The ‘Share Dining’-themed house celebrates its first anniversary

The popularity of sharehouses has begun to spread across the country in recent years. I’m sure there are many of you out there interested in the concept, yet feel uneasy at the prospect of living together with people you’ve never met before.

What’s it like to live in a sharehouse? What kind of people live there? We took it upon ourselves to answer these questions by stopping by a sharehouse to show you!

We visited STYLIO WITH KAMIIKEDAI, a sharehouse in the lively Ota ward of Tokyo.
The sharehouse is a community within which residents can value food and cuisine, and enjoy each others company in the communal ‘Share Dining’ area. The house’s one year anniversary party was held recently with 35 attendees, with residents and house administrators alike mingling together.

Let’s have a look at how the party went down!



Preparing food for the party. When hosting a party people tend to rely on supermarket-bought platters or a catering service, but everything here is homemade by the housemates in their professional grade kitchen. This fellow has been enticed over to the table by a wonderful aroma. Can’t wait to see what this dish turns out like!


Guests have brought their favorite alcoholic beverages for the feast.


People start to gather in the dining hall one after another. Here’s a shot of some guests with their drink of choice.


Meanwhile, the food is ready! The table has been laid out in decadence without anyone noticing.


The table is garnished with paella, sauteed meat and more. This is genuine party food!


This dish looks as though it could be served at a French restaurant. Being able to enjoy such fine food at home is one of the unique things about living in a sharehouse.


With all of the dishes served, the party officially begins with a greeting from the 2nd housemate to move into the house. Everybody toasts.


Cheers! The sound of reverberating glass echoes the room. It’s a moment of supreme bliss.


Previous housemates also show their faces at the party, glad to be reunited with everyone once more.


The room is filled with smiles and laughter. Only in a sharehouse will you find musicians, company workers and even students all living together.


It’s exciting just to watch the scene unfolding before me. After devouring the main course, it’s time for what everyone has been waiting for.


You guessed it, it’s dessert time! Heaven for sweet tooths male and female alike. This guy is trying to remove hardened chocolate from a balloon. A few faces in the audience are covering their ears in preparation for the inevitable burst. What a charming sight.


There are smiles all around. Even though everyone is full from the delicious dinner had, there is always room for dessert.


Here’s a group shot in commemoration of the anniversary with everyone signing the ‘S’ from ‘STYLIO WITH KAMIIKEDAI’ with their hands. Personalities come out in this photo! Haha.


Everybody helps clean up. Laughing and bantering with housemates turns the most mundane of chores into fun-filled times.


At the end of the party we have the honor of watching a performance by a housemate with a beautiful voice.


The singer improvised when requests were shouted out by the crowd, met with cheers of joy, and also scattered laughter when lyrics were mistakenly sung. The whole performance was enjoyed in harmony.


After the party time was spent chilling out before the event drew to a close. Housemates lulled to sleep by the music wandered sleepily up to their rooms and those who still wanted to talk stayed down drinking and talking together. I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible today for all of their efforts!


The Japanese character for food is ‘食’, which is made up of the characters for person (人) and good (良) to mean ‘making a person better’. Food makes people better!

I good a good sense of the vibe of the house by my visit to STYLIO WITH KAMIIKEDAI.

Of course, not all days will be like this one, but I believe that the best thing about sharehouses is being able to talk to someone when you feel like talking and sharing what you are good at with the others in the house.

The house is currently running a free-rent campaign for new residents signing their contracts before the end of June and moving in before the end of July, offering one month of free rent. Feel free to contact the house and find out more if you’re interested in living here.

I will continue in my efforts to show the real world of sharehouses to our readers by covering more sharehouse events and sharehouse lifestyle articles in the future.

/Author: Watanabe

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