Strive to improve your skills through diligent application with like-minded friends

Here is a place where the process and essence of studying for an MBA merges seamlessly into the living environment.

We often hear the phrase ‘MBA’ thrown around, but what is it exactly? I’m sure there are many of you who aren’t really sure and are embarrassed to ask.

MBAstands for Master of Business Administration. It is a master’s degree in which business topics including human resources, accounting, operations and marketing are studied in a systematic manner. Standard MBA topics such as macro and microeconomics, which is the key to understanding economics, are also included in the course. To sum it up, the MBA is an academic degree under which students can comprehensively study management strategies.

Globalization is progressing rapidly, and international standards such as the MBA and its management strategies have begun to greatly impact on corporate earnings. There is increasing demand for this knowledge not just in Japan, but in developing countries such as China and India, where the ‘borderless’ world community is advancing at such a rate that international enterprises cannot employ local staff without some kind of standard for reference, and the MBA can be said to be one such index.

TOKYO SHARE MBA ICHIGAYA is a sharehouse operated by an MBA holder who lives permanently in the house as manager. It’s the perfect environment for those aiming for an MBA or a promotion at work, people starting their own business, and people who want to learn about business management in a systematic way among like-minded individuals.

Let’s get on with the show and have a look inside the house!

「TOKYO SHARE MBA ICHIGAYA」House details page


Detached home in great location just 3 minutes to Shinjuku from local station!

While the concept of the house is appealing in itself, the living environment within is also top-notch. The house is in a public transport friendly area with two train stations nearby, Ushigome-yanagichō and Akebono stations on the Toei Oedo line respectively 5 and 6 minutes walk away. There are also a number of bus routes running in the area.


Well-known business schools such as Globis University Graduate School of Management, Waseda Business School and BBT are located nearby.


The property itself is made up of two houses attached and renovated together.


The common room is multipurpose can be used as living room, workspace or party room.

The workshop area is permanently equipped with a whiteboard, printer and a library of business manuals and can be used for seminars, study groups and business meetings. English conversation workshops, business school study groups and events for residents to deepen their knowledge of the industry while interacting with each other are held here.


Connect your computer to the television and use the display as a projector. This set up will be of great use during seminars.


The living room can be partitioned off and used as workspace for small groups.


With the kitchen located next to the living room residents can also interact over meals.


The washing machine and dryer are free to use.


There is a bathroom with a tub and a separate shower room.


There are two types of room, Japanese-style and Western-style. All rooms are furnished with bed, desk and refrigerator. (Above is Room 1B)


Room 1C.


Room 2C.


Room 2D.


Room 2E


Room 2F.


English Conversation seminar

Let’s have a peak at an English Conversation seminar that was held in the house with two popular English language school teachers. This lesson wasn’t just a lecture, it was an interactive class on English learning techniques through communication.


The venue was small and cozy, and perhaps being in such close proximity to others was what encouraged the neverending chatter over lunch.


A powerpoint presentation and relevant images were displayed on the television screen by connecting the computer to the TV.


Sharehouses aren’t simply places to live, they are also places of study that open up a whole new world of possibilities.


After class it was time to mingle, the classroom becoming relaxed and its students getting to know each other on a deeper level.

This sharehouse is managed by the Almater Corporation. It was created around a concept with ‘MBA’ as its focal point, and the brains behind the operation is an MBA holder himself. It is his hope that through sharing knowledge and information residents can come in contact with a variety of different people and acquire the skills needed to push them up to the next level, and act as a support system for new startups.

Upon visiting the house myself, I found myself thinking that having a comfortable environment doesn’t necessarily make it possible to concentrate. What helps with concentration is having peers with you inside that environment, people who may have different objectives but the same dedicated spirit to study, learn and cultivate one’s self with.

You can spend time as you please here, using the common area as a cafe or workspace or relaxing by yourself in your room when you want to be alone. This is the perfect home for people working hard day after day who want to improve their skills and achieve self-fulfillment

Changing one’s living environment is also a great idea for people who want to get a business started but can’t seem to take the first step to achieve it.

You may look back at this move in years to come and recognize it as the reason for your future success. Just by doing something as simple as moving house you could be setting up for something great to happen.


Area 77,Yakuojimachi, Ichigaya,Shinjuku,Tokyo
Rent -
Toei Oedo Line Ushigomeyanagicho 5min walk.
Toei Shinjuku Line Akebonobashi 6min walk.
Condition Male, Female, 学生不可
Now fully occupied

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