Imagine your ideal home.

resistant, attention to design detail, etc.  Everyone’s sure to have a different idea of the perfect or ideal home.  Even if some of the ideas aren’t the most accommodating, I think for some it’s more about adding a sense of charm to a home, or simply prioritizing form over function.  However, I think “comfort” is a keyword you can’t do without.

Today I’ll be introducing you to the newly opened women’s share house “Oyama Fine”, a 4 minute walk from Itabashi Kuyakusho Mae Station, and a 9 minute walk from Oyama station.  This share house not only pursues new concepts, but also emphasizes comfort, cleanliness, and security to ensure women can live peacefully and safely.

Looking at the house’s name, the word “Fine” means not only “magnificent, fantastic, or refined”, but also “fine” like the weather, or “fine” details in a design.  As the name of the house implies, it’d be great to enjoy a “fantastic” and “refined” share house life with friends, in an environment with the essentials for practical living firmly in place.  For those seeking a place to stay near Oyama, care to take a peek?

For a closer look at the house, continue on below!

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The Main Lounge

The second floor is the main shared area of the house.

The room is furnished with a dining table where you can take your time enjoying meals along with a matching coffee table and sofa, for residents to hang out together.

The room has a calm atmosphere that would naturally draw people in.

The color scheme of the lounge as a whole gives it a very gentle impression.  The light hanging from the center of the room is also quite impressive.

The couch is very comfortable and relaxing.  I’m sure some people will never want to get up after taking a rest here.

There’s also a great TV with a DVD player, as well as a computer for everyone to share.

The round mats on the dining table add an elegant touch to the table’s layout.  It’s sure to make meals that much more enjoyable.

The Kitchen

All the cookware and tableware you’ll need is already in place.  It looked quite accommodating.

A shot of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink.

The kitchen has a 3 gas burner stove, so frying, boiling, and steaming your foods should be a snap.

Here’s a look at the kitchen cabinet and tableware.  It’s also fully equipped with appliances including rice cookers and microwaves.

There was also an electric kettle.  Being able to boil water on the fly is sure to be handy for a shared lifestyle.

Further inside past the kitchen, there’s a bright red shower room with a very modern design.

Here’s the bathroom.  It’s located outside the lounge and straight down the hallway.

Next to the bathroom is an independent wash stand.

The washing machine was also in the same area.  With other appliances such as these together in the same area, I thought it made things very convenient.


The Private Rooms

All of the resident’s rooms here are private rooms.

The size of the rooms can vary, so be sure to find the room that’s right for you.


Here’s a shot of room 201.  It’s on the same floor as the main lounge, including a bed, desk, and air conditioner.

Here’s room 202.

The wall’s been furnished with a rack with hooks on it, making it useful for bags, hats, and various small items.

A look at room 203.

A look at room 204.

Here’s a look at the 3rd floor and the other resident’s rooms. The wall has a vibrant print of butterflies fluttering about.

A look at room 302.

A look at room 303.

A look at room 307.

Fine Select manages many women’s share houses in the metropolitan area, and when talking with them, their tactful correspondence was very impressive.  When living in a share house, I’m sure there are times when it’s difficult to talk directly with other residents about certain things, and with primarily female staff visiting to check on things, I think it’s much easier for residents when they need to about any problems that arise.

Actually visiting the share house to experience it firsthand, I felt it could be best described as “tranquil” or perhaps “cozy.”  The house wasn’t needlessly decorated, but seems focused on comforts that make practical living possible.  Someday I’d like to talk with the residents and see what they think.

To those who’d like to live in a safe, peaceful environment with other women.  Those who’d like to try a share house, but find living with others a tough obstacle to overcome.  Those interested in social exchange, but still want to live at their own pace.  This is a share house I’d like to recommend to you.  If you’re thinking “maybe a share house isn’t a bad idea,” you may want to stop by and take a look for yourself, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the house.

If you notice, small changes from day to day could lead to a magnificent, fantastic, more refined you.


/Author: Kagawa, Translator: Paul