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Turukawa, located in Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa prefecture is a peaceful and quiet residential district surrounded by nature near the Odakyu line. You can’t expect stylishness here, but because of the location, you can enjoy the extraordinary life of yours away from the city.

The share house we introduce today is a designer’s house standing by the river located at 9 minutes walk from Tsurukawa station of Odakyu Odawara line. White and black walls made with Galvalume has totally different atmosphere from other properties. Entering inside is a patio that brings openness to the scene. There, you can enjoy growing vegetables in the planter space. You can also find professional stone oven for the pizza. As you can see in the picture, the house is designed to harmonize with nature.

Chez toi Tsurukawa was newly built exclusively as a share house and re-opened in July with a new concept. The new concept is “International relations”. It’s quiet different from the common features like “We gather people from various nations”or “The official language here is English” seen in these kind of share house advertisement that emphasizes on international communication. Details will be explained afterwards!
First, let me show you the designs of the building.

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Tsurukawa station and the town’s scenery

Both local and local-express train of Odakyu line stops at Tsurukawa station. By exchanging train at Shinyurigaoka station to rapid-express train bound for Shinjuku, you can get there in 31 minutes.


Around the station are various shops such as grocery stores, restaurants, electronic retail stores, hair salons and so on. You will find everything necessary for living.


There is Tsurumi River right in front of the share house. You may find ducks and carps swimming, providing nature spirit you cannot find in the city life.


Newly built unique designer’s house

After 9 minutes walk from the Tsurukawa station, there stands Chez toi Tsurukawa in the calm and peaceful residential area. Galvalume steel sheet, which is a metallic material, surrounds the house that gives stylish impression of the house.


The building is U-shaped and has stone floor patio at the center.


Chez toi Tsurukawa provides planter space for each inhabitant so that they can enjoy planting of their own.


Yes, this is a pizza oven. Don’t say that you’re not a frequent pizza cooker! You may be surprised by the fact that there are plenty of recipes that can be made with pizza oven. You can reach out easily for outdoor experiences.


You may enjoy foil-roasted vegetables harvested in your garden with butter. This is a great tool for home chefs! For more cooking examples, please refer below website.


Looking up at the oven is owner’s Shiba inu named Kinako. The house owner brings her sometimes to the house. She’s very quiet and does not hound at all. Green curtain at the back is a vine of bitter gourd.


Harmonizing with nature. Living floor with open ceiling.

First opening the door, you will see the LDK sharing space. As you can see, the wall is covered with windows that enable serving enough lights naturally. Pay attention to the floor and you may notice that it is covered with stones same as the ones in the patio. Share space is basically spent with shoes on. This has effect on integrating outside and inside. It is quiet different way of thinking from Japan’s separating outside and inside by taking shoes off at the doorway.


View of the living room seen diagonally from the entrance. 


You can open the glass door this wide!


Both I-shaped and island type kitchen are available!

The main island type kitchen with counter is found near the entrance. You can freely move around the kitchen that enables multiple of people to use at the same time. In addition, you may not see in the picture, but there is I-shaped kitchen set along the wall on the further space behind the dining table. Use wisely and you can avoid congestion during cooking time.


Beside the counter is a storage space where you can put all the spices.


I-shaped system kitchen is simple and useable!


Daily life should be simple and functional.

The room of yours should be customized as you like for comfortable daily life. Each room has a slight difference in their sizes (including closets) and shapes. Choose one of your favorites before it’s too late!


There are 4 rooms for individuals on the 1st floor and 6 more on the 2nd.


At one of the sides on the 2nd floor are washbasin, bathroom, and laundry machine.


As a whole, I had an impression that the ceiling is high. The highest spot is at the room 204, with 3 meter tall ceiling.


Surrounding the window is a wash-line pole. Sunray will dry your laundries.


On the 2nd floor, at one of the living space is a washbasin and bathroom.


2 Laundry machines are free to use.


On the 1st floor, there’s one each of shower room and bathroom.



What is a life like here at the “International Share house” Chez toi Tsurukawa?

This concept itself is a popular one that many other share houses adopt. The question is what is the difference of this house compared to others? We asked the operator about the details of adopting the concept and policies to be applied here. (Comments of the operator is below)


~Details of adopting the concept~

I have been planning on running a share house business with a theme of International relations for a long time. Since there’s a lot of similar share house at the market, I was searching for an answer for the suitable and brimful characteristic style for my very own share house. That’s when I met managers who are exercising business in South East Asia and had opportunity to ask about them of needs when they visit Japan.

Most foreigners who just arrived to Japan cannot afford 50,000-60,000 JPY for rent so they only can choose to stay at the crowded sharing apartments (hostels). Moreover, although they can find jobs that doesn’t require Japanese ability, it also means that they are loosing the chance to learn.

I came to think that it would be great if there were share houses where people like them can learn both Japanese and our culture by interacting with Japanese residents. It is reversal thinking from the most of the share houses that adopt “International relation” for their concept. Therefore, we basically request all the foreigners to speak Japanese in the house.


~Actions to be exercised in the house~

We plan to adjust the ratio of the foreign residence to 40-50%.  For those from other countries, we consider providing Japanese class 1 hour a week.

We have tie-up with retailer providing Japanese lessons towards foreigners, so residents here have opportunity to take classes from the professionals. Lesson is conducted by using web-camera set to living room’s television. The contents are planed to be fun and not too serious like script or work style. We would like to introduce cultural aspects of our daily life that is not taught in ordinary Japanese education system. Then you can expect Japanese people to be surprised how well you know about our culture!



How did you like it? The share house we introduced today is Chez toi Tsurukawa run by Inocate Value Inc.
International share house located in Tsurukawa surrounded by ample of nature.  The local scenery will bring freshness to the lives of foreigners and also be a nice place to calm minds  for Japanese people who work in the cities. 
Personally, I’m interested in what kind of Japanese people will choose the international relation concept share house made of foreigner point of view. Those who have visions of communicating Japanese culture to the world or eager to learn the how Japan is acknowledged from outside the country, seems to fit perfectly here.
Slightly unusual Japanese suburb life can be experienced by living in the share house. Why don’t you see it for your self at Chez toi Tsurukawa.


chez toi Tsurukawa
House Detailchez toi Tsurukawa
Area 101-5, Okagami, Aso-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Rent ¥38,000 ~ ¥43,000
Odakyu Electric Railway Tsurukawa 7
Odakyu Electric Railway Kakio 15
Condition Male, Female, 35歳まで

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