Share the happiness in this luxurious house!

In recent years Tama Plaza has been in the spotlight as being a hot date location. The large scale shopping mall was constructed as part of the train station redevelopment, and is home to many stylish cafes and restaurants. Walk away from the station and you will find the quiet, tree-lined streets of the residential area. This particular area was modeled after the garden suburbs in London, its large residences and open spaces working in harmony to create a townscape that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood movie.

The location has great public transport access and Shibuya can be reached in 20 minutes without changing trains on the Denentoshi line. The building itself was formerly a newspaper company on the 1F with a company dormitory above. It has now been renovated into 65-room large scale sharehouse, and the look of the intentionally rough interior is very different from its exterior. At first glance it seems like the kind of house that would appeal to men, but upon closer inspection one finds its European touches and floral arrangements to create a unique elegance.

What’s more, the house is filled with all kinds of ‘toys’ and facilities for the mature adult to play with. Residents of this house discover a belonging here and thrive in the excitement it offers.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, read on!

「Share residence Tama Plaza」House detail page


Conveniently located atop a hill overlooking Azamino 7-minutes walk from Tama Plaza station.

The house sits exactly halfway downhill between Tama Plaza station and Azumino station. With almost equal distance between the house and these two stations you can catch a train into the city from Azumino station, and get off at Tama Plaza station on your way back to make for an easier commute.


Foreign cars can be seen driving down this tree-lined street every now and then.


The road to the house from Tama Plaza passes a luscious park, and the cheerful shouts of the children playing there give the area a tranquil atmosphere.


The entrance has a sign painted with the logo of the managing company, Share Design. Let’s go inside!


The first thing you see when you step inside is this spacious multi-purpose room. Residents can take dance lessons in here, and much more.


Sunlight streams into the building from the south, giving the room just the right amount of light. Try spreading out an exercise mat and doing some yoga in the mornings.


An unrefined yet elegant living room with a mature frankness about

This open lounge allows residents the comfort to relax without sparing any fun. The wooden floorboards have been aged, and there is a large coffee table in front of the massive sofa residents no doubt use all of the time. The rough interior is decorated with house plants and flowers to create an overall elegant atmosphere.


The real charm of the room are the countless spotlights fixed to the naked ceiling shining brilliantly down on the space below.


There is a bar set up in the living room. Behind the counter is an espresso machine and beer tap residents can use as they please, which is something everyone can be thankful for!


The western movie-esque unrefined style gives way to a more European look here.


The large sofa is long and wide, allowing many residents to relax here at the same time.


Hard washed jeans are incorporated into the interior for a vintage feel.


This soldier in camouflage might frighten people coming into the living room. (Laughs)


Laser tag equipment and skateboards hang on the wall here. Anyone up for a game?


This version works by targeting your opponent's helmet for a hit. Get together with your housemates and have hours of fun playing this game.


This stylish television stand was created to look like a wood stove. This kind of thing wouldn’t be out of place in traditional Scandinavian house.


This beer tap gets a workout during parties! New barrels are provided twice a month.


This deer head is a favorite of Share Design’s boss. It fits right in!


Asobi Estate! A fusion between lifestyle and play

A house that becomes one’s own personal playground is a dream to many, and one that has been realised in this property. With its own camping van and pool, this place is its own holiday house. Living here is definitely something to brag about.


The skate ramp. Pick up a board and begin your skateboard career here.


The small basketball ring is perfect for a game of 3 on 3.


After working up a sweat, sit down and relax on the 2F terrace. There's a nice breeze up there and sitting out in the sun is just divine.


These outdoor recliners wouldn't be out of place at a beach resort. Try an afternoon siesta out on one of these.


Have a BBQ with your housemates here on sunny days.


Along the hallway leading to the living room is a strange room waiting to be discovered.


Open the door to find two monitors in the back as well as a uniquely-shaped chair..


Yep, you guessed it! This room houses a genuine flight simulator! One of the Share Design staff members is a commercial pilot and even comes in to give lectures on how to fly!


The controllers look so genuine they might even be the real thing?!


In the same room there is also an electronic drum set residents can play whenever they like. If you've never touched a drum before, now is your chance!


There is a sound system in the multi-purpose room. Turn up your favorite tunes while you exercise!


The professional-grade kitchen

Professional-grade appliances makes this kitchen feel like a galley in a restaurant. There are no inconveniences in here, and it will definitely come in handy when preparing food for large numbers of people and parties.


The large preparation area in the centre of the kitchen can be used to set out all your ingredients ready to cook. A cooking class or two could even be held in here.


The stainless steel stove top with its 4 gas burners will help you turn out top-notch dishes. Residents can experiment with all kinds of recipes with the oven, a rarity in Japanese households.


Calming private rooms shine with individuality

Among the rooms available are a few that come with their own showers. Each room also differs in wallpaper, curtain and flooring design. Find one that suits your personality.


The view from a room on the 5th floor. Looking down on the sprawling neighbourhood of Azamino gives one a sense of liberation.


In stark contrast to the last room, this one offers warmth with its wooden interior. There is plenty of storage space for people with a lot of baggage.

The brains behind this project, Share Design, specialise in large scale sharehouses and interior design. Each one of their houses is unique in concept and design. Share Residence Tama Plaza is dedicated to fun, a concept which is incorporated throughout the house and it's design. The idea is for communication to grow through residents having fun and enjoying themselves in the house.

The staff at this company all have skills in different areas. With a former pilot, musician and jazz dancer on board, you may be lucky enough to sit in on a lecture on these topics and more using the facilities in the house.

Teach others what you know, and learn from them what you don't. With this kind of reciprocal environment in the house, everyday is bound to be full of exciting times. Would you fit in here?


Social Court Tama Plaza
House DetailSocial Court Tama Plaza
Area 2-14,Shinishikawa,Aoba-ku,Yokohama-shi
Rent ¥29,800 ~ ¥50,800
Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Tama Plaza 7 minutes
Yokohama Municipal Subway Azamino 8 minutes
Condition Male, Female

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