Mizonokuchi, a lively neighborhood with a direct line to Shibuya

A comfortable lifestyle with all of the conveniences needed in life

Mizonokuchi is a part of the city that has become much more livable than it was before. It has evolved into the perfect place to welcome new residents who might be worried about leaving the familiarity of their own neighborhoods, and also those who seek a better, more convenient home than where they are currently living. Mizonokuchi has so many reasonably-priced shops there is really no need for convenience stores. It also has a 24-hour Tokyu Store, a Don Quixote that is open until 4am, a large Ito Yokado supermarket as well as a big Marui shopping mall.

First House Mizonokuchi is a sharehouse in the area a 13-minute walk from the station straight down the main street. The road to the house is lined with everything you could possibly need in life, starting with all the big commercial facilities and including banks, bars and restaurants, convenience stores, a stationary shop and a supermarket. The free bicycle parking offered by the sharehouse means you can use your bicycle to zip around town, buy a bite to eat and it’ll still be warm by the time you get home!

There are many parks in the area surrounding the house, as well as the Tamogawa river terrace nearby. Great for walks in the sunshine!

Let’s waste no more time and get stuck into the details!

「First house Mizonokuchi」for mor detail


Mizoguchi, a convenient neighborhood with commercial facilities and a 24-hour supermarket near the train station.

Mizonokuchi station is serviced by the Denentoshi and Oimachi lines, and nearby Musashi-Mizonokuchi station by the JR Minami Seibu line. It’s easy to get anywhere in the city, with Shibuya 14-minutes and Shinjuku 30 minutes by train. The area surrounding the station has many low-priced supermarkets and a Marui department store.


There is parking space behind the building.


Free bicycle parking.


Personal shoe lockers and mailboxes for each resident. Thinking about getting to know all of the people living here is getting you excited, right?


New residents are greeted with a ‘Welcome’.


Small decorations like this clock have been specially selected to match the atmosphere of the lounge.


Relaxation space with an outdoor feel

The earthy-toned common room transports residents back to nature and creates the perfect environment for them to relax in.


With this much space you’ll have trouble deciding where to sit! Choose a spot that suits your mood on that particular day!


Indulge in your morning coffee while basking in the sunlight streaming through this big window. A moment of supreme bliss in the morning.


Never feel lonely eating by yourself in this bright and friendly environment. It’s also great for eating together!


Feel happy sitting around this unique wooden table decorated with an array of colored flowers.


Light a few candles when the sun goes down and turn this area into a bar-like setting with its tall tables.


The kitchen also gets plenty of sunlight.


Cook at the same time as your housemates with the three 2-burner stove tops in the kitchen.


Whether you eat bread or rice in the morning, there is something for everyone.


Lounge around here after dinner.


Take a group photo with your housemates and display it here, just like a real family home.


Look forward to sporadic house parties!


Bathroom, toilet and laundry facilities excite with ethnic prints

The first floor bathrooms are divided by sex -pink for girls, and blue for guys- to help you relax and enjoy your bathtime.


The guys bathroom is very stylish.


The washers and dryers in the laundry are free to use.


Simple, functional private rooms

Each room is sound proof and come with a private toilet and washstand. This house has combined all the great things about both single and shared living to create a truly superb living environment.


As the rooms are simple in design, residents can decorate them as they please. Everything you need is provided from the get-go so there is no need to stress about buying new furniture.


The rooms are spacious, and residents can enjoy a comfortable, fulfilling lifestyle in a great location for a reasonable price.

First House Mizonokuchi is run by InterWao Co. Ltd. The company aims to provide a fun, community-driven living environment while keeping initial and monthly costs low.

Mizonokuchi is a great location, and residents can have fun viewing cherry blossoms in the spring, firework displays in the summer and generally enjoy themselves all year round.

A veteran team of staff with a long history of experience in the sharehouse industry look after First House Mizonokuchi and are there to support residents in their daily lives. Living here will surely enrich your life as you use the shared facilities to suit your mood or purpose and put your free time to good use.


First house Mizonokuchi100+a
House DetailFirst house Mizonokuchi100+a
Area Sakado,Takatsu-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa
Rent ¥54,000 ~ ¥57,000
Tokyu Den-En-Eoshi Line Mizonokuchi St 13 min
JR Nambu Line Musashimizonokuchi St 13 min
Condition Male, Female, 30代まで

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