Want to be particular about a place to live 

“JR Keihin Tohoku Line” is awesome since the first train starts very early, and the last train ends very late. I will report the sharehouse near “Oomori station.”  

Oomori station in “JR Keihin Tohoku Line” is about 6 min from “Shinagawa”, and about 18 min from “Yokohama”, so Oomori is located in between Shinagawa and Yokohama. It is categorized in 23 ward of Tokyo, and the characteristics are lots of shopping road and some local factories. “I want to live in Tokyo but want to have a slow life too.” The place of Oomori may make you come true. It takes only 8 min walk from Oomori station to the sharehouse “Firsthouse Oomori”. It may take 10 min walk for women. Some common spaces have been renovated, so I will show them to you!


「For more details of “Firsthouse Funabashi”」           


Feeling nostalgic atmosphere in a daily life

The building directly connected to Oomori station has relatively new shops in here, so people can buy foods and other products around the station. There are many local people living from years ago, and they love this lively atmosphere. ”It’s cheaper to buy a side dish here than another supermarket” You may here this conversation. This sort of conversation was heard every time in neighbors. In Japan, the relationship between neighbors was more active but it is rare to hear this now as the time is going on. But I feel that the sharehouse creates this kind of relationship and community. 



The sharehouse is in the east exit of the station, but it is faster to walk through the shopping mall “atre” which is directly connected to the station.


Walking through characteristic and nostalgic shopping road with yellow arcade, about 10 min walk from the sharehouse.




This is the appearance of Firsthouse Oomori. It may be convenient to ride on bicycle on flat road from the station. Bicycle parking lot stands out.


Let’s go inside. Entrance and other images are the most important impression. This sharehouse is huge, so the common spaces are wide and open.



The key is an auto lock type.



Hand-made point 1 is the name place.


I found the next of a bird. You can see his face but it is not real. lol

Toilets and washing machines are set on every floor, and shower booths are located in the first floor.  



Hand-made point 2 is the floor and wall. Normally, these construction were held by the professionals but the staff of the management company did this. The quality was awesome as it’s hard to tell.. 



Shower booths are separated in men and women. Also, there is a room with bathtub so those who like to soak in should like here.. 



Sharing the common lounge with a stairwell

The main living room and kitchen are integrated in one space. Since some parts have been renovated here, Iwill introduce them.


The living room with the yellow wall and the beams going up and down. Brick and the wooden furniture of the color of dark brown create the distinctive space. 


The wide sofa may be the special seat in this house. Plus, hand-made point 3 is the wall paper. It is antique-based world map. 



Japanese and other foreign residents seem to surround the high dining table. 


At lunch time, take a coffee and break here. It is bright enough by the natural light. You may have a different style from staying in a room. 



Let’s check the kitchen next. 



Kitchen fitting for several persons cooking at the same time.

If you live in a sharehouse, sometimes you will be asked to join the party (not a big one but a small casual party). if the kitchen is small and hard to prepare, the atmosphere may get worse. The space of kitchen in Firsthouse Oomori is separated into a designated usage."I'll cut vegetables, so you grill meat please".And other residents wash dishes. It is a good point that they can do their task at the same time. I can image this situation. 


The cooking table being surrounded by 4 people maximum at the same time at the center.



2 sets of 3 neck gas stove. Comparing IH (Inductor heater) and gas stove, gas stove may make more delicious foods. Is this only me?



A thoughtful small renovation for residents.

This building is sort of old but its structure hasn’t been changed much but the management company thinks that they like to provide wider room for customers. So they renovated the room as well. 



Each room has different wall papers so if rooms are available, you can choose what you want.



Before the renovation, the management company thought that it was inconvenient where they need to place a refrigerator. It was hard to place it into the storage space but was impossible due to the partitioning plate. By raising it up, they can place a refrigerator in the storage space. Thanks to this construction, a room seems larger. 



Furniture in each room is bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, and air conditioner.


It is one of the pleasures to arrange according to the wall paper.


It is not used now but it is interesting that there are keyholes of old style.



How was it? The sharehouse I introduced is Firsthouse Oomori managed by Interwhao. The design is distinctive with retro atmosphere and vivid color. The renovation took place December 2017. It’ been years since the house has been opened but the quality of hand-made points is almost same as the professionals do. 

As the criteria to decide the place to live, an area is one of the most important points. Oomori station is 6 min from Shinagawa station, 13 min from Shinbashi station, and 18 min from Yokohama station. So Oomori may be the hidden convenient spot. I want people to think about this place to live such here with being close to the central of Tokyo, slow, and nostalgic atmosphere. 



First House Omori
House DetailFirst House Omori
Area Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥60,000 ~ ¥64,500
8 min walk from Omori Station
Condition Male, Female, 30代まで




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