Exchange in a comfortable place.

It's not uncommon for your daily life to start moving in a positive direction as a result of encounters with people, isn't it? People from different backgrounds and jobs can inspire you and make you feel a little better about moving forward tomorrow.

It's hard to find opportunities to interact with people these days, but it would be great to have such encounters in your own place.

The property I'm going to introduce to you this time is "BeGood Kita Akabane Ekimae," which opened on February 19, 2021.

BeGoodJapan, the operator of this property, has tie-ups with overseas study agents and Japanese language schools, so you may be able to enjoy interacting with foreign residents in the house. You're sure to be exposed to new values through daily communication.

Let's take a quick look at the inside of the house!

"For more information about BeGood Kita-Akabane Ekimae, click here.


1F_living_03 (1)

To enjoy socializing to the fullest.

The living room space is large enough for all the residents to interact with each other. After all, one of the best parts of living together is socializing in the living room, and it would be great if the space was comfortable.

There's also a counter table in the living room, so you can enjoy your time alone here as well.

Incidentally, BeGood Kita Akabane Ekimae has the concept of being a "share house renovated from a Brooklyn pizza shop. For this reason, the paint work here and there is full of playfulness, and is sure to make your daily life more enjoyable.

1F_living_07 (1) 1F_living_11 (1)
Another angle of the living room. The pendant lights are also stylish. 


1F_kitchen_02 (1)

Storage boxes make cooking more comfortable.

The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooktop and cooking utensils such as a microwave, toaster, kettle, and dishes.

In addition, you don't have to bring your own storage boxes for seasonings and ingredients from your room each time.  

1F_kitchen_08 (1)

1F_living_08 (1)

Except for the rice cooker, basic cooking utensils are provided Storage boxes in the kitchen would be helpful.



1F_room_101_01 (1)

Plenty of storage space.

"BeGood Kita-Akabane Ekimae has two rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second and third floors.

"BeGood Kita-Akabane Ekimae has two rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second and third floors.
The rooms on the first floor are equipped with loft beds, so there's plenty of storage space. Hanger racks are also provided in the rooms.
Also, every room has a chair, desk, and refrigerator, so you can spend your time alone without any inconvenience.

1F_room_102_03 (1) 2F_room_201_01 (1)
You can also do your work in the room. The rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor are made like this.



屋上_01 (1)


Make the rooftop your favorite place.

This rooftop is eye-catching with its unique paint job. Hang out your laundry, eat lunch, talk with your housemates...

屋上_04 (1) 1F_洗面所_01 (1)
There is also a smoking area on the rooftop. The washroom has a storage space on the back side when you open the mirror.
3F_洗濯機置き場_01 (1) 3F_洗濯機置き場_02 (1)
The washing machine and dryer can be used free of charge. There is also a storage space for detergent.
3F_シャワールーム_02 (1) 1F_トイレ_02
There are two shower rooms. There are three toilets.


屋上_03 (1) 

Please come and interact with us in a real way.

What did you think?

"BeGood Kita-Akabane Ekimae" is an impressive share house with its unique paint job and well thought out storage space that can only be found in a shared house.

Above all, the living room and rooftop spaces are designed to allow for smooth communication with your house mates.

These days, it's commonplace to communicate online, but I feel that the impact of real interaction is immeasurable.

Something starts to happen when you meet people. Of course, you can also be the one to influence your housemates.

If you're interested in communal living, why not try "BeGood Kita-Akabane Ekimae" and start experiencing new values?

/Author: Katsumi, Photo:Ishikawa


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