway coming out of a room.

Now then let’s leave the house and take a look around the neighborhood of Morishita.

An intersection. The pole is decorated with the flag fireman used to use in the Edo period, called a ‘matoi’.

When this photo was taken the Morishita Asagao Fair (the word for the Morning Glory flower) was about to take place. One of the best things about living in the low city is its festivals.

You can see Tokyo’s number one sightseeing spot, the Sky Tree, from Morishita station.

Managing this share house is Alpha Style. Alpha Style provides comfortable, fully-equipped share houses with the concept of ‘adding charm and relaxation to the Tokyo lifestyle’. The company’s strong point is smooth interaction with its tenants, and as an example, at the moment in exchange for asking their tenants to conserve energy they are providing spices and condiments and such for cooking.

The low city is an area where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods. Wake up a little bit early and go out to indulge in a luxurious breakfast at Tsukiji, or satiate your hunger with a Monjayaki at Tsukishima. Enjoy the festivals held almost every month at Asakusa, and visit the Sky Tree to gaze at the night view. You can get to all of these locations within 20m by train.

With great access to the city, you can choose to go out or stay in without too much planning.

It is said that nowadays the personalities of different neighborhoods are being lost with increasing urbanization.

Living in the low city, you just might be able to come to experience a town as it was in the good old days.

/Author: Sekino