A sharehouse that can be used in a myriad of ways.

In the past 5 to 6 years the popularity of shared living has spread and sharehouses have quietly taken hold in Japan as a style of living. We live in a time where people can live in high class dwellings by sharing the property and its costs with others.

Sharehouse properties are not just increasing year by year - they are also transforming into houses that meet the lifestyle needs of their residents as well as adapting to the demand for interaction among housemates. Now, increasing importance is being placed on the residents themselves. There are many different types of sharehouses, each with their own concept, and the concept of a house will draw in like minded people. There are also many other factors that appeal to different types of people, including location, rent price and the house management system.

The property we will showcase today is not only spectacular in location and interior design, it is also a house where residents can expect quality interaction and new learning experiences. The sharehouse is located in Minato-ku’s high class residential district, Azabu-Juban. Azabu-Juban is an elegant area with a global atmosphere, right next to the foreign embassies and investment companies of Roppongi and Azabu. Nearby Azabu-Juban station is serviced by both the Toei Oedo line and the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line. Shinjuku, Ginza and Shibuya stations can be reached in around 15-minutes, and there is also a direct line to Meguro and Nagatacho. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower can be seen from the sharehouse windows, and Tokyo Midtown is an easy walk away.

Arden Motoazabu stands modestly on a quiet street 8-minutes walk from Azabu-Toban station. Once an embassy dormitory, the property has been renovated into a sharehouse and with its western-style exterior, at first glance does not seem to be a sharehouse at all. Mai is with me today as we take you through the house!



’Share Ambassador’ Mai will be taking us through the property. Mai is a university student who also does modelling on the side.


The slope that leads to the house. The main shopping district soon turns into a quiet, low-key residential area dotted with temples.


A stately property fit for Azabu.

Arden Motoazabu is an impressive 3-storey building that stands modestly at the bottom of the slope. The combination of its dark oak wall panels and red brick detailing exude a retro-chic ambience.


Inside the interior delivers what the exterior promises and its indirect lighting accents the entrance.


A low-lit entrance creates a luxurious space.


We’ll leave the living room for later and first head upstairs to check out the rooms!


Private rooms provide maximum comfort.

All rooms conveniently have a toilet, sink and refrigerator. Having a place of your own amidst a shared lifestyle ensures residents can maintain a sense of privacy. However, we can’t ignore the fact that the shared living areas of a house are where communication takes place. This sharehouse has taken the best of both worlds and by separating the two domains has created a property that allows residents to breathe.


The 2F hallway looks like one you would find in a hotel, and the 3F is much the same.


There are more rooms on the 1F. These rooms are fitted with soundproof doors due to their proximity to the living area.


The door on left is the shower room. There is also a separate bathroom in the house. The back door opens out to the smoking area.


All rooms are bright and cheerful, however those on the 3F have the added benefit of great views out the window.


While each room comes with a toilet, sink and refrigerator, showers are located on each floor for everyone to share.


Designed for relaxation and communication

Let’s move onto the living room. Residents can use the low-lit area in the back to relax or enjoy a book, or engage in spontaneous conversation beneath the hanging lights at the dinner table.


Residents can’t watch TV from the table, and that might be because the area is designed to create and maximise communication among housemates.


A wide pillar supports four beams that reach out across the ceiling in all four directions. This design helps to divide the one room into separate areas.


You can’t forget even the smallest detail when creating the perfect interior.


This classic clock mounted on the wall fits perfectly with the house interior.


This map of the local area can also be used as a communication tool. Let everyone know about new shops and restaurants that open up nearby.


Soft light filtering through stained glass creates vivid color.


Generously-sized storage boxes boxes are provided for each resident.


Let’s have a closer look at the kitchen, located by the dining area.


Simple yet functional open kitchen.

A kitchen island is only possible when you have space to work with, and the Japanese often associate them with the rich and famous. This style differs from regular kitchen interiors by its 360 degree access to bench space, allowing family and friends to enjoy cooking a meal together. A kitchen island is the perfect addition to a sharehouse.


The kitchen in this house has a kitchen island as well as extra bench space with more facilities along the wall.


You can whip up something quick and easy for yourself here.


Relax in class in this classic European-style interior.

The living area is located through the door on the right in the entrance. It's a great place for watching movies on the big screen TV or even for surfing the net. Whatever you are doing, you can be sure to spend your time in luxury here.


The somber brown hues of the furniture works with the warm lighting coming from the small chandelier to create a retro-like ambience.


Rock gently back and forth on the chair in front as you bury yourself in your favorite book.


The door in the back slides open and leads to the toilet and laundry room.


The oriental-style carpet matches the interior perfectly. I wonder where it was made?


Residents working freelance can use this space as a place to work.


The sliding door from before leads to the toilet on the left and a sunny laundry room on the right.


The 4 washing machines are free to use but the dryer is coin-operated.


The laundry room exits out to the back of the property where residents can hang their washing.


☆Ambassador Review☆

Looking at the property from the outside I had imagined the interior to be narrow and cramped, but that wasn’t the case at all. Inside the house is quite spacious!

The house has a relaxed, mature feel that fits perfectly with the Motoazabu area. I can imagine capable workers and businessmen from other countries living here.

Sharehouses have a reputation for being one big party, but this house seems more subdued and a place where one can indulge their hobbies and interact with their sharemates in an cool, elegant fashion. The soft lighting in the hallways upstairs exude a lovely, hotel-esque vibe.


When I shared this fabulous property on social media the reaction from everyone was amazing!


Make sure to check out other properties in the ARDEN series, too!

ARDEN MOTOAZABU is run by a Share Smile.
The ARDEN series was developed under the concept of living in luxury.
One feature prevalent in all of Share Smile’s properties is the English Community English lessons conducted periodically within the house.
Residents of Sharehouses in the ARDEN series can spend their time meaningfully as they learn while living in the house.
The personality of a given sharehouse changes depending on its location, property and group of residents. If it is quality you are looking for, then this house is worth the investment considering the experiences and benefits you will receive as a resident. The sharehouse you live in comes alive as you interact and exchange thoughts and ideas with like minded housemates, and that perhaps is the best return of all.


Share Ambassador / Mai
Moved from Kumamoto to Tokyo for university. Was chosen as a MissCC Finalist in the Campus Collection 2016 student event in Tokyo. Currently working as a model as well as a Share Ambassador for Tokyo Sharehouse reporting on her unusual experiences. Twitter handle: @0525_9

Area 3chome,Motoazabu,Minato-ku
Rent -
Toei Oedo Line Azabujyuban Station 8 minute walk
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line Azabujyuban Station 8 minute walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり
Now fully occupied

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