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Brooklyn is the most fashionable and cutting-edge district in New York City. The city has historical buildings, and since it was originally an industrial area, there are many warehouses and old brick buildings, giving it an atmosphere that values the "good old days. As if to incorporate this atmosphere, Brooklyn style can now be seen in cafes and restaurants in Japan as well.

The share house we'd like to introduce to you this time looks as if it were inspired by the streets of Brooklyn. The large shared space that can only be found in a large scale share house with 34 households condensed into a single space is sure to surprise you. In addition to the ample shared space, each room is fully furnished and equipped with electronic locks, so you can move in right away and enjoy the security of this share house.

The property is located along the Keio Inokashira Line, a 3-minute walk from Mitakadai Station, 2 stations away from Kichijoji Station. There are no large supermarkets around Mitakadai Station, so you may not be able to go shopping or procure daily necessities nearby. After shopping at Kugayama Station, you may want to transfer to another station. So, you may be able to enjoy a lifestyle like this.

But you still need to take a look inside to decide whether or not you want to live in this house. First, let's take a look at the living room, which is the pride of the house.

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Rugged and cool masculine space.

The community lounge has a bold presence with black-painted truss beams covering the ceiling.

The spacious 110m2 LDK lounge was equipped with a bar counter and even a hammock.


The space looks like a warehouse. It looks more like an event space than a part of a house. 


The only lighting is spotlights mounted on the truss beams, but natural light is brought in through skylights to compensate for the lack of light.


A long sofa in the color of hard-washed jeans. If all the residents were to sit down, it would make a perfect picture of a share house.


A combination of heavy metal and brick. It creates an industrial atmosphere. 


Green pots are used to accentuate the low-light furniture.


Bar counter with black base. A live-in master will emerge from among the residents.


The hammocks suspended from the beams are extremely comfortable. The hammock fits your body as if it were wrapped around you, and it seems as if you will fall asleep.


From the living room you can move to the terrace on the back side of the property.


A place where conversation occurs through cooking.

Food," which is common to everyone, is a content in which it is easy to find commonalities, such as likes and dislikes and local cuisine.

The kitchen is an important "place to foster communication," as it provides an opportunity to get to know others through cooking and to learn how to cook.


The island kitchen, facing each other, has four induction plates and four sinks near it, so that four people can work at the same time.


Of course, kitchen utensils are available as well as furniture and appliances.


With the exception of the public spaces, which are grouped together, the other spaces are the rooms and the water facilities on each floor.


Up the stairs to the second floor.


You can go outside at the end of the street.


Spend time relaxing under the blue sky.

The balcony is located just above the kitchen space. The sky is wide because there are no tall buildings, and the sunlight feels comfortable.

The balcony is so spacious that the terrace seating in the center of the space is small. The space is so large that the terrace seating in the center of the space is too small to be used only for terrace seating.


The skylight in the back is a light feeder to the living space.


Next, let's take a look at the rooms and the water area. 


Washbasins and shower rooms are located on each floor.


The bathtub and shower room are fully renovated and brand new, and one might be tempted to take a long bath, but due to the large number of households, it might be better to avoid long baths.


Laundry rooms are also located on each floor. There are a total of 6 washing machines, 3 each. The door at the back is a toilet.


Private rooms that stand out for their individuality, your favorite room.

All the private rooms are almost the same size, and the rooms on the first floor have the same specifications, but each of the rooms on the second floor has different wallpaper.


What is impressive about the second floor apartment is the large closet that is 1 tatami in size and the brightness of the room. The room is so bright that no lights are turned on during the day.


Refrigerators are located in each room. You may need a basket or other items to carry food to the kitchen.


Wallpaper can completely change the image of a room.


The rooms on the first floor, on the other hand, are inorganic and simple. This is where you can show your individuality.


Security is provided by electronic locks, making the residence safe and secure for everyone.


Faine Maison Mitakadai" is managed by FINE SELECT Co. Fine Select manages more than 80 women's share houses mainly in the Tokyo area, and this is the first time they've opened a large property where men can also move in. Because this is a share house where several people live together, the share house has been designed to provide security so that residents can use it with peace of mind, making it easy for even those who have "never lived in a share house before. It's a great place for those who have never lived in a share house before to start living in a share house.

It's only one train ride to Shibuya, and it takes about 20 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes. For those who commute to Tokyo for work, the distance is within a typical commuting time, so it shouldn't be that painful. On weekends and holidays, you can take a 15-minute walk toward Kichijoji to Inokashira Onshi Park to get in touch with nature and detoxify your daily stress. In particular, there are many stylish hidden cafes between the park and Kichijoji that are visited by celebrities, and it would be fun to spend some time exploring them.

Fine Maison Mitakadai is a great new property for those who are moving to Tokyo or looking for a new place to live this spring. The large size is very popular, so it may fill up quickly if you don't hurry. It might be a good idea to choose a share house for your new life.



Fine Maison Mitakadai
House DetailFine Maison Mitakadai
Area Mitaka-shi,Tokyo
Rent ¥63,000 ~ ¥63,000
Keio Inokashira Line Mitakadai Station
Keio Inokashira Line Kichijoji Station
Condition Male, Female

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