Attention! A 1668 square feet lounge space awaits you at the large-scale social house, the “FineMaison Yokohama”.

Look no further than this share house with vast spacious site. The “FineMaison Yokohama” was newly built in 2018. As you can guess from its’ name, it is located at the central part of Yokohama city. Now, the house is seeking for a first share house members to make a history with. More than 10 communal spaces are for free use, such as laundry, theater, fitness, beauty (for women only), study, and karaoke rooms. Even more, all the individual rooms have bathroom and closet each.

Not only they have women exclusive floor, but also have rooms available for couples. Within walking distance from Yamashita park and China Town, the rent falls somewhere between the range of JPY 54,000 – 65,000, which is comparably cheap around this area. You cannot expect substantial facilities and vast space with this price if it wasn’t for sharing. If you’re considering a share house style of living in Yokohama, I strongly recommend you to take this into consideration.

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FineMaisonYokohama (5)

Where to sit and eat? Plenty of choices at the 1668 square feet lounge space.

One of the positive aspects to live in a share house is that the “communal space is big enough”. You may come up with the answer easily, but what this house can offer may go beyond your imagination.

Amazing kitchen island and lots of electric oven you can never encounter in apartment rooms for single person. Table for 10 and bar areas are only a part of this unique house. The clock hanging on the central pole looks like the one you saw in schools’ food hall.


Ample of lights floods in from the big window. Take breakfast with your share mates, as the morning sun warms up the room.


Nestle in this large sleek sofa at night with coffee in hand. Be careful not to fall asleep watching TV.



FineMaisonYokohama (16)

Pop but naturally designed interiors

Communal space is pop but naturally designed, accentuated with blue. Such colored sofa and hammock in addition to foliage plants and cactus catches your eyes. As sunlight beams into the room, each interior looks even more stylish.

FineMaisonYokohama (12)

Lamps are unique in design and matching blue dishes and gadgets are sweet, brightening up the atmosphere of the room.


Having teas at terrace or doze off on hammock, there are countless ways to spend your weekend at the house. Feeling excited already.

FineMaisonYokohama (7)

Kitchen island is highly convenient in occasion like having party with your share mates.


Coffee makers and toasters are all so stylish.

FineMaisonYokohama (24)

Have you ever wished to live in a house with big entrance hall? Well, this house sure can make your dream come true.



Over 133 square feet big individual rooms.

It is often the case that in exchange for substantial common space, individual rooms happen to be small than expected or has not enough of storages. Don’t worry, individual rooms in FineMaison Yokohama are more than 133 square feet big, enough for single person. It is even possible to set indirect lighting to enhance the mood. Every room has closet to store clothes and miscellaneous goods. There is a small refrigerator so that you don’t need to go all the way down to the living room to get some drinks at midnight.


Lots of rooms have plenty of sunlight. Start your day nice and refreshed!


Any furniture fits in this white colored room.

FineMaisonYokohama (34)

Clean bathroom with bath tubs to wash away your stress.

FineMaisonYokohama (36)

This is the shower room. There seems to be enough numbers to avoid waiting in line.

Laundry machines are lined up. On top of them are drying machines, making your daily routine more efficient.



From fitness to karaoke! Luxurious facilities that blows your mind.

More than 10 communal spaces with great facilities. This one in the picture is a woman use only beauty room with Panasonic facial machine and hair care products available any time. Keep your beauty motivation high before going out on a date or after taking a bath.


Relaxing room with adorable cat illustrated on the wall. Sink your body into these beads cushions and enjoy your favorite books.

FineMaisonYokohama (31)

Fees for fitness gyms are JPY 10,000 per month in average. You can use this one with big mirrored wall for free! How about a dance lesson?


Rooms with balance ball and yoga mat.

FineMaisonYokohama (23)

Need to shift to studying mode? Co-working space, one of the latest trends, is at your home!

FineMaisonYokohama (47)

Big screen theater room are also available. What a luxurious space!


1668 square feet lounge space and big enough plus clean private rooms. Fitness and theater rooms are only a part of common spaces. With livable facilities, FineMaison Yokohama are perfect to make your dream life come true.

More than 90 residents accommodable, FineMailson Yokohama welcomes you warmly whenever you come home. Leading a busy life, warm greetings with your share mate living nearby warms your heart.

Would you rather spend your day at the terrace gazing the blue sky or going for a walk to the Port-view Hill Park or China town at weekends? Custom your free time with various choices. How do you feel about starting new life here at FineMaison Yokohama?



House DetailFineMaisonYokohama
Area Yokohama Naka-ku
Rent ¥58,000 ~ ¥63,000
JR Negishi Line Ishikawa-cho Station 12 min walk
JR Negishi Line Yamate Station 10 min walk
Condition Male, Female

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