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How could we make our daily lives less stressful? It is our common sense that since the house will become one of the basis of life, it’s really important for us to consider the condition carefully when it comes to choosing where you live. Imagining what will the daily life be like, how's the distance between house and station, how to get to the office or school... There may be plenty more requirements, but these are the ones that can't be compromised.

For those looking for a new house, you may be interested in a share house newly opened in September at Jujo・Higashi Jujo area. Needless to say, it is clean and you can be the first one to lay hands on everything, but also its location is very convenient. JR Saikyo line stops at Jujo station, the nearest station from the house, which takes only 6 minutes to Ikebukuro and 12 minutes to Shinjuku. It stops at Shibuya and Ebisu stations, too. From another station called Higashijujo, which also can be accessed with your foot from the house, you can ride Keihin Tohoku line. It  stops at Ueno, Shinagawa, and Yokohama, all a station that are connected to various other lines.

The house I'm introducing you today is one of the series of ARDEN, which may be familiar to you from the previous article about Fujigaoka ARDEN. The main feature of the series is that they focus on the interior design and layout of rooms based on comfortableness. Plenty of wooden made interiors and walls produces cafe-like living room that can comfort your nerves in the city. "Natural Vintage is the concept design of ARDEN Higashijujo", says the owner. Newly built, but vintage. What's it going to be like? Let's head from Jujo station to the house and take a look! Share ambassador Mai guides you the house.

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As I mentioned earlier, JR Saikyo line stops at Jujo station. For those working at Ikebukuro, 6 minutes ride may be extremely appealing.


 This is Jujo station north exit. Restaurants and cafes are around the rotary. From elders to students, various types of people seems to use the station. Several colleges stands near the area which brings lots of students to the town. It takes 9 minutes walk from station to the house.


This is why I started this introduction not from Higashijujo but from Jujo station. Please take a look at this shopping avenue called “Jujo Ginza shopping avenue”.


Shopping arcade with roof makes shopping easier on rainy days. Various shops lines on both sides; fish markets, apparel shops, and most of all, delicatessen shops are everywhere! Since it is surprisingly cheap, you definitely can enjoy eating around. Going through this arcade and another called “Fujimi Ginza Shopping Avenue”, there stands ARDEN Higashijujo along the main street.


The main road is pretty heavy in traffic. Look out on your both sides and cross the road.


A minute walk after turning right, you will find a building with blue line on the wall. It was completed in August and is anemic structured.


Here we are at ARDEN Higashijujo and this is share ambassodor Mai. She will be our guide.


The door is self-locking and opens with key cards. Now, let’s take a look inside.


This is the entrance. The building faces the main street, but sound insulating door prevents the noise outside from disturbing you.


The building is 5 stories high, with living room at 3rd floor and private rooms on others.


Running up to the living room on the 3rd floor, our priority interest!


Here we are, at the 3rd. We are cutting out of breath… Ready to see the inside?


What should we call this, perhaps a cafe living room? The room is filled with wood, from flooring to the furniture,  making warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Is it because they chose the unassertive aged taste furnitures, the room is both new but vintage. The comfortness are brought to the place with these styled furnitures and it harmonizes perfectly in spite of the newness.


This floor is made from three parts, kitchen, dining, and living room. Let’s take a careful look at the furniture of the living and dining rooms. 


Sofa placed surrounding the low table and TV. One is firm leather-like sofa and another is low repulsion sofa. It looks like the ones at the Tsutaya electric store, both comfortable enough to meet your expectations.


Want to enjoy TV with high definition images and good audio equipments? Lucky for movie lovers, the house equips theatre system. Great sounds will take you into the story on screen.


Small goods are keys to make the room look like a cafe. Artificial plants are placed everywhere, giving the natural scent to the room. Owner’s good taste of coordinating colors and small goods blushes up the design.  


Two tables are set in the dining room. One is a big square shaped and one is smaller round table. They seem to match well even though the difference.


8 people can sit around the big table. How about a toast, coffee, and scramble eggs in the morning? Pastas and meat dishes will be perfect for the table.


Antique styled chairs are slightly different from one another. Not many share houses pay attention to details. 


Let’s take a look at the kitchen.


Island kitchen and fine range food you see first entering the room, will give big impression to the ones visiting the property. 


There is enough space for people to gather and cook at the same time, very convenient during events and parties. There are private food storage boxes just aside from the kitchen. You can store your personal spices and dried foods.


Two mini kitchens are at the back. For simple procedure, you can use here to avoid the crowdness at the main kitchen.


What’s your opinion about sharing space of ARDEN Higashijujo? Now, let’s move on to the private rooms.


We’ll check out the room at the left side, room 206.


All rooms are either 10㎡ or 11㎡ big. I felt no big difference between two. 


For some rooms, there’s enough sunlight pouring in during the daytime. Of course, windows and doors are soundproofed.


One of the good thing about the share house is that basic furnitures are already been set. Rooms in ARDEN Higashijujo are completed with refrigerator. closet, bed, table, and chair. 


Bathrooms are on every floor.


At the very back of the bathroom, there is a balcony. Opening the door, you will see the main street. At this time of the season, sun comes straight up at the front of the room, providing shining sunlight.


Sky was crystal clear on the day of shooting. Look carefully and you will find a tiny Tokyo Sky Tree far ahead.


Getting back to the facility instruction. This is the very top of the building, with roof top balcony. Water facility is all gathered on this floor, including laundry machines.


Great location to dry your laundry on a sunny day like this.



How did you like it? The share house we introduced to you today is ARDEN Higashijujo run by Share Style Inc. The ARDEN series releases new property every year. Especially this year, three property was brought to the market; ARDEN Higashi Shinjuku, ARDEN Fujigaoka built in “Fujigaoka”, the town in Yokohama city Kanagawa prefecture, and ARDEN Higashijujo we introduced today.  

How less stressful can we make our lives depends on the house itself and the distance from your house to the place where you spend most of your daytime. Newly built ARDEN Higashijujo may be a perfect fit for some of you from those perspective, due to the accessibility to major cities such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya.

You need to feel relaxed in the house where you spend time almost every day. ARDEN may be a good choice for you with comfortable cafe living room with the concept of New ✖︎ Vintage.

/Author: Inamine 

Share ambassodor / Mai
Moved to Tokyo when entering college. She has won Grand prix in MissCampusCollection 2017 tokyo and was a semi finalist of TGA17 and have been working as a model. Now, she joins us as a share ambassador to introduce the living at share houses. Twitter account : @0525_9

Arden Higashi-Jujo
House DetailArden Higashi-Jujo
Area Jujo-nakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
JR Keihin-Tohoku Line Higashi-Jujo Sta. 7 min by walk
JR Saikyo Line Jujo Sta. 9 min by walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり
Now fully occupied

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