A community that begins with the experience of seeing, hearing and touching

This time we'll be showing you around "-hug- Ikebukuro". This is a new share house managed by Kizunaya, a company that specializes in developing share houses with a focus on community and connections between residents, so we were very excited to visit.

The concept of "-hug- Ikebukuro" is a house where you can enjoy analog touches.

The name of the share house, "hug", was chosen to symbolize something that can be enjoyed through touch, with the aim of "connecting residents through experience".

As we live in an age of information overload, there are many people who are looking for an original place to live for themselves.
We can't wait to see what Kizuna House has in store for us in their new shared lifestyle.

I hope to be able to show you one by one later, but upon entering the house, there are board games that will take you back to your childhood.
The coffee is brewed by hand, the music is played on vinyl records, and there are many other things that make the experience even more enjoyable.

If you don't move the machine, you can't play.

You have to grind the coffee beans to taste them.

You can't play a record without changing it.

This is the kind of home where you dare to enjoy the inconvenience of a retro space.

In a time when it is easy for people to lose touch with each other, there are many people who are looking for a warm exchange with other residents.
With a total of 14 households, it's a community that's not too small, but not too big either, and for those who are looking for that, I'm sure it's a very important place to live.

So let's take a look at what's inside these hideaway-like retro houses just a 5 minute walk from Ikebukuro.

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Retro and relaxing space with everyone.

This is the main common area, the living room.
It's fun, but also somewhat relaxed, with a nice retro feel.
The board games on the deep brown shelves fit in well with the brightly coloured decor.
The mustard-coloured sofa creates a relaxed atmosphere.

If you get together at the end of the day or on a holiday, you can spread out your board games on the big carpet and have fun. Maybe the giraffe in the corner of the room will keep an eye on the fun.

The living room from another angle.

A colourful record jacket.

It's a great conversation starter.

 The dining room looks like this.

The red cushions add a nice touch.

 This is also the dining space.

The atmosphere is relaxed and café-like.


A warm, 'analogue' feel in the kitchen.

The first thing you notice in the kitchen is the warm coloured tiles on the walls. The warm coloured tiles create a stylish café-like atmosphere, but with a reassuringly 'retro' feel.

The wooden shelves with their coffee makers and pots have an analogue flavour. You can grind your own beans, enjoy the aroma and savour your coffee... It would be nice to have such a slow morning, wouldn't it?

The house is equipped with basic appliances such as a microwave and a rice cooker, so you can start cooking immediately after moving in.

The kitchen. There are three gas stoves.

This is what the kitchen

looks like from the living room.


A colourful space where you can be yourself.

The private rooms are generally simple in construction. Each room has a different structure, but the base is white flooring, brown wooden frames and wooden furniture.
The contrast between the white walls and floor and the deep brown wooden frame is soft and nice.

The shelves in the room are also very impressive. The room is very simple, so you can fill the shelves with your favourite things and enjoy creating your own space.

The shelves in the room

also have the warmth of wood.

This is a bunk bed.

The orange wooden frame gives it a pop of colour.



What shall we talk about in the cool breeze?

This is a view of the roof terrace. Sitting on the black deck chairs and enjoying the view of the surroundings through the fence... It's very sentimental, isn't it? The vibrancy of the surroundings contrasts with the black base of the space, which also evokes a sentimental retro feeling. The tiles on the floor also have a nice old-fashioned feel to them.

The surrounding area is a quiet residential area, so you can spend your time here without worrying about noise. There's also a clothesline, so you can dry your clothes here.

Another feature of the share house that we'd like to mention is the work space that's also available at hug- Ikebukuro. This space is a new addition to the renovation.
With the number of people working from home on the rise, it's great to have such a space in a share house. The atmosphere is bright, and don't you think the green chairs show the management's love? We hope that the new residents will find this space useful as a place to concentrate on their work.

If I were to mention a slight concern about the workspace, it might be that it is located right next to the entrance. We're sure there will be times when the noise will be a concern, so we're hoping that everyone will be able to discuss better rules, such as avoiding the rush hour when people are coming home.

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A room to concentrate

on your studies or work.

The washing machine is outside.

            As soon as you enter the front door,

     the staircase leads to the first floor.

This is what the exterior looks like.


-hug- Ikebukuro is located in a quiet residential area in the heart of the city.

What did you think of -hug- Ikebukuro, a share house where you can enjoy analog touches?

Personally, as soon as I stepped into the dining space, the first thing I noticed was the vinyl records displayed all over the walls.

When we were talking to the manager, he played a few of the records, and I was impressed by the gentle sound of the music coming from the old records, which is soothing even for those who are not from the same generation, and reminded me of a retro coffee shop.

We live in a world where we are trying to make everything more efficient, but I think it's hard to achieve a comfortable space digitally.

In a shared space thoughtfully designed for residents to relax and feel at ease with each other, with a cup of coffee ground by themselves and a board game in hand.
If you can't help but think, "Oh, that sounds great!

As the house is focused on community, there's not a lot of personal space or storage, and the staircase is a little narrow.
However, there is a working space next to the entrance where you can work in a relaxed atmosphere, and if you can relate to the owner's ideas, this will surely become a place you will cherish.

It's a place where you can get away from the trend towards luxury and digitalisation.
If it becomes a place where people who are looking for a connection with others can encounter the old Showa retro touch and warmth, I feel that many kinds of happiness will be born.

In this age of harmony, it would be nice to be able to experience something of value that is unique to you.

/Author: Daichi, Photo:Ishi


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