Thank you for visiting Tokyo Sharehouse.

It has been a while since we have updated our on-demand media, but the number of people visiting Tokyo Sharehouse and using our services has returned to near pre-Corona levels, and time has been slipping away every day.

Toward the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, we are hearing of many new share house openings, and in order to make the site easier to use, we have made some major changes to the site's specifications.

As many of you who have already visited the site know, we have upgraded the "VR function" that allows you to preview share houses online using VR, and we have also significantly revised the site design to make it even easier to access VR.

We're a little disappointed that we can't show you a before and after, but when you access the VR screen for any of the properties listed on "Tokyo Sharehouse," you can see each facility in virtual reality as if you were visiting it. Each facility has been given a name such as "living room" or "kitchen," and the floor map at the bottom of the screen makes it easy to access the place you want to see.

In addition, by displaying captions of areas that the manager is particular about, facility recommendations, and areas that he/she felt you should know about during your visit, we believe that you will be able to view the VR images with a feeling similar to that of an actual preview.

For your reference, we will also introduce properties that are available for VR preview.

*Long-time VR viewing may cause screen sickness.
 We recommend taking eye breaks at appropriate times.

Share Residence MUSACO



Although there are some spaces where VR filming is not possible (no VR images), such as when there are already tenants, we feel that we are able to comprehensively list the main parts of the property (common areas: living room, kitchen, water area, private rooms, etc.).

Even though share house living is becoming more prevalent, I think there are many people who wonder, "What kind of space is it really like?" For those people, I think the best way to find out is to take a look at the actual rooms. We hope you can get a feel for the size and structure of the share house, and get an idea of what life in a share house is like, just as you would during an actual tour.

With the VR preview, you can get a feel for the floor plan, layout, and even the atmosphere of the space in a virtual world.
In the future, knowing a space that more closely resembles your image before you "visit" it will surely reduce the burden of previewing and allow you to search for properties more efficiently.

We expect VR previews to be used to meet a variety of needs, such as "I'm too busy to make a schedule" or "It's a hassle to go all the way." At our meetings, there has been a lot of discussion recently about ways to improve VR previews and technology.
(*I can't disclose this yet, but when I use the tools we are developing in-house, I am always amazed and impressed, "VR can do this!" and I am surprised and impressed.)

So, we will continue to take your requests and opinions into consideration as we continue our trial and error process to provide a better service, and we hope that you will enjoy our ever-evolving "online viewing in VR".

We will continue to approach share housing not only through our website, but also through various other services to make it a more familiar and endearing option.

/Author: Aya

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