Your new European-style life awaits in cultural Kokubunji

Kokubunji were Buddhist temples established during the Nara period by the order of Emperor Shomu 1300 years ago. At the time they were the biggest temples in existence and as such the land was considered holy, the area holding a lot of cultural heritage. The temple itself was burned down during the Kamakura period, however the historic remains stand solemnly even today.

Share Residence Kokubunji is inspiring a new culture in this historic neighborhood. At first glance its European interior might seem at odds with the Buddhist temple history of the area, however the fact that it blends this new culture with the existing to create a new history is very fitting for this already cultural town.

Inside the house is a colorful interior, large fireplace and even a coffee machine and ice cream maker. Such great facilities are only possible because this is a large residence able to house 58 residents. The place is full of things you could only dream of having living alone in a small apartment.

Let's move on and have a look inside!

「Share Residence Kokubunji」House Details Page


58-room large-scale sharehouse renovated from a building housing a former company employee dormitory.

At a glance the exterior doesn't look at all like a sharehouse. It may look like all the other apartment buildings surrounding it, however inside it is clearly a high quality shared residence.


As the building was a former company employee dormitory the entrance is large and grand, as if it could be a hotel.


With bicycle parking here you can hop your bike, ride around and experience all of the culture this area has to offer.


There is of course sufficient shoe storage to accommodate the residents in all 58 rooms. Seeing this might make Japanese readers reminiscent of their school days.


The house is in a quiet residential area perfect for going on a walk, especially in spring or early summer.


Relax in the cafe-style living area with its European-taste furniture, decoration and art

You'll draw a breath in surprise when you enter the living room for the first time, taking in the exotic interior. It's almost like stumbling upon a stylish cafe while overseas on business.


White walls and pillars emphasise the colourful sofa. Every last detail has been thought of in a unique way, the flooring made up of a mix of patterns and designs one example.


Western-style tableware, glasses and even fruit work together to create this special atmosphere. Your brain will trick you into thinking you're participating in a homestay program overseas.


A sound system for playing music has been set up for use. The photos on the wall match the mood perfectly here.


There is even a record player, which is rare to find in Japan. Music lovers will go crazy for this set up.


Here is the main attractions, an ice cream maker and coffee machine. With these devices you have everything you need for a cafe.


Catch your breath sitting at the counter as you gaze out at the terrace.


The terrace is wide and spacious. Being able to chat with your friends out here on a sunny day is like a dream.


「KOKUBUNJI CAFE」is written on the deck. You might start believing that this is a genuine cafe when you see it.


Enjoy cooking and communicating in the spacious kitchen

As one would expect from a building that houses 58 residents, the kitchen is also large. Making dinner together with your share mates is much more fun than throwing something together yourself. Enjoy sharing recipes and everything else here with other housemates.


The kitchen is in the same Western design as the living room. The wooden accents, shaped faucets and shelving create a unique atmosphere.


There is space for every resident to store their cooking ingredients. No need to worry about other people using something that's not theirs.


Here is a powder room for the female residents. This will become an important room to you in your life.


There are also other washstands in the house.


The shower room and toilet. There is also a bathroom in addition to this shower room.


Spend some time for yourself in a simple private room

Everyone loves to hang out and chat in the communal areas with the others, but sometimes we need our own space. Your privacy is guaranteed with locks on all room doors.


Here is Room 210. It has a bed and desk, as well as great natural light as it is a corner room.


This is Room 214. It is unfurnished, making it the perfect room for someone moving in after living in an apartment by themselves.

How does a Northern European-style life in the middle of a cultural Japanese town sound to you? Managing this house is ShareDesign, a company that has been in the sharehouse game for a while. They design houses like a work of art, always concentrating on one concept and recreate it through every inch of the property.

The flooring is one example of how extraordinary things have been created in even the smallest places, yet are a part of daily life and become familiar over time, or so I imagine.

Cafe-lovers, music-lovers, ice cream lovers - Share Residence Kokubunji has something for everyone. The great thing about share houses is coming together and meeting like-minded friends, stimulating and encouraging each other while sharing lives.

I wonder what kind of people will be at「KOKUBUNJI CAFE」, what kind of conversations they will be having, and what kind of coffee they will be drinking in the future? What kind of stories will they create for themselves as residents here?

The protagonist of that story could very well be you.



Social Court Kokubunji
House DetailSocial Court Kokubunji
Area 4-19, Josuihoncho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo
Rent ¥35,800 ~ ¥42,800
西武多摩湖線 一橋学園駅 徒歩8分
Condition Male, Female