"The journey is the reward."

It was Steve Jobs who said that.
When you think of life as a journey, working and living at home, isn't it all a process?

When I visited the newly opened JF House Osaki Work City for the first time, I couldn't help but think of working in a house and these words came to mind. As the name Work City suggests, the space has been carefully designed to provide a comfortable working environment, much like a well-designed office you might find in a foreign company.

It is a space where you can feel the lines of communication, where people are conscious of creating an environment where they can face their work without being distracted by the fact that it is a residential space.
In such a place, people who want to enjoy working in their own way may gather.

Because it's a concept share house specializing in "work", the refined environment and atmosphere, as well as the multiple work spaces where you can choose where you'd like to work on any given day, is perhaps the appeal of "JF House Osaki Work City". That's what I was thinking.

I want to concentrate on remote work. If you're looking for a work-related share house with a mature and relaxed atmosphere, this is the one you want to reach.

This time, we'd like to show you "JF House Osaki Work City"!

For more information about "JF House Osaki Work City", please click here (* Japanese speaker Only). 


How would you spend your time in your living room?

The large living room, open to the kitchen, is a clean white space with three dining tables, a carpeted sofa and a counter in front of the kitchen. At the back of the living room, there's also a space where you can relax while watching TV.

Even in a share house with a large number of people, you'll be able to enjoy spending time together while maintaining a good sense of distance.

The living room is spacious throughout. Make yourself at home with your housemates.
A counter in front of the kitchen and a large dining table. You can even lounge around while watching TV.


Enjoy your time at home in a spacious kitchen.

It's a great time to chat with your housemates over the kitchen counter and say things like, "This recipe is really good and easy to make".

It's great to spend time cooking and chatting with your share mates over the kitchen counter.

There are two kitchen counters with a three-burner gas stove. You can even cook while chatting side by side in the kitchen.

There are two kitchens of this size. We have all the appliances.
What a large capacity commercial fridge! Three-burner gas stove for self-catering.



Rooms are well-stocked

The rooms at JF House Osaki Work City are equipped with desks, beds and plenty of storage space.

It was originally a company dormitory, but the furniture has been used as is. It has a nostalgic atmosphere.

On the other hand, there are rooms with kitchen and bathroom facilities, which are also recommended for those who want to have privacy.

Relax and enjoy your time alone. Some rooms have a kitchen.
Also in room 206 is a washing machine and washbasin. Bathroom in room 206.


Ideal facilities for remote working

One of the best features of JF House Osaki Work City is the large work space. This is a great place to work remotely, study, read, or use as a third space when you need to concentrate a bit. We believe that having a space for work and study is one of the advantages of a large share house.

Colourful post boxes and delivery boxes. Soak in the bathtub and relax.
The shower room Washing machine and dryer.


 "JF House Osaki Work City" is packed with the "wants" of working people.


 The time we live each day is a big part of our lives and should lead us to a new and greater purpose, like going on a  journey somewhere.

 We don't just want to be alive, we want to have meaning in our lives.
 We want to increase our own value by sharing our lives.

 With such a positive and aggressive group of people here, we felt that this share house would be a fun place to live.

 After actually visiting the share house, I personally got the impression that there was nothing superfluous at all.
 With a simple white base color scheme, it's perhaps the perfect place for quiet contemplation.
 It would be a great place for students who want to concentrate on their work or studies, or for those who are working  towards qualifications.

 It would be a great place for students who want to concentrate on their work or studies, or for those who want to gain  qualifications. I hope you have such a good time.

 This is the end of your journey.
 Whether you have already decided on your goals or are still searching, we hope you enjoy the process of living at JF  House Osaki Work City.

 Because of its convenient location, you will be able to meet people and make discoveries during the time you spend  around the house. God only knows what kind of people you will be living with, but we hope that you will make memories  that will last a lifetime.

/Author:Daichi, Photo:Ishikawa

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