A place where to start the Sharehouse life.

If you have ever considered living in a share house, this is the house that will make you take that big decision. That lifestyle of sharing the same place with people with different backgrounds and personalities, sometimes even from the other side of the world, a place where you can feel at home with a second family.

Just a few years ago, skeptical eyes look at the idea of “sharing a house” as something impossible:“Is it really true?”. Now that a new way of living has become a general lifestyle that everyone is willing to try. This year, with the mission of keep spreading the "share" concept, a new share house has been opened. Making its debut in this business, "Waim-group” company is bringing a different style that will revolutionize the Sharehouse market.

After that big intro, I would like to introduce “Share Reside Aobadai”, newly opened in Aobadai, Yokohama, Kanagawa.

As I said before the operator is “Waim-group” which has plenty of experience in the market of rental offices and coworking spaces. Although they have been working in other industries “Waim-group” wants to provide “an ideal form of a share house" designed to take advantage of the experience and know-how accumulated in the real estate industry, and to remove the negative thoughts about the share house style. They have clearly entered into this industry with a strong vision.

If you get off from Aobadai Station and walk straight toward the south, you will see the sign of “SHARE RESIDE” at the entrance of a four-floor building. From the outside, you will be able to see a stylish room with a huge TV, comfortable sofas and a nice kitchen in the background. The glass-walled room lets the light enter as it were store apparel, people walking on the street will probably be wondering what this building?. "An interior design store? Wait... it's a house!!"

A space filled with thoughts and commitment, a perfect new start.

"Click here for more details of “Share Residue Aobadai”



Start your day with delicious coffee and a "good morning!" 

The large living-dining area has a relaxing atmosphere. The working space is connected to the kitchen, and the common space was designed to gather all the residences on the first floor of the building. A well-designed house to bring the sharing concept to its maximum.

As you pass through the entrance, the first thing that jumps to your eyes is the entrance to a huge living room: A Scandinavian living room mixed with the feeling of a coastal cafe, an interior that makes you feel relaxed as you were under a dream.

There is no better combination than a cup of coffee while working. As one of the big good points in this house, right next to the coworking space there is a Japanese coffee machine ready to be used. You will be able to warm your heart with the fresh fragrance of freshly ground coffee!

A coworking space right next to the main lounge and a coffee machine installed next to it.

Equipped with a large 85-inch TV and high-performance

7.1 surround speakers. 

Large windows and good sunlight. Take a break with a cup of coffee.。



Make your usual meal more enjoyable.

Even if you want to improve your cooking skills, it's sometimes difficult to get started especially if you are living alone. However, the kitchen of “Share Reside Aobadai” is fully equipped with cooking utensils and with enough space to have fun cooking with your housemates. It will be the trigger that wakes up your inner chef.

A big kitchen space where you can enjoy conversations while cooking. Since the dining area is right next to the kitchen, I think space design is suitable to bring together all the residences.

The kitchen counter is also equipped with a newly Google tablet, where you can review the best recipes or even check the weather while cooking with a simple “OK, Google”.

The open kitchen is connected to the living room. It seems to be fun to cook together on holidays at Le Creuset and Stove.
Even the kitchen appliances have a stylish concept. Stocker that can store seasonings.


Time to enjoy your privacy, even if you are in a share house

This is room 309 for women (Decorated as an example of how cozy and unique you can make your own place).
Surely the life of a share house is fun. They are exciting days that can never be experienced alone. But honestly, when you work on weekdays, you sometimes want to spend time alone. And that is totally fine. The private room space of “Share Reside Aobadai” blocks the sound of neighboring rooms to keep your privacy. In a quiet environment where no one is around, you can read books and think about your future plans. It's a time just for you.

Good sunlight. Try to grow plants that can be used for cooking.

Desk, refrigerator, bed, closet. Full storage under the bed.



You have found the lifestyle you were looking for: It’s right here!

“Share Residue Aobadai” aimed at “an ideal form of share house”. That is why the enhancement of facilities in this house is surprising.

Right next to the living room, on the left side, an area where the sunlight enters through the glass window is a great spot for watching movies, a powder rooms fully equipped not only for women but also for men, a relaxing space, a theater room, a working area with a deluxe coffee machine and of course a huge kitchen. All these facilities are waiting for you.

Also, what really attracts attention is the smartphone system that shows the usage status of the “Share Residue Aobadai” facilities. For example, you can be easily checked the availability of the bathroom and washing machine on a smartphone, this useful application would let you fully enjoy the other facilities of the house.

“Share Reside Aobadai” is an attractive design like a hotel. In addition to all these facilities, a cleaning service visits the house 5 times a week to keep the lifestyle as much comfortable as it could be.

The bathroom is on the first floor. Availability can be checked with a smartphone. Also equipped with a female powder room! I'm glad that there is also a facial device.
Theater room next to the living room A smartphone page that can be exclusively used by residents. You can check the usage of the equipment on your smartphone. This is very convenient to live with a lot of people.

Pursuing the industry's "best way of living”

"Besides running a share house, we have been working on co-working space and rental office business, and this share house is also designed using this know-how," said the manager of “Waim-group”, the company operator of “Share Residue Aobadai”.

You will be able to experience the best living in a space filled with share house professionals. This time, we introduced the share house “Share Reside Aobadai” in Yokohama, Kanagawa. The location is convenient for access to the downtown and near the main spots in Yokohama. This sharehouse offers facilities like being in a hotel focusing on convenience and the ease way of living to enjoy and cherish the time with your housemates.

 A cozy life that fits your taste awaits you here!

/Author: Moriyama, Translator: Katty, Photo: Ishi


Share Reside Aobadai
House DetailShare Reside Aobadai
Area 2,Siratoridai,Aoba-ku,Yokohama,Kanagawa
Rent ¥56,000 ~ ¥56,000
Denentosi line Aobadai Station 9 min on foot
Condition Male, Female

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