Window to connect Japan and the world, Kizunaya

In relation to Japan's impressive progress to globalization, people's demand to acquire international skills or connections is becoming higher. I myself have been aware of the desire to speak English, to at least communicate with foreigners easily. Some of them might even consider going abroad to gain opportunity to make connections with people outside the country.

However, going overseas to study or taking classes at English school takes time and energy that makes it uneasy for people to achieve or continue. Wouldn't it be great if you could take parts in international community without going abroad?

Share house that makes your wish come true was opened in September 2017. It is the house we are going to introduce to you today, “Kizunaya –Global HUB-” which stands in Makuhari Hongou, city in Chiba prefecture. The house with the concept of “Connecting Japan and the world” has unique rules. Some resident areas are designated to speak only English and some with multiple languages. You can choose the environment according to your English level. The house embraces 50 people and has various types of rooms with theme of different countries. Let’s take a look.

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New generation typed share house is a renovated apartment.

In most cases, share houses are renovation of stand-alone house or company house, but this one is different. This share house is renovation of several rooms of apartment and utilizes the 1 floor space as its living room, which used to be a gathering space for all apartment residents. There are several rooms for people to share as it can provide living space for up to 52 residents in total. The nearest station Makuhari Hongou in Chiba prefecture is close to central part of Tokyo so you may commute without a big problem. If you take the Soubu line, it takes about 40 minutes to Akibahara station, and 35 minutes to Tokyo station. Good news for workers commuting near Chiba station, it only takes 13 minutes to get there.


The entrance looks just like an ordinary apartment. Share house residents will be going through here.


You may realize how big the share house is by looking at the number of mailboxes set for each rooms. There are secured mailbox for bigger packages that makes it possible for you to receive products you shopped online whenever you like.


Furthermore, rental bicycle for each 52 residents are provided for free. No need to worry when going shopping for daily products or going near the station.


Check out another unique service. At the parking lot, you will find vehicles of Times car share system. It only takes few procedures to use them. It will be very convenient for short trips with your share mates.


After entering the entrance, you will find hallway often seen in apartments. There will be two rooms and 1 dormitory for two people to share in one household, so it can take up to 4 people.  Enough explanation for the appearance, let’s move on to the sharing space. Then we’ll take a look at the individual rooms.


Starting with dining kitchen where you can get to know each other.

Pendant light hanging from the wall, picture in the frame, and herringbone flooring makes the room look classic and elegant. This is dining room. Gathering space for every one to enjoy eating. Eating together has power to naturally start conversation with each other. Especially when it comes to the Kizunaya share house group, there will be “cooking party” held occasionally which brings residents together and creating connections.


Kizunaya group’s familiar theme “Seeing the world by cooking” is of course adopted here at the “cooking party”. Residents will be making various dishes according to the theme at this very place of 80 square meters big dining room. 


Enough space for the kitchen. I can imagine preparing the meal with share mates.


Recently, party was held to celebrate the opening.


Events like “traveling around the world through beer” or “World-wide style takoyaki party” may be fresh in our minds. These were held at other share house of Kizunaya group.


Without understanding others’ language, everyone has some sort of interest in foods. Start a conversation by introducing your home country’s traditional dishes or local specialties and you may get along just fine.


Comfortable living rooms you can choose as you like.

 Global HUB has separated living room a little away from the bigger one. Imagine people watching movie on the big screen, playing games, reading books, or netsurfing on their phones. The living room still can be connected with aisle to the kitchen so you can use the space for gathering events.


By stepping back and seeing the bigger picture, you may realize how vast the room is.


 The isle leading to the kitchen is utilized as mini living room.


The layout is quite different from ordinary rental apartments with kitchen, living room, and dining room all squeezed together. It even looks like a fine office.


Standing in front of the sofa are wall-to-wall bookshelves.


The lineup was not substantial yet when shooting, but I assume that there will be worldwide storybooks and travel magazines on the shelves.


5 different theme and design for each 13 rooms of 3LDK.

You can pick one from different county inspired designs. The layout is accordance to the original apartment. The room is divided into two dependent rooms and one dormitory typed room for 2 people to share. It is more of a gathering of small share houses than one big share house. Every room has living room, kitchen, and bathroom so you can complete your life without going to the main living room or main kitchen, if you’re not in a mood. 


Resort-like room makes you feel like you’re staying at the villa in Bali.


Impression turns one-eighty for this cool room imaging Italy.


American vintage style room with red brick designed paper walls and chic black flooring.


Here is a feminine room with the atmosphere of apartment in Paris.


Every dormitory is similar to each other. They consist of wide storage space and window with balcony; the size seems big for dormitory.


As you can see, these are what two private rooms look like. This simple room has enough storage for loaded stuff.


Let's go take a look at the kitchen.


Though it seems quiet tight compared to the main living room, it's not inconvenient like the type of kitchen usually set in the 1R apartment.


Finally, this is the bathroom with washbasin, laundry machine, and bathtub.

How did you like it? We reported the “Kizunaya share house –Global HUB-” run by Kizunabito Inc. The feature is that you can retain your privacy according to the wide sharing space, thanks to the size of the house. You are able to spend your free time wherever and whenever you want.

There are two positive aspects of the Kizunaya share house; first is that there’s plenty of opportunity to communicate with foreigners without going abroad, and second is that you can widen your relationship with other Kizunaya group share house residents. I heard that foreigners from various countries have already joined as a member of the share house. Kizunaya share house has its’ share house in Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, and Amami (in Kagoshima). Usually communication concludes in the share house you live in, but Kizunaya considers all area residents as one group. Therefore, gathering events of all areas are held once in a while and they say that this helps residents become like a relatives.

“Kizunaya share house –Global HUB-”, the attractive share house which enables people to interact with foreigners naturally in daily life and help you study as if you’re in abroad. Why don’t you take a chance to acquire international relation as part of your daily life?



kizunaya sharehouse -Global HUB-
House Detailkizunaya sharehouse -Global HUB-
Area Chiba Prefecture Chiba City Hanamigawa-ku Makuhari-Hongo 7-33-5
Rent ¥25,000 ~ ¥41,000
JR Chuo /Sobu LINE Makuharihongo 13 minutes on foot
Keisei Line Makuharihongo 13 minutes on foot
Condition Male, Female, 35歳まで

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