Excite your mind, body and soul every day in a house with countless charms, surrounded by its beautiful design and immersed in its warm atmosphere

Feel at ease gazing out at the ocean and be lured in by its romantic scent here in Yokohama, the biggest city in Kanagawa prefecture. Yokohama is known as a prominent tourist location dotted with so many sightseeing spots all over the city that even locals haven’t seen them all yet. It’s a place that people fall in love with the more they get to know the area. And yet, it is also a town where visitors can feel one with nature, and this is another of the city’s charms.

Share Residence Yokohama is a new 15-room sharehouse that has opened in this exciting, sea breeze-blessed city by Share Design, a company that already has a large number of creative and unique properties under its belt.

The interior, once unrefined, has been renovated into a space emphasizing the texture of the wood. As well as being the perfect size to enjoy interaction among housemates, the use of wood adds a warmth to the room and to the lives of the residents. You can imagine everyone coming together and enjoying a friendly chat in here.

The house sits in a convenient location for residents to head out on the weekend, whether they be taking themselves down to Chinatown or Minato Mirai, or going for a casual walk down by the wharf in the evening.

In this article we will show you a mid-size property with substantial quality. Let’s have a look inside the house!

「Share Residence Yokohama」House Details Page


Hang out and chat in a warm, rustic living room that will make you feel as though you’re not in Japan anymore

The front door opens to a place of rest and relaxation for the housemates. Interaction and conversation surely occurs naturally in the neat and tidy atmosphere of this room.


There’s nothing else quite like spending time on the sofa, laughing and watching TV with close friends.


The room glows brightly under the small bulbs scattered across the ceiling and the light from the second floor.


A unique, boldly designed white pillar in the middle of the room.


This photo was taken just for display, but it helps us to imagine the dinner table in full use.


A piece of artwork in the shape of a deer head adorns the wall.


Enjoy interaction with others in this simple, easy to use kitchen

The kitchen incorporates a compact design that works well in a 15-person sharehouse. Residents will always be looking forward to the new dishes and ideas that will be created in here.


The kitchen has everything residents need with a 2-burner stove top, large sink and even two rice cookers.


Fall in love with the elegant sign out the front of the house.


Pass through a narrow alley...


... and arrive at the entrance.


The house has an electronic lock that opens with a pin number.


Slow down and enjoy life in this refreshing, spacious area

This area on the 2F is a shared space in which to get in some reading or enjoy lazy conversations with housemates and is surely treasured by everyone as a place to relax and refresh.


The room from another angle. With its white-based color scheme this room creates a translucent atmosphere.


The bookshelves are lined with magazines, comic books and interior pieces. It could be fun for residents to use these shelves to bring in and share their favorite books and things.


The staircase.


Beyond the bathroom sinks....


is the toilet, washing machine and dryer.


Find a room that suits you out of a variety of different types

Bedrooms differ in shape and style so make sure to check them all out when you visit the house.


This is room 205, the biggest in the house with 12.96㎡ of space and a distinctive floor pattern.


Room 107 makes an impression with its floral wallpaper.

Share Design is the company behind Share Residence Yokohama. Houses in the ‘Share Residence Series’ are unified with ‘enjoyment’ as the theme, incorporating ideas to help residents enjoy themselves into the house design. The result is a polished, refined interior, with attention paid down to the smallest detail. The combination of many different components creates the uniqueness that is ‘Share Residence’.

The people who work behind the scenes enjoy their work creating sharehouses, and in turn the residents who live in their houses also enjoy themselves. Enjoying one’s self comes around full circle, and creates a fascinating community.

Also, the price of rent here is worthy of special mention. The price of a room is very reasonable despite its luxurious interior and the house itself being located in Yokohama. If you are work or study in Yokohama, this is definitely the house of your dreams.

15 people living together in comfort, sharing and enjoying their lives in an environment full of excitement. Would you like to be one of them?


Social Place Yokohama
House DetailSocial Place Yokohama
Area 1,Futatsuya-cho,Kanagawa-ku,Yokohama-shi
Rent -
JR Higashi-kanagawa Sta 3min walk
Tokyu-Toyoko Line Tanmachi Sta 9min walk
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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