The community lounge which has been reborn by the renovation.

The community lounge which has been reborn by the renovation.

“Aobadai” is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Yokohama. As the name of the place express its atmosphere, Aobadai has lots of green in the town. The nearest station is “Aobadai” station which is 27 min directly to Shibuya station in Tokyu Dennentoshi Line. Since Tokyu Line is the group of Tokyu, there is “Tokyu Square” and supermarket. The sharehouse that I introduce this time locates at the place by 10 min walk from Aobadai Station. Reinforced concrete with 4 stories were used by a large company and renovated to a sharehouse. This sharehouse opened in 2015 and the common space has been renovated this time. I will re-introduce the new Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba. Let’s go and check.

「For more details of “Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba”」        


Fresh town in Yokohama “Aobadai”

The number of population in Yokohama is ranked in the first place in cities in Japan.The name of Yokohama makes you imagine the westernized city near sea. But this image is a part of Yokohama with tourist attractions such as Minato Mirai, Red Brick Warehouse, and China Town. Yokohama city is huge, and the atmosphere in the area of Yokohama which is the next Kawasaki city and Setagaya-ward in Tokyo will be different. Denenntoshi Line is popular as bed town due to the good access to Tokyo area. As the name of this city is “Aobadai” , there are lots of green and full of the fresh atmosphere you can feel as you walk in this town.



On the way to the property, you will get there by 10 min walking straight but if you feel it’s hard, I recommend using a bus. Thanks to the large traffic volume, you don’t need to wait for a bus coming.


The season of shooting is winter. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the town with full of green but the leaves of ginkgo falling is also beautiful. You can feel four seasons here.



There is a big supermarket “LIFE” near the property. This is closer than a convenience store which is 2 min walk from the property.


Finally, this is the appearance of Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba. The landmark is the big signboard on the wall of appearance that people on the road unconsciously look at it.



Let’s get into here.


Since there are 50 rooms in this property, the entrance is wide enough.


There are rooms along this long vertical hallway in each floor. Let’s check the centerpiece of this property, the living room on the second floor!



3 common spaces in the lounge.

The common spaces have been renovated last year. The outstanding change is the “floor”. The floor which influences the impression of the space was changed to distinctive floor tile of “ Herringbone”. “Herringbone” is the type of zigzag design of trees. It comes from the bone of fish “herring”. It has become the high space of the fashion sense that is different from the image of the house. In the lounge, there 3 common spaces, “dining”, “living room”, and “billiard space”


You can use authentic billiard table at anytime. See, they repapered the wall.


A table is surrounded by sofas. A big group can be watching movies and relaxing.


And the dining space is like terrace seats in a stylish café.


An island kitchen viewed from the dining space.


You can go to real outdoor terrace seats from the dining space and the billiard room.


A bending machine and food stockers in the living room.


Some residents are very good at Chalk Art.


You will feel at home very soon because events are held regularly here.


Your private time goes slowly

The building used to be a company dormitory and the residential space is big enough. It is very common among the residents in a share house to spend most of their time in the own room, not in the common area. Another good point of share house is that you don’t need to prepare furniture by yourself. Every room in First house Yokohama-aoba has a bed, desk, chair, closet and refrigerator.


The lights are off now. All rooms face south. How sunny it is.


It is a very simple room in a good way. How would you bring your color?


Inside of the closet. If you are a fashion freak, you may feel it is cramped. Please bring another chest if you need.


A balcony is shared by 2 rooms. You don’t need to worry about clothes’ smell after indoor drying. There also are dryers in common area for rainy day.


A view from balcony and window. Streets in Yokohama has an aspect of a leafy and calm residential area.


Keep separated to share

As a woman, you may be wondering how people use water surroundings? Firsthouse Yokohama-aoba has a women-only floor. Of course, there are women-only bathrooms and shower booths. Especially for women, you can use the beauty room on the 3rd floor. Differ from a common lounge on the 2nd floor, it has a taste of Bali, looks like a massage saloon where you will be healed.


Make-up in front of an extra large mirror in the morning. 


Beauty room has 3 shower booths for women only.


Don’t worry, gentlemen. There are 4oor.


In comparison with beauty room for women, the rest room for men is very simple. Some residents brought a hammock and muscle training implements to use this space effectively.


Bathroom on each floor.


What did you think? It was Firsthouse Yokohama-aoba, a share house managed by interwhao.

A big building of 50 residents is worthy to have various common spaces which help people to communicate. Interwhao features their events produced by the company. In the season of Halloween or Christmas, etc., they plan parties so that residents get together. There are some share houses in Yokohama area and so on, the residents from other share houses sometimes visit neighbor’s party. Interwhao produces a community for international exchange. Their share house is big enough to have great number of people and the chance of meeting people, cultural difference, sense of values in this big share house cannot be compared with small share house. What do you think about living renewed First house Yokohama-aoba and enjoy your new share house life?






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