A myriad of comforts in a quality space.

This time I’ll be showing you the women’s share house “Cosmos Setagaya”, a 3 minute walk from Setagaya Station.

The location is roughly 6 minutes away from Sangenjaya, swaying about on the Tokyu Setagaya Line’s streetcar.  The train moves along at a leisurely pace, as the scenery viewed from the window slowly drifts by little by little, matching the train’s pace.  In those few minutes riding the train, I felt a vague sense of serenity, making my way to the station.

If you’re using a bike, you can reach Setagaya from Sangenjaya, or even from Shibuya, but when you go to visit I highly recommend trying the street car.

As for the house, its surroundings have the atmosphere of a quiet residential house, with plenty of greenery.  The neighborhood also gives the impression that you can spend a leisurely time here.  This could be a good house for those who need a break from frantic living, looking for a place to live at one’s own pace.  When speaking of Setagaya, a lot of people think of an upscale residential area, but personally I think rather than gaiety or luxuriousness, the town has a sense of nostalgia.

So without further ado, let’s take a look Cosmos Setaga, where you can relax in a calm and quiet environment.

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The Outside View

This is Cosmos Setagaya, about a 3 minute walk from Setagaya Station along the Tokyu Setagaya Line.  From the outside it looks like a traditional house, but actually visiting the share house, I was a bit surprised by the contrast between the inside and the outside.


The entrance has a certain air of nostalgia about it, but after taking a step inside, the impression the house gives changes completely.

This is a look at the entrance from the inside.  The moment I opened the door, I was met with vibrant yellow wall paper that got my heart racing. 

Next to the door is the shoe box.  Both sides have plenty of space to keep shoes.

Also, as soon as you get inside, there’s another large storage area.  It has plenty of headroom, and looks like it’s used mainly for boots and other things that may take up space.

And this is the hallway.  The resident’s rooms are on the right side, and the door on the left leads to the lounge.

Heading further down the hallway, there are hanging cupboards on the wall, for a little extra storage space.

The Main Lounge

The carpet with its rich colors in this pure white room looks stunning, creating an atmosphere with class.

In the center of the living room is a long table with a simple yet reserved look.

Picturing all the residents here in these chairs lining the table, you can imagine what kind of fun they have here.

There’s a large television here as well, so I’m sure they have a great time talking about what shows are on as well.


The Kitchen

The kitchen surrounds a work table in a square shape, and the arrangement seems easy to work with.  There seems to be enough room even with a lot of people, so you could probably cook together with all the other residents.

A quick look at the sink.

The gas stove has 4 burners.

The microwaves and rice cooker were on a cupboard next to the television.  There were also two large-capacity refrigerators.

Across from the sink is a large cupboard with tableware.

In addition to cups and mugs for drinks and tea, it was also complete with wine glasses.

A look at the bathroom.  It includes a bidet.

There are two wash stands set up next to each other.

The shower room, washing machine, and dryer are all here.  There are two washing machines in total.

Here’s the shower room.  This one seems relatively bigger than the ones I've seen in other share houses.


The Private Rooms

After moving into a share house, you’ll want to value your private time.  Here at Cosmos Setagaya, I think the rooms are of great quality, satisfying residents in many ways including arrangement, storage space, and cleanliness. (room 204)

Room 104.  It has 2 windows, and the lighting is fantastic.

Under the bed are two drawers for even more storage.

A shot of room 105.

Onward to the second floor.  Looking up from the stairs, you can see the light fixture and great sunlight pouring in through the window.

Here’s a shot of the hallway.  The 2nd resident’s floor also has a large-capacity refrigerator, as well as a rack for necessities such as detergent or mops.

In a small space next to the stairs there’s also a massage chair.

Further down the hall, there’s a door leading out to the balcony.  On a nice day, it’s the perfect place to dry your clothes. 

This is one of the rooms including a loft (202). When you go up the ladder by the window...

There’s a loft with a window.  The loft is furnished with an air conditioner as well, so it’s a comfortable place to sleep even in summer.

This is the most spacious private room in the house.  It has two windows and even a luxurious personal chair to lounge in. (room 205)

Considering the private room is this spacious, and there’s even a lounge on the first floor, you may not be able to go back to living alone.

This closet space has extra large racks, so you can try arranging your things in a variety of ways.

Cosmo Interplan, which owns Cosmos Setagaya, owns and manages several other share houses, creating places for communities to thrive while ensuring the privacy of their residents.  When talking with the manager, I was truly moved by their fastidiousness regarding everything including storage, spaciousness, cleanliness, and their dedication to ensuring the comfort of residents.  I think it’s very fortunate when one can value their privacy while living in a share house.

Also, it seems there’s a car available for residents, which should be very useful when residents want to take a long trip together.  Nowadays it’s hard to live in the city and have your own car, but being able to at least share one is a perk you’d never expect living on your own.  When planning a vacation somewhere, if you have a car the possibilities are endless.

From a realistic perspective, based on practical living with ample facilities, storage, and quality space, there are sure to be a lot of people interested in a share house like this.

For those who feel a share house life could be fun, able to ensure one's privacy while slowly fostering relations with others, be sure to check out this house.

/Author:Kagawa, Translator: Paul


Cosmos Setagaya
House DetailCosmos Setagaya
Area Tokyo-To, Setagaya-Ku, Setagaya 1-Chome
Rent ¥64,000 ~ ¥64,000
東急世田谷線 世田谷駅 徒歩2分
Condition Female, 30代まで

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