Friendly environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

Share Design houses are always beautifully-designed spaces with playful touches that excite all.

The company has expanded their Share Residence series with this 10th property,Social Court Nishifunabashi, and we were there to check it out. Funabashi is a convenient area serviced by the Sobu Main line, the Tozai Line and Keisei Main Line. The reason residents can experience such ‘spacious luxury’ at a reasonable price is perhaps in part due to its location here away from the city.

The first floor of the sharehouse has a spacious living and dining area and kitchen, as well as a theatre room and fitness room.

A professional coffee maker sits atop the polished living room counter and creates a cafe-like environment. It’s very thrilling to think that you can spend time with like-minded housemates here without having to go to the effort of leaving the house.

Share Residence Funabashi offers a homey, comfortable lifestyle residents can enjoy everyday despite it being a large property. Let’s have a closer look at what makes this place great!

「Social Court Nishifunabashi」House Details Page


Enjoy meeting and interacting with a diverse range of people in this 62-room large scale sharehouse

Share Residence Nishifunabashi can be reached by three train lines - the Sobu Main Line, the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and the Keisei Main
Line. The large-scale sharehouse has been renovated from a former dormitory that housed company employees. The exterior is bordered by a colorful garden and a house sign plaque hangs out front, which are but glimpses into the unique style found inside.


The building was formerly a dormitory for company employees and because of this the entrance is open and spacious.


Mailboxes for each resident line the wall beside the front entrance.


There is also plenty of space for everyone to store their shoes. Girls with a lot of shoes will be happy to hear this!


The fitness room is at the back of the entrance hall. Residences can work out with the dumbbells or on the exercise bike.


Timber-accented interior creates a warm, relaxing environment

The 1F living room uses European-style timber furniture to create a stylish yet calming space. The house also offers many luxuries one
wouldn’t be able to enjoy living alone, such as a theatre room and a beer tap.


The counter can also be used as a work space with its electrical wall outlets.


The made-to-order dining room table and 8-seater sofa creates space to chill out and relax.


Attention to detail in the interior design can be seen with small objects and ornaments found throughout the house.


It’ll be fun to hang out with your housemates watching sports or variety shows on TV.


One special feature is this beer tap on top of the living room counter. Enjoy a professional serve of beer without leaving home.


The living room and kitchen are separated by a large window.


The 1F is furnished with a theatre room and electric piano. Enjoy music and cinema without stepping a foot outside your own home.


The room is located in a corner of the house so that residents can have fun and make all the noise they like.


Spice up your daily life in this fully-equipped kitchen.

This spacious kitchen connects to the living room through the door in the back and has been built in a way that encourages communication between housemates during food preparation and even wash up.


The combination of timber and white walls creates a warm and clean atmosphere.


The kitchen is equipped with three large refrigerators. Residents can also enjoy cooking a range of recipes in the oven, which is a rarity in Japanese kitchens.


The kitchen is equipped not only with cookware, but laundry facilities, too. With this setup you can put on a load of washing before preparing your meal and hang it out to dry after you have finished eating.


Join in conversation with your housemates through the glass while preparing food in the kitchen.


The shower room. Residents never have to worry about waiting for the shower with one on every floor.


Live in comfort in your own cheery and spacious private room.

Rooms in sharehouses generally tend to be cramped, however these rooms boast approximately 14.9m2 of space. When you spend most of your private time in your room, you want it to be as comfortable as you can make it.


Room 302. Each room is furnished with items essential when moving into a new place, including a bed, desk, and refrigerator.


Here is Room 416. This south-facing room invites in plenty of sunlight.

Newly opened Social Court Nishifunabashi has already established a reputation of being a great place to live. It’s polished interior design has a modern, timber-based theme that is very calming. The private rooms have ample storage space and fresh and clean interiors that invite sunlight and offer a relaxing environment to spend time to yourself in. Every little detail has been thought of and catered to in order to create a good living atmosphere for the residents.

Visit the house yourself and be deeply moved by the playful atmosphere and unique touches that combine to create this Share Residence.

The staff of Share Design are very open and friendly, and from our experience we have no doubt new residents will get along well with them just fine. People who find it difficult to approach and get to know others will appreciate the outgoing staff working for this company. The best place to experience shared living is somewhere everyone gets on well with one another.

Events and parties are planned to be held periodically at Social Court Nishifunabashi, giving residents something to always look forward to.

Living at Share Residence Nishifunabashi will shake up your life in a good way. If you’re looking for a new place to live, why not check this place out?


Social Court Nishi Funabashi
House DetailSocial Court Nishi Funabashi
Area 1-23,Higashi-nakayama,Funabashi-shi,Chiba
Rent ¥39,800 ~ ¥40,800
Sobu Line Shimousanakayama 9min
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり