People who live in shared houses are all weirdoes, right..? 

Wrong! Most residents are ordinary, working, single people.

When you tell people that you are going to live in a shared house, there are still many who will protest, “What! Why?” This just goes to show that an overriding image of living in a shared house is one of “person doing something different = weirdo”. Actually, this isn’t the case. Almost all of the residents are working, single people.?

Some of the residents may have just moved to Tokyo, and as such have no family or friends living nearby. Others may have experienced the loneliness of living alone and so are seeking the company of others. And, (you might be surprised to know), 50% - 60% of the residents are female, many of whom are looking for a sense of security. And thanks to the ease of moving in, there are also many foreign tourists and foreign students. And some, wanting improve their language skills by socialising with these foreign people, are moving in as well. And most recently, there are an increasing number of freelancers who want to socialise and mix with people of different ages and working backgrounds in order to come up with new and fresh ideas.

Thus, the residents of shared houses live their lives with specific goals and so choose to live in shared houses in order to help realize these. We all have our own goals. If there is something you want to achieve, why not consider this kind of life style for yourself as a way of helping you to achieve it? You might gain a lot more than you ever thought possible!