Get to know the friendly, nostalgic Kaishutei

Visitors to this house are greeted by an entrance reminiscent of a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, and according to the manager people actually come by thinking that it is exactly that.

Returning home to such an elegant house and exchanging pleasantries like “I’m home!” and “Welcome back!” are natural occurrences here.

While being a 4-minute walk from Otsuka station Kaishutei stands in a quiet area, an unobtrusive female-exclusive sharehouse oozing of nostalgic charm.

「Kaishutei」House Details Page


The path to the entrance from a different angle, with a wooden planked path through a sea of pebbles. Those who are into this sort of thing will find peace of mind every time they come home.

Living / Dining

The communal living and dining area. A reformed Japanese-style home, red-painted pillars give an accent to the room. The design is quite stylish.


Looking up from the entrance.

Tenant mailboxes are lined up to the side.

The front hallway with its full-length mirror, antique chair and decorative plant, a calm and dignified room.

Straight ahead is a very large shoe storage area. According the the manager, “This kind of thing vital for a female-only sharehouse.”

On the wall hangs a duty roster and message board. It really gives you the feel of shared living.

The hallway connecting the front door to the living, dining and kitchen was so nice I ended up snapping a picture.

Two sets of coin-operated washer and dryer. In the back is the shower room.

The shower room from close up.

A close-up of the bamboo screen in the changing room. It felt nice and silky to touch.

Pass through the bamboo screen to arrive in the kitchen. There are elements of Japanese style here, too.

I’ll take each photo one by one. Firstly, here is the sink.

The electric stove.

Cookware arranged nicely in the cupboard.

Look above to find a spotlight lighting the kitchen. I thought it was a little bit stylish so I took a shot.

Does this shot convey the retro atmosphere of the room?

The impressive red pillars in the middle of the room.

Another shot of the table from a different angle. On the table lies the ‘Message Book’ used by tenants.

We can’t show you inside the notebook but it was filled with messages from the tenants. It seems like everyone is enjoying the shared lifestyle. There are even comments written by the manager in the book.。

Here is the staircase leading to the 2F.

A shot of the 2F hallway.

Each room is fitted with a combination lock. There is no need to change the locks after a tenant leaves the house so using this system is convenient.

We had a look at the 2F bathroom and toilet before the rooms.

The toilet is kept very clean.


We had a look at a couple of the vacant rooms. This is Room 202.

Room 202 from a different angle. That’s a closet on the right.

You’ll be happy to know that there is a refrigerator in each room.

Room 203.

Room 203 from a lower angle.

Elegant Japanese-style can be found in the staircase banister, too.


Convenient shops and facilities from eating establishments, bars, and supermarkets to discount stores, convenience stores and drug stores can be found all around the area so you’ll never have to go too far. I personally find the house entrance, reminiscent of a Japanese restaurant, to be quite nice indeed, but just to remind you - it IS a sharehouse, not a restaurant.

Seeing the communication book full of messages and little presents with ‘I bought these, please have some!” notes attached to them around the house, I really felt that it must be fun to live here with all the girls.

The manager had also written in the book, commenting a lot on the tenant’s messages, kind of like a substitute father. I urge those of you searching for a place to live around Otsuka station, or those who want to live with a bunch of girls because they are a bit uneasy about living by themselves, to definitely consider this property.


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