Founder’s Message


 “Hmm… a share house?  The price looks nice, but I’m not sure if it’d be fun living with a bunch of other people…”

That was the vague impression I had before moving into a share house, but I wonder if others who haven’t experienced share house life feel the same.

Nevertheless, because I’m originally from the countryside, it began to feel monotonous commuting between work and home every day, and there was a chance of making new contacts in other business fields to broaden the scope of my activities, I decided to move into a share house.

As a result, through my stay at a share house I’ve met many new people who I can talk openly to at any time, and I’ve been much more productive than I imagined. Even when troubled with personal problems, I feel relieved to return home and hear “welcome back” from my share mates.  I’ve also learned about great alcohol brands from the ladies, applications to make work more efficient from some of my younger share mates, and shown my foreigner share mates virtues of Japanese culture.

Above all, my share house life has taught me about mutual respect and the importance of aiming for my goals.

However, even if I talk about the merits of share houses, there are many people who still don’t have a good impression of them, perhaps because of the stereotypical image of apartment houses in the past.  With foreigners going to great lengths to stay at these share houses, jump-starting cultural exchange in various places, I felt it was a waste for housing with such merits to go unacknowledged.  With this in mind, I started TOKYO SHAREHOUSE.

For those coming to Tokyo from the countryside or overseas with a plan or those losing site of their goals, life at a share house offers endless possibilities and can at least serve as a platform to begin social networking.  In this day and age where the internet and globalization continues to expand, the demand for share housing is sure to increase as well.

Although it is only my opinion, when staying abroad, a place where you can easily mingle with local people is an invaluable asset.  This is why I’d like to make this a website that is beneficial to foreigners studying abroad in Japan as well.  My dream is to someday introduce people to share housing around the world when they plan to travel abroad, and I will continue working hard to realize this goal.

I do not know when this dream will be realized, but until then I hope you all support us in our endeavors.

Founder Tetsuro Moriyama