"How is life in downtown?"

East Tokyo. Taitoku. Asakusabashi.
What kind of town can you imagine of when you hear "Asakusabashi"? "Well, if it's Asakusa" ... Sensoji Temple? Sumida River and Tokyo Sky Tree? Ah! The monument that looks like Dragon Ball's cloud!!" You are kind of right, but we aren't talking about Asakusa. And that golden building isn't related to Dragon ball at all. It's actually Asahi Beer Building's Super Dry Hall but that is another report…

Today's sharehouse is located in Asakusabashi which is famous for its traditional Japanese doll shops, handicrafts and clothes wholesalers. Have you heard of "Monomachi"? An event hold in Asakusabashi around September where studios and craft galleries of the area delight visitors with their unique creations.

As I said before the sharehouse I would like to talk about this time is located in Asakusabashi, at a 2-minute walk from Asakusabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, and a 5-minute walk from Asakusabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line. The way home has many colorful buildings, local cafés, restaurants, and wholesalers of handicrafts and clothes. A nice and peaceful area to enjoy walking around the neighborhood or even to return home safely at night.

Mr. Oda and Mr. Osako received us to introduce "FRESH shareASAKUSABASHI". They mentioned that half of the residents are foreigners since there is a language school around the area, this sharehouse is surprisingly international. Doesn't it sound exciting?
An international lifestyle in the downtown, a fusion between tradition and modernity.

Let's take a look at the life of "FRESH shareASAKUSABASHI".

For more details about 『FRESH share ASAKUSABASHI, please click here!




"Reading a good book while listening to records with a gramophone takes me to my happy place"

What is a happy place? Where is it? I'm pretty sure everyone has come with that situation of being tired after a long time at work or school and all you want to do is get home and deep in your bed. While you are in the train going back home or walking, you image the softness of your blankets, the music in the background while you put your comfortable clothes and the delicious dinner placed on the table…" ah ~ my happy place". Your happy place can be whatever you want and wherever you want it to be but in this sharehouse it would be easier to reach that peaceful atmosphere that takes you to your own paradise, your Happy Place.

By the way, the previous "listening to records with a gramophone" is actually real in FRESH shareASAKUSABASHI』. A vinyl player is free to use on the first floor, right next to bookshelves that cover the whole wall with the finest selection of Japanese comics. But it not only plays records. It also plays cd, radio, and music from your phone or USB. Isn't it glamorous? Oh! Did I mention that this area has a soft, fluffy carpet where you can lay down and deep into your paradise? "This would be my favorite place in this share house!" Not too fast!

I have just started with the introduction of this place and it will become better.

On the second floor, while going up, a luxury chandelier will welcome you. On the right side, you will be able to see the kitchen and after a styling glass wall is the main living room. The manga paradise! I couldn't hold my excitement when I saw this area. There was even my favorite title " Boys over flowers" (花より団子). I'm pretty sure you will spend here most of your time sharing with your housemates about the fantastic stories that those mangas have.

Let's move on!

1F_entrance_01 1F_entrance_02
Good news for shoe lovers, the shoebox has enough space to store your whole collection. The bookshelf is not completed yet, but it will be filled with very popular books selected by the staff following the resident's recommendations.
2F_living_06 2F_living_05
Can you imagine yourself here and the endless hours of fun with your housemates? Talking, reading, watching movies or why not everything at the same time? You make your own happy place! Of course, the living room has also a TV, A/C, and Wi-Fi which is available in the whole building.




"I want to know the local cuisine of my housemate."

As I wrote some lines before, on the second floor is also the kitchen which can be seen from the living room. Don't get mistaken it isn't an open concept kitchen, the big glass wall is more like a showcase that lets you take a look inside of an elegant restaurant's kitchen. I wonder What are they cooking? Wow! that looks delicious! ~

And like people say, "to understand other cultures you have to taste it". The kitchen will be like an international food court where you and your housemates can cook delicious food and exchange local recipes. Imagine having breakfast pancakes and bacon! Or Kareraisu (Japanese curry) for lunch or eating tacos for dinner?! The nice part of living in a share house is the variety of people who can live under the same roof. Everyone is willing to let you taste their culture. The kitchen would be like taking a fast trip to another country!

2F_kitchen_04 2F_kitchen_08
Three big refrigerators with enough room for each resident.  Enjoying the meals while looking through the window.
2F_kitchen_06 2F_kitchen_09
Storage is perfect. It's a kitchen that really motivates you to cook. Although there are no strict rules, the kitchen area is always clean. You can see how they are used beautifully.



The real concept of "simple"

The rooms are located from the 3rd to the 5th floor and they are a good example of "less is always more". As soon as you open the door you would notice that all that you really need is well prepared in the room. A bed, tv, desk, clothes hanger, refrigerator, storage boxes under the bed and a wide window that let the sunshine fill the room.Simple right? but What else would you need? Considering that you would spend more time in the other common areas of the house, the bedroom will give you enough facilities to feel comfortable in your own private space. 

3F_room_303_03 3F_room_302_01

There is various ingenuity in the simple. A hanger can be hung on the edge of the ceiling.

In addition to the good sunlight, the white keeps the simple concept while making the room look brighter. 



Living the simple life at its maximum

Let's look at the facilities in the share house. The design of the house always keeps a chic style with the white walls that can be easily used to create a comfortable Happy place. As I mentioned before, each component in this house was thinking to make your everyday simple but not boring!

If you just want to breathe the fresh air of Tokyo you can go to the rooftop and relax under the sunshine. Something special is that you can see the Asakusa bridge and the Sky tree building from far!

3F_女子洗面所_02 3F_男子洗面所_01
Women's toilet. A nice mirror well illuminated to get ready every morning. Men's toilet. Next to the shower room, which is separated from Lady's shower. 
5F_laundry_01 屋上_02
The laundry room is on the 5th floor on the top floor. If the weather is nice, let's dry the clothes on the rooftop!

A rooftop with a good view. The Sky Tree to decorate the view 



 "I want to convey the warmth of a sharehouse"

"FRESH shareASAKUSABASHI" is operated by Fresh Room Co., Ltd. and they have been operating share houses for over 10 years with the corporate philosophy of "Warm Space for You".
"What I like about living in a Sharehouse is that it isn't a place where you are alone when you go home", says Ms. Oda from Fresh Room Co. Even though this sharehouse has just opened its doors, it seems that there were some changes following the residents' requests. Always taking seriously the needs of the residents shows how engaged is Fresh Room Co with offering a comfortable place where to live.

As we were talking with the staff, I could feel the proximity that they have with the residence of each sharehouse. They even organize events to make more enjoyable the lifestyle in a sharehouse.

外観_02 (1)

"Isn't it good to try living here for a month?"

"FRESH share ASAKUSABASHI". A very nice share house with a wooden frame in a concrete frontage.

"You can actually try a share house for a month," says Ms.Oda.
Some of the people who are actually living in a share house have to travel often to overseas so they are constantly changing places. Isn't it nice? you have the chance to experience the lifestyle in each sharehouse until you find the right one for you. With this kind of facility, why don't you give it a try?

"FRESH shareASAKUSABASHI" where residents of all nationalities gather under the same roof. Why don't you start a new life surrounded by an international share mate in Asakusabashi where the good old scenery remains.

/Author: Natsu, Translator: Katty, Photo: Ishi

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