The concept is "the table of the world"

Today, I would like to introduce the share house "Kizunaya Share House #HASH 196-Kashiwa".  A place where you can experience an international exchange without even leaving Japan, and which was renovated and opened in June 2019.

"How should I read the name of this share house? What does it even mean?" is what I thought the first time I knew about this house. It's not easy to know what to expect of this house just by the name, right? Let me explain it to you, "#HASH" comes from "hashtag", and "196" is the reference to the "Recipes of 196 countries that can be made in all houses" book that won the special award for cooking recipe in 2018. Pretty clever, isn't? 

The concept of this share house, of course, is related to food. What happens when delicious food is placed on the table? Everyone comes together around the table tempted by the smell of the homemade meal. After all, who doesn't like eating? The vision of Mr. Hayato, the owner, for this house, was a dining table lined with dishes from around the world" 

where the residents gather together to enjoy not only the meal but also the life of living together.  No matter what your age is or where are you from, people always gather around the table and that is why dining tables are set up at the center of the house to follow this concept. 

When you just meet someone for the first time, it is sometimes awkward to start a conversation, right? but if you have a meal together, it's a very nice moment where you can naturally get along while waiting for good food and the "yum! Delicious~ " is the trigger to begin a friendship!

Here a Japanese express lesson to say "delicious": "uwa~ mecha umai~!", your Japanese housemate would be surprised.

The nearest station to the house is JR Tokiwa Line Sakai Station which is at just 10 minutes by walk. In front of this station are many good restaurants and shopping malls perfect to enjoy with your housemates on weekends. Ueno Station is 28 minutes away and Tokyo Station is 32 minutes away from the downtown area. The location of #Hash169 is perfect for those who want to have a calm life without being far away from the city life. 

 Let's explore the house right now!

For more details about "Kizunaya Share House #HASH196-Kashiwa", please click here!



A lot of unique livings attract you

Lots of unique areas where to spend the day! "What should I do today? Movie time? reading? crafting? "

There are so many common areas and living rooms here, that would be impossible to review all of them just in one report… Should I write a part II and III?

The big table above is the main living room. There usually residents are gathered and enjoy eating meals, it's like a party on every day's meal. 

There are many other unique living rooms, so you can choose where you want to be depending on the mood of the day:

- Atelier space, for those who enjoy DIY, design and art.

- Working space, perfect when you need to study, finish an assignment or concentrate on your work. 

- Theater space, equipped with a 150-inch screen for cinema and music lovers. All you need is to bring the popcorn and the coke!

- Soft living room, with plenty of cozy and soft cushions perfect for a lazy day. I can already hear the "Lazy song" of Bruno Mars in my head just by being in this area. 

- Cafe lounge, a cafe-like area with a bar counter where you can hold a nice chat.

- Shared kitchen, an island kitchen to make cooking even more fun with your housemates. 

- Library room, to freely and quietly deep into your favorite book.

If you want to see everything with your own eyes, please feel free to request a house tour, I'm pretty sure your future housemates will warmly welcome you.

16_large 13_large
Relax time is unlimited in the living room! A bright space to have a nice conversation with someone.
17_large 11_large
Theatre room, enjoy movies as you
were really in the cinema!

A table surrounded by people, one of
the happy moments in this share house.

Coworking space



Spending my own time and keep a peacefull lifestyle

Both single rooms and dormitories are available in this 4-floor house. The design was thought to make it possible for the residents to spend time comfortably. All the rooms have a unique style which is perfect to express yourself as you want. The storage space is also very convenient if you are moving in with a lot of things.

For dormitories, privacy is the key point. There are also a mini common space and a telephone space on every floor. There are some rules to follow over spending time on the phone to keep a peaceful lifestyle with your housemates. Nobody wants to listen to your conversation in the middle of the night, right?

21_large 1_large

the storage space is enough!

 This is how the dormitory looks like. Nothing to envy to a single room since the bed area keeps the privacy.






The island type open kitchen is like a fancy restaurant kitchen. There are areas and facilities designed to allow multiple people to cook at the same time without any problem and enjoy having a nice conversation. The delicious meal for the weekly dinner party is created here. Who is already hungry?

This house has just been renovated and has many other facilities. Such as washing and drying machines, 8 shower rooms and 3 baths, toilets with washlet, everything still shiny as new.

7_large 10_large
even the dishes are fancy!

various utensils to enjoy cooking

22_large 29_large
Enough space even in a crowded morning Private mailbox for each room
 [Photos from owner "Kizunato"] Ittadakimasu! this little boy also wanted to join in the photo!



#Hash196 is operated by the company Kizunato. All of the Kizunato Share houses are made with a unique concept of creating a second family. This is reflected in the fact that this house has a large number of living rooms, which are places of communication. It is not just sharing a place to live; it is also a chance to share experiences and values, become a community, become a family. Something you can't experience when you are living alone.

With a third of the 100 members being foreigners, there is also a desire of the owner to expand the sense of values ​​through English conversation with foreigners and international exchange, which is the perfect chance to out in practice your Japanese. How about an exchange language class at the coworking area or something more casual in the lounge area or living room or atelier? Any place is perfect!

I almost forgot to mention that this house also had a Kids room area on the first floor dedicated to families with children. Isn't it amazing how even these little details enlarge the feeling of being part of a huge family? The families, who are raising their children while being supported by the multigenerational and multinational "second family", grow learning various values.

Finally, "Tadaima" translated as "I'm Back" and "Okaeri" for "Welcome back", will be your favorite phrases, every time you arrive home. That feeling of being part of a family will come out naturally in this house. Definitely #HASH 196 – Kashiwa is a family-type international exchange house. A place where someone is waiting for you to say you "Okaeri!".

/Author:Eri, Translator:Katty, Photo: Ishi



kizunaya share house#HASH196-Kashiwa
House Detailkizunaya share house#HASH196-Kashiwa
Area 4-11-8 ,Asahi-Machi,Kashiwa-Shi,Chiba
Rent ¥26,000 ~ ¥46,000
JR Joban line/Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Kashiwa 12mins by walk
Tobu Urban Park Line Kashiwa 12mins by walk
Condition Male, Female

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