The coronavirus has forced us to restructure the way we work, our relationships, and even our way of life. But in other words, "an era in which we can rethink even our way of life."

It is difficult to think of it in a positive way, but unless something special happens, it is difficult to create opportunities to look at ourselves in our daily lives.

This time we'd like to introduce a share house that's perfect for this new way of life.

It's "TOKYO SHARE BOND Komaba" located just a minute walk from Komaba-todaimae Station on the Keio Inokashira Line, two stops from Shibuya!

In this house, the living floor of the common area has been widened and a working space has been installed to accommodate the modern trend of increased remote work due to the coronavirus. It's a great point to have a spacious space and yet have an environment that is easy to work in.

Let's take a quick look inside the reborn House!

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komaba living

The living room has also been spacious, making daily life more comfortable.

The spaciousness of the newly renovated common area of "TOKYO SHARE BOND Komaba" is one of its main attractions. This type of share house that allows residents to live without feeling cramped is sure to become more and more popular in the future. Whether you're eating dinner with your house mates at the dining table or watching TV, you're sure to find a place where you're not alone. Isn't it sometimes a relaxing moment to spend time in a place where you are not alone and there are a few sounds of life? Of course, among the common areas, you spend most of your time in the living room, so it's nice to be able to spend time at your own pace.

tv space komaba living 2
TV is best watched while relaxing. There are many ways to spend time in the living room alone.



komaba kitchen

Communication comes naturally

Since the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all in one space, communication with housemates is natural. Cooking and eating together. The best part of living in a share house is that you can easily communicate with your house mates as you wish. From the kitchen, you may feel the goodness of communal living.

komaba 収納
Microwave ovens and rice cookers are of course provided. Lots of storage in the kitchen as well.




komaba room


The joy of choosing your own space

All the private rooms at TOKYO SHARE BOND Komaba are made with different floor plans and wallpapers. It's a fun way to find your favorite private room. Even though it's a share house, you'll probably spend a lot of time alone, and many people value a place to take a breather. If you can spend quality time even in a private room, you will enjoy interacting with others. 

komaba room2 1_xlarge (2)
Desks and refrigerators are available for your comfort in the private rooms. It will be nice to greet the morning in a sunny room.




komaba work space

Working space is needed now.

This is the newly installed working space.

Of course, you can work in your own private room, but even if you tend to stay at home, you can interact with your house mates once you step out of your room. This is one of the great things about living in a share house.

For a change of pace, bring your PC to the working space and check your email. Try to formulate ideas in an environment with a little noise. Until now, your living room and private room have been your home, but now you'll have another place to call your own. You will feel like that.

komaba work space 2 komaba balcony
A total of four seats are available. In fact, there is a lawn on the roof balcony where dogs can relax.
komaba laundry komaba shower
Both washing machines and dryers can be used free of charge. In addition to a shower room, one bath with a tub is provided.


komaba living 5

A New Era in a Share House

How was the inside of the house?

Actually, "TOKYO SHARE BOND Komaba" has a cherry blossom tree right in front of it, so you can enjoy the view in the spring. When we spoke with the manager, he told us that he hopes to invite other share house residents to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms when the season comes. In addition to the convenience of being close to the city center and the nearest train station, the spacious common space makes it easy to socialize. It's an environment that makes it easy to socialize.

Also, since this share house allows dogs, there's a lawn on the roof balcony, and a restroom with dirt floors at the entrance before entering the living room. Of course, even those who don't own pets have been taken care of.

Once again, I felt that living in a share house is a natural opportunity to reconsider how you work and interact with others. And that leads to creating your own way of life, doesn't it?

If you are feeling unsatisfied living alone, or if you are looking for a change of environment to work in, this is the place for you. Why not consider a new way of life at TOKYO SHARE BOND Komaba?



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