Share house in a quiet residential area

Gran Noborito is located in a quiet and lovely residential area, at just 8 minutes from Sukugawara Station on the JR Nanbu Line. Conveniently at less than 30 minutes to travel to Shinjuku and Shibuya! This area is also pretty near to the Yukugawara Station, the most proximate station to the Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum, known for its Doraemon Museum. There are also supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants in the vicinity of the shared house, making your lifestyle more convenient. To make the location even better there is also the garden "Kawasaki City Greening Center" where you can enjoy seasonal plants within walking distance. There are only good places to visit on your weekends, right?

Gran Noborito is 4 floors share house but don't worry, it has an elevator!  With a large lounge with wood-like warm furniture, a well-equipped gym, and a bathroom with a fancy tub. So, there is no excuse to spend a relaxing time after a long day at work or school.

I can't wait to introduce this share house ~ Let's feel the atmosphere inside the house!

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"What shall we do this weekend? ~ A huge lounge space where ideas bloat

After passing through a cozy meeting area, a small living room where you can receive your guests, you will be delighted with the extremely huge lounge.  There are a sofa, a bar counter, and a dining table that can be used by six people, so you can spend your time freely. The wall is also equipped with a large LCD TV, so it should be fun to watch sports with your group of friends! The options of events that can be held in this spacious lounge are endless!

Stylish lounge reminiscent of a cafe.
Moroccan style wallpaper.
 Ideal for large events! Comfy sofa, long table, stylish counter...Where would you like to spend it your time today?




All start with a "Good morning": Open concept kitchen.

The design of the kitchen is connected to the living room and the counter which is perfect to interact with your housemate while cooking or even to watch your favorite tv programs. The kitchen is a big area which was thought to use it freely even in the morning crowded time. 

In addition to basic dishes, there are 4 rice cookers, 3 microwave ovens, and 5 sinks. The home electronics follow the luxury and sophisticated concept of the house too, all of them in black color. A big surprise for the coffee enthusiasts... There is a coffee maker! The main point of this area is the table and sink centered right in the middle. I would like to point out this as a perfect and easy chance to start a conversation with naturality. 

I can imagine the nice atmosphere on holidays, where all the people of the house gather and cooking together as in a tv drama. I wonder what kind of delicious food would be created in this kitchen.

Kitchen appliances are a lot! Perfect for everyone to use it at any time. Two simultaneous cooking IH cookers.
Electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster, etc.  All the household appliances are free to use! A huge kitchen like a restaurant kitchen. Ideal for cooking together with a large number of people.


A room that you can customize with your seal.

Gran Noborito's private rooms are available on the 2nd to 4th floors. The elevator is fully equipped so you can use it comfortably on the upper floors. Private rooms have a simple wood-style room that fits any interior and, are implemented with a desk and bed, air conditioning and all the necessary equipment for storage. So the question is simple: "What kind of room do you want to make?" Everything depends on you!

Of course, shower rooms, toilets, and washing machines are available on each floor. With all these features what do you need to be worried about?  Just enjoy ~

Room 404.

From a different angle.
Rooms are pretty well decorated too Room 211


Spending time with someone? Spending it alone?

The shared facilities of Gran Noborito are mainly provided on the first floor. There is a peaceful lounge, a luxury kitchen, a wide shoebox, a cozy theater room, gym, music room, and even a private study room. Is there something this share house doesn't have? There are enough facilities to meet the needs of each tenant, so you do not have to leave the house to look for a comfortable place where to spend your day!

There is also a smoke area.  Let's enjoy the Music room! Totally soundproof.
There is also a bathroom with a bathtub on the first floor. Let's heal the tiredness of the day. There is also a large washroom and three washing machines that can be used by five people at the same time. 

Gran Noborito is managed by one of the top Share house operators in Japan, Oak House Co., Ltd. Their management philosophy is to "provide fun, pleasure, and opportunities  for growth through sharing the share house lifestyle".  They also have English speaker members in their staff, so you can contact them in case you need further information or have inquiries.

What Gran Noborito offers is a perfect location that keeps in balance the quiet and peaceful ambiance of the residential area with the proximity to the crowed and popular areas, such as Shibuya and Shinjuku. The big space of the common areas and all the facilities are perfect to interact with all your housemates or just keep the privacy and enjoy time with your thoughts in the same place.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the adventure of the share house life.

For those who enjoy privacy or spending time with others. This time, we introduced the share house "Gran Noborito" located at JR Nambu Line Yukugawara Station. Access to the city center and Yokohama. It is very convenient even in a calm environment away from the bustle of the city. The living environment in the surrounding area is also fulfilling, and the privacy inside the house is well protected, so you can ensure that you spend time alone. On the other hand, an open living room and kitchen are places where it is easy to create a conversation. Every day in a luxurious space should be fulfilling! A simple but warm space is waiting for your return.

/Author:Miki, Photo: Yuki

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