A share house filled to the brim with fun

This new share house in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture is at least 15 minutes from Yomiuri Land station, but to make up for that it is complete with all the comforts and facilities you wouldn’t be able to experience living alone. The yellow-toned exterior and community structure is bound to help each tenant live life to the fullest.

「West Coast Yomiuri Land」House Details Page


Fitness room

There is a tenant-only fitness room beside the parking area on the 1F.

Karaoke Room

There is a sound proofed karaoke room on the 2F. You can invite friend’s over as long as the other tenants are okay about it, and you are all bound to sing through the entire night in here.

The exterior.

The entrance.

The front hall mirror and lamp.

There is also a terrace on the 2F.

The living room.

The kitchen dining room.

There is a gas stove with 3 burners in this standard kitchen.

Plenty of kitchen appliances for use.

There are cupboards in the dining room for each of the tenants to store small items.

The 3F hallway.

There is of course a modern Japanese-style toilet on every floor.

The bathroom.

Clothes basket.

There is a washroom on every floor.

A nice, breezy hallway.

Room 102.

Room 103.

Room 104.

Room 105.

Room 301.

Room 304.

Room 401.

Room 404.

There is storage space.


West Coast Yomiuri Land is a 15-minute walk from Yomiuri Land station on the Odakyu Odawara line and is quite a luxurious structure with its new wooden interior and modern lighting. A state-of-the-art functional residence, this share house has been built with the tenants in mind incorporating a karaoke room with all the latest equipment and a communal car is also supplied. A western-style dining table is arranged near the kitchen to make life just a little bit easier. The private rooms are also of western design and come with furniture such as a bed and simple table among other things, and the interior oozes class while guaranteeing plenty of storage space.

There is a female-only shower in addition to the communal shower room. Events such as welcome parties and dinners are held often. The house provides a luxurious lifestyle for a low cost in comparison to living by one’s self, with a cable internet connection provided free of charge, the garage for the shared car on the 1F of the 4-storey building and a fitness room. Nestled in a calm, quiet area you can spend your days relaxing comfort here.


Cosmos Yomiuri Land
House DetailCosmos Yomiuri Land
Area Kanagawa-Ken, Kawasaki-Shi, Asao-Ku, Tamami 2-Chome
Rent ¥34,000 ~ ¥41,000
15 min walk from Yomiuri Land Sta
Condition Male, Female

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