Thank you for visiting Tokyo Share house.

We'd like to share a news with all of you who have visited our website.


Recently, "Room tours," which allow you to enjoy a preview of the rooms, have been gaining popularity on Youtube, and we have now started distributing "Share house Tours," which allow you to experience an "online preview" of a share house.


We have been focusing on distributing information through owned media so that people can get a feel for what the facilities are like, but by providing video content of our actual visits, we hope that people will be able to enjoy visiting the facilities while experiencing a simulated sense of previewing, even if they do not actually go in to visit the facilities. We believe that this will allow visitors to enjoy their visit to the facility while experiencing a simulated preview of the facility.


(*We have tried to distribute our videos on YouTube before, but we feel that by greatly improving our filming methods, editing, composition, etc., we have been able to provide much easier-to-view content. (I am sorry to say this, but I am proud of myself...)


I think it is common these days to obtain information from images, or perhaps there are some people who are not comfortable with reading instructions. Even if you circulate a website that looks like you are reading a manual, it is hard to get a feel for the atmosphere, and you often have to use your head to imagine what it is like.


Also, with the convergence of Corona, inquiries from foreigners have returned, and recently we have been receiving many inquiries from operators not only in Tokyo, but also from all over Japan about posting and distributing information. We are therefore planning to operate a new channel under the name "Japan Sharehouse Tour”.


For those who say, "I've never actually visited a share house..." We would be very happy if people who have "never actually visited a share house before" would become interested in them through the videos on YouTube, or if they can casually enjoy the videos on YouTube on the train on their way to work or school, during their lunch break, or a short time before going to bed.


We will be distributing the following four videos on the first day.


Share Residence Utsukushigaoka

TOKYO SHARE shouinjinjya

The videos are about 15 minutes in length and are based on footage of our actual visits to the share houses.

If you're interested in living in a share house, we hope you'll watch it while imagining what life will be like after moving in, and checking out the restaurants near the station, the park before you reach the house, and so on. I would be very happy if you could watch it while imagining your life after you move in.


Currently, we do not have an audio narration, but we will do our best to deliver content that can be viewed by a variety of people, taking your feedback into consideration. We hope you enjoy the "Sharehouse Tour," a taste of the "online preview" of a share house.  




  Japan ShareHouse Tour

Choosing a place to live is an important decision that will have a great impact on your life. Although you want to consider it carefully, a major move is always accompanied by hassles and burdens.


Therefore, we would like to continue to take pictures and edit the articles with the hope that we can reduce the burden of putting your interest and curiosity into action to the maximum extent possible, and also that we can provide an opportunity for you to live together with people you like, rather than spending your time alone.


We hope that the "Japan Share House Tour" will take root in the future, and as the name of the channel implies, we will do our best to expand the scope of our activities, as well as the community life that is triggered by sharing. We look forward to your continued support of Tokyo Sharehouse.


/Author: Aya

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