Say hello to the new you at new flat.

“How about going to cooking classes?”, “Wait, should I first work out at a gym?”, “Or maybe, try piano lessons”, “Hmm…Always wanted to go take English classes”. These ideas may come to your mind, but it is not easy to actually take an action. Even when you do so, it’ pretty hard to keep up the new habit. Then, what can we do? Not realistic proposal to just take a leap and go abroad to study English, is it? When you’re out of option, please consider moving into a share house.

Share houses today are quiet fascinating, with fulfilling facilities you would never imagine with singular living. It attracts various types of residents which makes your life even more stimulating. You can even expect meeting someone with expertise you’re willing to learn, or someone to share interests with. If so, wouldn’t it be fun to continue new challenges? The share house I’m introducing to you today is called “Share Residence MUSACO”, with accommodation of 65 people. It is the latest work of Share Design Inc., the company running over 20 share houses in the cities around Tokyo.

Share Residence MUSACO is 10 minutes’ walk from the nearest station called Musashi-Nakahara of JR Nambu line. Next to it is Musashi-Kosugi station, a door way to the crowded redeveloping city. Changing lines there, it only takes 20 minutes to Shibuya and 32 minutes to Shinjuku. Very convenient to access to the cities in Tokyo. Before explaining the house, let’s take a look at the surrounding environment!

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Living along side of Nambu line, with “Musashi-Kosugi”, the city with on-going development as your neighbor

Every time visiting Musashi-Kosugi, the scenery has changed. That’s how exceedingly the town is developing. Newly built high tower apartments and large scaled shopping malls are being constructed. It is one of the most notable redeveloping towns in Japan. Share Residence MUSACO is one station away from this place. You can never avoid using the Musashi-Kosugi station since it’s where you transfer lines going to cities like Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Shinagawa. You can take either Tokyu-Toyoko line or JR Shonan-Shinjuku line to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Yokohama. If going to the Shinagawa area, take JR Yokosuka-line. Keep in mind though, that the station is overly crowded on the grounds of convenience.



Sight changing dramatically, this is the nearest station of the share house, the Musashi-Nakahara station. Except for the big ones like Musashi-Kosugi, towns along the Nambu line are mostly nice and quiet.



It takes about 10 minutes’ walk to the house. The roads are flat so you may ride a bicycle. About 5 minutes, I would say.Found “MARUETSU”, the supermarket! Spot to shop on your way home.


Here we are! This is what the Share Residence MUSACO looks like.


It used to be IT company’s dormitory. No wonder the apartment-like appearance.


Entering the automatic locking door, broad entrance spreads in front of you. Making steps further into the building through the aisle, there’s lounge space, one of the main feature of the house.


Complete work of the “Share Residence “, squeezing the idea all together. 

Share Design Inc. has been running more than 20 properties mainly in Tokyo, opening new one every year. CEO of the company produces its’ interior decorations, getting inspirations from his hobby, and that’s what makes the share houses special and unique compared to others. Share Residence MUSACO may be the culmination of the uniqueness piled up together with lots of entertainment aspects.


Above is the L-shaped authentic bar counter. Displayed bottles of liquors brings up the rock spirit.


Most times, people are surprised to find beer server in the house. Of course, it is for free use.


Coffee machine is at your service in the busy morning.


You probably have never seen this before at any other share house. Opening the retro refrigerator, you will find plenty of wines. Wish I had these for free…


Pleasant sunlight and ventilation. Main living room connecting inside and outside.

Big window from the floor to the ceiling is giving spaciousness to the room. Outside the window, you will find wooden floor terrace. Feel free to enjoy relaxing at the terrace on sunny days. At night, sit inside and share excitement with your house mates watching World cup or Olympic games! The living room creates lots of connections and memories among residents.


View from the living room sofa. The room is lit very bright with ample of sunlight pouring in!


Everything is custom-made, from cushions to teddy bears.



Enough space to set hammock and large-sized tents.


See the stump on the corner? That’s the tree cut at the vacation house of the CEO himself. Surprisingly heavy since it’s a real tree.


Enormous tent resembles the ones at the Glamping sites. No matter how old you are, crawling into it will take you back to the days when you were just a little kid.


Kitchen with professional equipments.

Kitchen room next to the lounge is quiet professional. Great environment for cooking lovers. Share houses ran by Share Designs Inc. throws parties and events regularly. It is highly convenient to cook together with your share mates on those occasions with wide table and enough space to move around.


Spices and cooking equipment of individuals’ are able to be kept in the locker at other room in the back.


Standard kitchen goods and tableware are well supplied as you can see in the picture, so no need to buy one when moving in.


Look at the power of the fire!


Here’s one fine oven. You can even cook turkey with this for Thanksgiving Day.


There’s two gas stoves and 3 IH stoves.



Opening the commercial use sized refrigerator, containers for each resident are lined up.


Each container may be a bit small for frequent cookers. Those should consider purchasing their own refrigerator.


Wow! There’s a soft cream maker hiding at the corner. I can easily imagine residents scrambling for use…


No excuses to make! Keep fit with latest exercising machines.

You haven’t seen everything yet. Don’t be surprise to find more great facilities the Share Residence MUSACO have. At one side of the lounge, treadmill, cross trainer, and a machine which seems like a fitness bike is equipped. Once you start, you can never go back since the eyes of the other residents. Seeing other share mates working out will definitely motivates you to keep up the good work.


Now, this really looks like a fitness bike, but it’s not. This is a game machine called “Zwift”. It enables you to connect with cyclists all over the world online.



Zwift had been first introduced to Share Residence AOBADAI which opened last year. This is how you play. Weight of the pedal changes in proportion to the level of courses’ inclination. It will make you absorbed in the world shown on the monitor.


Screen shows the speed, distance, and your avatar.


For those who cannot bear the eyes of other residents, don’t worry! There’s fitness room besides the ones at the lounge.


Is the machine in above picture familiar to you? Yes, it’s O2 capsule. It will improve your blood flow, which is said to be effective to recover from exhaustion and keeping healthy skin. Residents are free to use at anytime!


Here’s good news for music lovers. There’s a music studio where you can play electric drums and pianos.


Wait, is it a barber shop!? Carbonate shower is at your service. This is way more than you can probably imagine.


Now this is where it gets interesting. Take a close and careful look behind the mirror. There’s a secret door...


Residents Only! Enter the mysterious Club Lounge.

I personally was shocked with this kind of surprise. I have never seen anything like this before at other share houses. Entering the secret door, there was a room filled with heavy bass sound and mirror ball hanging from the ceiling. Projector shows music videos on the wall and at the counter is DJ performing. This is the party room only the residents can use. Enjoy karaoke anytime. It is away from living district so you don’t need to worry about making noises and just have fun.

DJ in the picture is the owner of this share house! He has been working as professional DJ in the US.

Isn’t it fun to imagine Friday night here at the house? You don’t need to worry at all about taking the last train home.


16㎡ private rooms you can décor.

The share house once was a dormitory of the company. Wallpapers and flooring are in several different types, so you may have a choice if the rooms are available. Some rooms have great amount of sunlight, which may be too much in the summer time without air conditioning. You cannot see in the picture, but bed, desk, and a chair are equipped, so don’t bother buying big sized furniture.


The building is 3 stories high, 13 rooms on the 1st, 26 rooms each at 2nd and 3rd floor, which makes 65 rooms in total.


The closet and storage space should be enough for most people. There is a closet you can see in the picture above and a storage box at the right wall.


In addition, shoes boxes are in every room.


Shower booth and laundries are on the 1st floor.


Water basin, bathroom, and laundry are all together in one space on the 2nd and 3rd floor.


Picture on the left is the bathroom on 2nd and 3rd. Picture on the right is the 1st’s. There are more bathrooms on the 2nd and the 3rd, but 1st’s was cleaner compared to them since it’s recently constructed.


8 shower booths and two bathtubs + showers are available.


At this time of the season, shower booth may be enough, but when it gets chilly, you might want to soak yourself in a nice warm bath.



How did you like it? Today, I introduced you Share Residence MUSACO. The ideas of Share Design Inc. always surprise me, creating share houses you have never seen before with unusual concepts! The fun and unique experiences will melt your heart.
Here, they are planning to invite foreign internship students from abroad, bringing diversity to the member of the house. I was shocked to hear from the CEO that purpose of constructing club lounge is to provide opportunity to get along with each other. He said that “everyone can be friends without talking at the club”. Starting with non-verbal communication, you may end up learning other languages from foreign residents.
People change when either “The place you’re in”, “How you use your time”, or “the people you hang out with” changes. Share Residence MUSACO will change all three of them dramatically and may help find the new you. Spend time doing new things in your new home, meet people you have never had a chance talking, and eventually, dig up your hidden personality. Share Residence MUSACO is the perfect place to fulfill your mind.


Social Court MUSACO
House DetailSocial Court MUSACO
Area 2 Chome, Shimoshinjō, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Rent ¥44,800 ~ ¥53,800
JR Nanbu Line Musashinakahara 10 minutes on foot
Condition Male, Female

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