Our life is our art. 

John Lennon once said that “our life is our art”. Well, living in a share house, you sometimes get a feeling that “our life is our creation”.

Not that there are any proof, but those who chose share house as their home tends to have some creator spirit and are interested in interior and architect designs. They also find creation a important essence of their lives.

While going through the above theory in my head, I heard that Oak house Inc. opened a new share house with a theme “world of painting” called “Gran Yomiuri mae”. Today, I will introduce you all about it.

It is a share house available for both men and women, admitting up to 23 members. The house is 17 minutes walk from Yomiuri land station of Odakyu line. "Instead of not being the most convenient place for train riders, you can expect fulfilling share spaces and private rooms which are difficult to find in residences near stations” saids the owner.

If you are a creator, it is thought to be important to have your privacy ensured so that you can  focus on your work. Plus, to see other art or even just knowing the existence of other creators nearby may stimulate your inspiration and imagination.

Let's take a look if you’re attracted to the theme “the world of painting”. Doesn’t it sound fun for people with common interest living under the same roof?

For more information about "Gran Yomiuri land mae", please click here



Relaxing and maturely designed living room


Living room consists of furniture made of dark brown wood and a white wall, creating mature atmosphere. Even with number of residents, this living room brings calmness to your daily life.

You are welcome to either spend time talking with your friends or do whatever you want alone. Good news for smokers! There is smoking area in the room. Enjoy reading books, studying, or even drinking with your share mates at the counter by the window.

Next to the living room is a theater room. Grab some snacks and drinks to enjoy home cinema with your friends and share your thoughts afterwards.

Another view of the living room.

Counter table are beside the window.

This is a smoking area.

Balcony is right outside the living room.



Twin kitchen is best place to cook with your share mates.

Have you been wondering what kitchen is like with 23 people living under the same roof? Well, no need to worry. Gran Yomiuri land mae has twin type  kitchen on the ground floor. With wide aisle, several people can come and go at the same time.

There are both IH and gas stove. Kitchen sink is big enough to feel no inconvenience.

Ample of space to share. Occasion to challenge new recipes and chances to eat with your share mates are bound to increase!

IH stove at the ground floor kitchen.

Kitchen and living room are side by side.


Aisle at the kitchen is broad as you can see in the above picture.

By looking at this picture, you will know for sure that the kitchen appliances are fully equipped

Microwave and oven is at your service anytime!



Warm colored cozy interior lightens up the private rooms. Some even have showers and bathrooms.

The building was originally designed as a company’s dormitory.

More than half of the rooms have showers and bathrooms in their own room which is rare for share houses located at the center part of Tokyo. This is one of the feature of Gran Yomiuri land mae.

Customize your own space with favorite interiors.

This type of rooms have sofa equipped. You may talk with your close friends all night long.


A little tidbits about art.


The yellow house was once a Van Gogh’s share house!?

Gran Yomiuri land mae was designed using Van Gogh’s painting called “The yellow house” as a motif.

The yellow house exists at the Arles, Provence, a city in Southern France. Gogh used to live in a share house with other painters and worked on his creations. It was "a share house for painters".

I feel emotional imagining Gogh sharing opinions with his    artist friends at the share house.









Best selected space to stimulate your imagination and inspiration.

The biggest charm of Gran Yomiuri land mae is that there are plenty of facilities such as theater room, gym, and work space.

Throw a screening party playing your favorite film or refresh your mind and body at the gym. Organize your one and only event or read books quietly at the work space. These facility provides you the possibility to enjoy your life even more.

The wall becomes the screen at the fashionable theater room.

Not only the gym inside, but there are rental cycle outside the building to move your body. You can use not only for excises but for nearby shopping

Freshen up at the gym!

Collected paintings of Gogh’s  is free to browse anytime at the study space.

 Washing and drying machine is placed on every floor.

This is the key of sharing shower room.

Hair dryer is equipped at the bathroom sink.


As it used Van Gogh’s “the yellow house” as a motif, “Gran Yomiuri land mae” is painted in bright yellow, catching everyone’s eyes.

Not that there are ample items for creating arts, but it provides good balance between   a private space for individual residences to focus on their life and communicating with share mates. Various facilities adds spice to your daily life.

Engaging with people of different minds will probably have positive effect on your inspiration.

For those interested in art or those who even believe that art is his/her life itself. If you felt that this may be the place that can add new and positive things in your life, pay a visit to the house.

Cheering for other’s important things and feeling someone is in your life may give a good effect in your life. Wasteful time can become precious with someone by your side. These experience and the change of minds can be called as an “art” in some way.

Sensing others' feeling or needs, harmonizing with others, or purposely not. Start a new things or add something to others’ creation.

These are not easy to exercise and you may fall into a negative minds or may even encounter conflict with others. But I ensure you that all of it will become your precious memory and life experience.

With all of it combined, I came to the conclusion that “life at the share house are created by each and everyone’s participations”.  Enjoy your life creation here at Gran Yomiuri land mae.


Author:Moriyama, Photo:Yamada



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