Realize the dual life, the trend life style of 2019

Recruit Holdings Inc., a mega firm in business of lifestyles, has announced that “dual life” is expected to be one of the trends in 2019. “Dual life”, by definition, is a lifestyle with people working in big cities on weekdays and spending in suburbs on weekends surrounded by nature. This kind of life is thought to be for rich people, but with share houses and services like Airbnb emerging, it’s becoming more and more familiar. Today, we will introduce you a share house great for starting dual life and enriching your weekends!

Heart Terrace Kanazawa-Hakkei newly started its’ business in October 2018. Despite of wide range and affordable rent, it is located near the beach. This enables you to surf on weekends. In addition, there are various leisure facilities such as Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Ksanazawa Nature Park and Zoo, and Mitsui Outlet Park nearby.

Only 8 minutes walk from Kanazawa-Hakkei station, and you can easily access to famous towns such as Minatomirai and Motomachi Chinatown. Also, it only takes 40 minutes to get to Haneda airport. It is highly convenient for those commuting to Kanagawa prefecture. Wood deck set at the roof top balcony will be useful when enjoying barbeques or watching fireworks with your share mates. Around the house are supermarket, shrine, and elementary schools. You can expect good public security.

Not sophisticated but clean and calm atmosphere sure will make you feel relaxed. Of course, it is ideal not only for dual life purpose but as your one and only home. We will now introduce you the fine facilities of Heart Terrace Kanazawa-Hakkei.

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Adorable Kawara (Japanese traditional material used for roofs) designed entrance

From Kanazawa-Hakkei station of Keikyu line to the house is about 10 minutes walk. The color combination of orange and black brings out the Asian spirit. Unique choice of colors makes the house look stylish.


At the ground floor is a storage space for things like surfboards and bicycles.


Fine wood deck is at the rooftop. The owner plans to place benches and tables in the near future. Major leisure activities of spring and summer such as barbeque and watching fireworks can be enjoyed in the house.




Start a new day with pleasant sunlight pouring into the living room.

Big window at the back of the living room provides ample of sunlight to the breakfast table. Let yourself into the pouring sunlight and start a new day nice and fresh. You can always expand the room by opening the sliding door. At dinner time, relax and enjoy chit-chatting with share mates.


You can see in the picture that the living room is spacious. Have the table of 6 all by yourself when nobody is home.


Share your favorite magazines or DVDs with house members by placing them freely in the shelves.


These frames are supposed to place picture drawn by residents.


Not only painting but pictures taken by share mates are great for display.


This one is another lounge space of the house. This one is more stylishly designed.


TV with Blu-ray player. Enjoy your favorite movie during free time.


This interphone with monitor will make you feel safe whenever you are alone in the house.





Cook any dishes you like with fully equipped kitchen

Yakitori, Ramen, Bals… Although there are enough variety of restaurants near Kanazawa-Hakkei station, it’s pretty nice to try cooking on weekends. Spacious and fully equipped kitchen is great for cooking with your share mates and being taught of recommended recipes.


There is a huge dual door refrigerator and IH heater.


Basic items are ready to use, so you don’t feel inconvenient when cooking home-made dishes.


There are multi-functional microwave oven and toaster. You can cook sweets without any problem.


Gas cooking stove is equipped. When purchasing new cooking equipment, make sure it supports the gas system.


Simple but stylish. Private room with enough space

Only JPY 30000 for 16.15㎡ room! Even more, a desk, chair, and closet is equipped in advance. The share house is both women and men friendly but no need to worry about laundries. There is washing pole in every room so that you can dry out your clothes without being seen by the opposite sex.


Take a minute to check out your everyday fashion with this big mirror on the wall set in every room.


You can easily create your personal space with curtain partition set in dormitories.



Kanazawa-Hakkei, a town of serene atmosphere. It is located at the western part of Yokohama. Loosen up a little by taking a walk along the seashore or enjoy water sports like surfing on weekends. Police stations and hospitals are within 3 minutes walk to support your safety and health. Calm and peaceful scenery of the town will make you feel relaxed after a long day of work.

“Want to ease my mind when off work, away from hustle and bustle of a big city”, “Accessibility to big cities is not negotiable”, and “Cannot choose between newly built house with bigger rooms and lower rent”. You can expect these three requests granted all at once at the Heart Terrace Kanazawa-Hakkei. Do you feel interested in starting a new heartful life here?

/Author: Kubota


Heart Terrace KanazawaHakkei
House DetailHeart Terrace KanazawaHakkei
Area Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanazawa-Ward, Yokohama city 町屋町
Rent ¥40,000 ~ ¥45,500
Keikyu line Kanazawa Hakkei Station walk to 10mins
Condition Male, Female




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