A life with a scent of tatami.

In proportion to the increase of foreign tourists visiting Japan, the number of foreigners with interest of choosing share house as their home is growing.

Just when I was thinking that share houses with essence of Japanese culture might increase from now on, I heard that Come on Up Ltd. has newly opened a share house with tatami floor at Monzen-Nakamachi, so called “Monnaka”, a town where you can see and experience the old “Edo”.

Today, I will tell you all about “Come on UP Monzen nakacho”.

The share house is 6 minutes walk from Nakajima station of JR Keiyo line and 10 minutes walk from Monzen-Nakamachi of Touzai line. There are 2 lines available in a walking distance. It only takes 10 minutes to Ginza by train so you probably wouldn’t feel any inconveniency commuting. Plenty of Japanese pickles and sweets shops stands nearby. Fukagawa-meshi, a cooked rice with asari clam and green onion is popular around this area.

The sight from the station and Fukagawa Edo museum is scenic and plenty of shops are chosen as a location for shooting commercials of Tokyo Metro and gourmet shows. Some of you might be familiar with scenery of the town.

In the summer, there will be “Fukagawa Hachiman Festival, a.k.a. Mizukake Festival”, one of the best 3 festivals of Edo. Sumida river and Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, a town with stylish cafes continuously opening are very close. Living in the neighborhood full of interesting spots will enrich your life. It would be entertaining to introduce the neighbor to foreigners visiting Japan.

“Come on UP Monzen nakacho” stands at the town filled with old Edo atmosphere, with only 5 private rooms. If you are to live in a calm environment with small number of residents, this may be the perfect choice.

Coming home, you will feel the warmness from the traditional Japanese style of living. This may be the popular style of living. With expectation, let’s go into the house!

For more information about “Come on UP Monzen nakacho”, please click here.




 Tatami. Shoji. Kakejiku. Futon. All sorts of Japanese spirit combined

First, let me show you the room. This in the picture is room 202. I assume many of you have stayed but never actually lived in a tatami room. It feels cool in summer and warm in winter. Strange but stepping on the tatami, it feels totally different depending on the season. It may take some time to get used to the tatami floor, but foreigners may be delighted to live in the traditional Japanese style room.

room3 room5
Traditional Japanese interiors. Light thorough washi (a traditional Japanese paper) brings warmness to the room.
room room7
A scent of rushes will comfort your tired mind and body. Of course, there is air conditioner equipped




 Living room with white interiors.

Apart from individual rooms, living room is more a modern design. There are sofa, TV, and a dining table placed. The space is enough for 5 residents to share. Cuddle a cushion and chit-chat with your share mates while watching TV. Spend a relaxing time as if you’re with your family. You can be yourself in this house. At the back of the chair and counter on the left is a kitchen.

living living3
Stretch out your leg and watch TV. A small bar counter. Great space to communicate with your share mates.
facility facility1
Unique interior. Stairs leading to the second floor.




Kitchen is functional and haimish.

At the back of the living room is a kitchen for sharing. Needed equipment for basic cooking such as microwave oven, rice cooker, and refrigerator are free to use. There is also a fish grill so you won’t feel inconvenient when preparing dishes on busy hours.

kitchen kitchen2
 Photos of cooking equipment. I’m pleased to see a coffee maker! There are three gas stoves so that you can cook several foods at once.



 Come on up if you plan to live in Tokyo.

Come on UP Ltd runs “Come on UP Monzen nakacho”.

The company has been running share houses for more than a decade with ambition of creating connection between people. The president himself have experienced living in a share house abroad. Among the foreign residents, Americans are relatively large in numbers. Sometimes, residents gather from other share houses and throw parties and events.

Unfortunately, although being invited several times, I haven’t got a chance to join them, but hearing stories, I have an impression that international residents and owners are in good relations respecting each other and maintaining boundaries.

Are you anxious of moving to Tokyo with only a few friends nearby? Well, come and see the cozy life you can realize here in Come on UP Monzen-Nakamachi. You can make foreign friends going through the same circumstances of being alone in the town.

Take a walk around the town or join the local events together. Gradually, you will find similarities and become a close friend sharing so many things. If you are interested in making new friends or living in a calm and cozy environment, take this house as one of your choices.

Sharing house with strangers, a foreign strangers, may be perplexing at first, but everything has it’s first time. The expectation to widen your community may turn into a energy to communicate with your share mates and may eventually shows you another aspects in life. You may even feel more fulfilled.

This experience is sure to be the treasure of your life.


/Author:Moriyama, Photo: Yamada


Come on UP Monzennakacho
House DetailCome on UP Monzennakacho
Area 2-10-12, Furuishiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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