Concept is “a perfect hideaway”

A minute walk from Nishikoyama station of Tokyo Meguro line. We visited a new share house built at this highly convenient place, only 2 stations away from Meguro. It is run by Marvelous Inc. and can accommodate up to 14 residents.

With its’ easy access to Meouro and Musashi-Koyama station, you can step foot into the nearby towns and enjoy finding delicious restaurants along the way. Restaurants from various countries lines up at the shopping street located near Nishikoyama station. On weekends, forget about work. Take out foods at deli and have drinks with your share mates while watching movies at home.

The surrounding environment of this town enables you to easily switch your mood when off work.

Considering the fact that its’ only a minute walk from Nishikoyama station, owners doesn’t need to be particular about the design, but Marvelous Inc. stuck to the theme of “Perfect hideaway for adults”.

There’s something enchanting about the phrase “a perfect hideaway”, don’t you think? It reminds me of a childhood, building hideaway base in the yard, at far end of a park, or even along the river bank, gathering with friends, each bringing something of their favorite and spending time till twilight without telling parents where they are. You lose track of time that when you know it, the sun is beginning to set. Even a child cherishes a private and secret space made only for you.

I’m excited to see how the theme is realized at the place so convenient.

Let’s go and take a look.

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Warm colors and fashionable ceiling lights produce coziness.

Fluffy sofa and chair is placed at the living room where you can feel the warmth of wood. TV is hanging on the wall. Relax and have a coffee in the morning and beer after work. The seat facing the wall is perfect when you want to have quick meal alone.


Line up and watch sports with your house mates. Gather with your friends and enjoy national soccer team match.


Several colorful doors are beside the living room.


Another view of the living room.


Chit-chat with your share mates while cooking.


Two pictures at the aisle. The unique and playful designs catches your eyes.



Fluffy sofa and chairs. Living room may be your special hideaway.

Fluffy sofa and chairs are placed at the living room with a warmth of wood, surrounded by calm color tone fabrics. Colorful doors lead to living room and produces a sense of “Perfect hideaway” which is the theme of the house.

The house can meet up to your expectation of both spending less money and to live in a stylishly designed house.


Above is a storage space.


Washer and dryer are equipped, two each.


This is what restroom looks like. It has bidet function.


There are 3 shower booths.


Kitchen is simply designed.




Blue, pink, and white wall paper. Private rooms have relaxing atmosphere with a little bit of color to spice up.

There are 2 types of rooms at the TOKYO SHARE Nishikoyama. One is totally private and the other is semi-private (share type). Semi-private room is for several people to share. If you’re considering this room, I strongly recommend you to go viewing in advance since private space may not be enough than you expected. Every room has air conditioner and refrigerator.

I will now introduce you some of the rooms including semi-private ones.


This is a private room 303. It is 7.03㎡ wide with desk, bed, and refrigerator equipped.


This is room 302. Wallpaper and curtains differs from room to room.



This is room 203A. You can use the space under the bed as a storage.


This is room 203C. It is share room exclusively for women.


In the picture above is room 202B. This is sharing type of room for both men and women.


 I get a impression that the number of people wanting to move into a share house are increasing. Some of them want to make that choice not in purpose of meeting and communicating with others, but to cut down rent and focus on accessibility. Those may just need space to sleep after a long day of work.

 TOKYO SHARE Nishikoyama could possibly be a great choice for people working their head off in Tokyo.

 It is only 2 stations away to connect to Yamanote-line, which is the main line of Tokyo’s railway. It is highly convenient to commute and the fact that the house is only 1 minutes away from the station may be appealing especially for women in aspect of security. There are 100 yen shop, supermarket, and public bath near the house.

Do you feel tired living in the central part of Tokyo? Do you want to avoid long train ride when commuting? Well, this share house may be a solution for you.

 Marvelous Inc. is the company running TOKYO SHARE Nishikoyama. It is architectural firm specialized in share house, opening new share houses in town with great access to the central part of Tokyo.

Group company runs call center abroad which brought established reputation that Marvelous Inc. can provide high quality support to foreigners. If your friends are to come live in Japan, introduce this company’s residence and you may be appreciated.

 For those working hard, not complaining about anything at office, please relax and enjoy your weekends at home, sleeping till noon or going to a public bath to wash away all your stress. Talk to your share mates and earn energy for upcoming week.

TOKYO SHARE Nishikoyama can be someone’s "perfect hideaway".

/Author: Moriyama, Photo:Sugi


TOKYO SHARE Meguro Nishikoyama
House DetailTOKYO SHARE Meguro Nishikoyama
Area Tokyo, Meguro Haramachi 1-9-1
Rent ¥40,000 ~ ¥60,000
Meguro Line Nishioyama Station 1 minute walk
Condition Male, Female




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