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In the first part of this Music lover series article, we introduced "Otowa Kotake Mukaihara", a share house located 8 minutes from Ekoda Station. This time, I would like to introduce "Crann Terrace Kugahara" a huge share house with 62 rooms near the Tokyu Ikegami Line.

"Crann Terrace Kugahara" takes its name from the meaning behind the Irish word "Crann" which means a group of people with a strong common interest" a group that creates deep links and becomes like a family.
As the words suggest, living in a clan makes you feel comfortable and secure as you were living with your real family members. A place where you can share and enjoy your favorite music without worries.

Let's take a look at what this sharehouse can offer to all the music lovers!

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"Crann Terrace Kugahara" is located in Kugahara, Otaku, Tokyo. A beautiful green scenario with a peaceful atmosphere. A town that you wouldn't imagine to find in the busy Tokyo.

After walking under the bright blue sky in a street filled with drugstores, supermarkets, cafes and post offices for around 5 minutes we arrived in a residential area. A light gray chic building stood in from of us... we finally arrived at "Crann Terrace Kugahara".
The neighborhood was so quiet and smooth that we wondered: "Can you really play music freely in a place like this?" With these uncertain feelings, we went inside.
To our surprise, the first area to visit was the basement. I somehow wanted to stay in the bright, wide, and cozy living room which was decorated with a full of greenery like a jungle. "Being here and relax while listening to my favorite music must be paradise." I thought.
But the basement is probably the best place for a real music lover in this house. Let me tell you why...




Yeah! It's a karaoke room!

A soundproof karaoke room is available in the basement, recommended for those who like singing! At "Crann Terrace Kugahara", you can enjoy singing from morning till evening.
Share Houses with karaoke rooms are super rare so no wonder why this room was the first stop to visit in this house. It even has a stand microphone and comfortable sofa in front of a 40-inch tv. I know this article is about music but if you happen to be a games lover the basement would blow your mind! but that might be a story to tell in another report. Let's continue! 



 Soundproof room: Ballad, opera even rock can be played here and none will hear it!

Besides the karaoke room, I would like to introduce another special room for music lovers. This area is so large that all residents living in this sharehouse can enter! It's like a huge stage where daily lives take place.

There are several share houses in Tokyo with soundproof rooms but it is very rare to find one with a soundproof room that is available for 24 hours. Moreover, this area also works as a studio which is equipped with a piano and drums that can be played whenever you want! Just imagine it. You could get up a little earlier than usual and practice before going to work or play yourself a lullaby before going to bed. It sounds so nice that I want to move in right now!

"Clan Terrace Kugahara is well equipped for music lovers."

Miss Kondo from Tokyo Defense Co., Ltd., is the person in charge of this share house and she kindly introduced the place to the team of Tokyo Sharehouse.

"Here are a lot of people who have a passion for music. Since we organize an event once every two months we have the chance to enjoy the performance of our residences.", she said. 

Working during the day and sharing our favorite hobbies at night. We don't have to give up on our passion because of being noisy problems or not having enough time or money to rent a studio. Everything is possible in "Crann Terrace Kugahara"! And the best part is that you will always be part of the "clan", the family that you've have made in a share house. This is happiness.


Main lounge (living): Relax in the forest even though you are still in the city

I've introduced the karaoke room, the soundproof room, and the studio already but this is also a highly recommended "good room" in the house. Remember I talked about the living room before? Right after the main entrance, passing through a corridor nicely decorated with pictures, and a big chart with photos of the residences, you can find a forest! I mean...the living room.

As soon as we came in, the residents in the living room gave us a friendly greeting. I was able to feel already part of the clan. Some people were drawing, others listening to music on the sofa, and others working. The atmosphere was peaceful and cozy that I could spend hours here without worrying about anything else than doing what I like. It's amazing how people with a variety of personalities could live together in perfect harmony like this.

Most of the residents are employees, the ratio of gender is 1:1, and everyone seems to be close and friendly. According to Miss Kondo, on weekends the living room becomes the scenario where many events, workshops, and other activities take place. There are various contents, such as cooking together, watching movies, holding welcome parties or just exchanging thoughts about a determined topic. Also, events such as Halloween, Christmas party, and birthday parties are part of the events schedule in this sharehouse. Of course, participation is free! So do not hesitate to join ~
Moving to another good point in this sharehouse ( yes, this house has plenty of good points!!) It can't be helped to admire the great terrace behind the glass wall from the living room.
The terrace happens to be a special place for the residents. Of course, the name of this share house is "Crann Terrace Kugahara" for someone good reason: A terrace like this is hard to see in ordinary houses, apartments, or even other share houses. Some residents have decided to move in just because of this terrace. What does make it so special? Maybe this article isn't long enough to explain the reasons or maybe you should come in and find the reason by yourself :) 




 The kitchen: Who said "Pizza Party"?!

 If music wasn't enough to bring together people then food will bring us together for sure.

"The kitchen was designed to be wide so everyone can gather together in this space. We often have a " Pizza Party " where pizza is baked from the dough," said happily Miss Kondo of Tokyo Defense Co., Ltd.

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where conversations flow easily that is why "Crann Terrace Kugahara" offers to the residents a well-equipped area to enjoy while cooking with your housemates. Most of the food offered in the events are made by all the residents together.
Miss Kondo: "Company members also are looking forward to taking part in the events held in the house!"

Normally, people from the operator companies do not interact with residents. However, the philosophy of "Tokyo Defense Co., Ltd." is to enjoy the challenge and cherish bonds.

And Miss Kondo herself wants to be a person who can rely on when something happens. She seems to really love her job, more than a job it's like taking care of your family members.


The real-life atmosphere of Tokyo Defense Co., Ltd. -

2019-08-08 13.13.55

"Since this SNS era, there are bonds that we should protect."

I couldn't agree more with the words of Miss Kondo. In this era, where the internet and cellphones have become an extension of our arms, we tend to keep our eyes away from others' faces and live inside our cellphone's screens. We get to interact less with real people and it gets worse if we are living alone.

The amazing thing about living in a sharehouse, from my point of view and experience, is that the atmosphere itself invites you to leave the cellphone aside and casually talk to your housemates. Building relationships and make them stronger as we continue sharing in the community is really heartwarming. And those are the bonds that Tokyo Defense wants to protect as a company. 

Tokyo Defense is not only a share house in Ota Ward, Shinagawa Ward.
It is a company that also handles rental business and nursery school. No wonder why they emphasize giving the best hospitality and quality of the lifestyle to their residents in "Crann Terrace Kugahara" so well.
Miss Kondo: "Because the company is the owner and house operator of Crann Terrace Kugahara we get to know well all the residents. The proximity to them is really close. ''
And I can give credit to the words of Miss Kondo. While we were doing the visit, all the residents had a casual and friendly talk with Miss Kondo. Some of them even joked around with her and encourage her to smile during the photo shooting. "Don't worry! You are pretty so any shoot would make you look nice" said one of the residents to Miss Kondo with laughs. It was a nice feeling being able to see such a good friendship between them.
"Making share house life more enjoyable"
The passion of Tokyo Defense in creating long term relationships with its residence is admirable. They are committed to show all the positive sides of living in a Sharehouse. Of course, there are troublesome things too but all family members have some little fights as well, right? The important is to come over those minor things and create enjoyable memories together.



Some friendships are born from rehearsal too!

Introducing this time, a big share house in Ota-ku, Tokyo: "Crann Terrace Kugahara". A share house where music can be created 24 hours a day surrounded by lush greenery.

Large terrace, large living room, karaoke room, soundproof room, kitchen ...Aside from the facilities, the space is very clean.
You will be able to relax and enjoy yourself. For everyone who is considering the share house life... How about becoming a new member of this "clan" (family)?
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/Author: Natsu, Translator: Katty,  Photo: Yuki


CrannTerrace Kugahara
House DetailCrannTerrace Kugahara
Area Higashimine-machi, Otaku, Tokyo 12-27
Rent ¥59,800 ~ ¥92,000
Tokyu-Ikegami-Line Ontakesan 6min
Tokyu-Ikegami-Line Kugahara 8min
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり

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