Enjoy yourself in a summer resort-like location in this house that loves to have fun amidst its subdued, mature design

“Experience nature while living in the city”
“Feel as though you’re in a resort in the middle of the city”
These titles and phrases have been popping up a lot lately when browsing through residential and interior magazines websites.

If we compare city life to country life, everything is hurried and rushed, driven by time. Thus, places we can take a step back and relax in are highly treasured and when looking for accommodation in the city the kinds of phrases like those above resound loudly. We, as humans, did always ask for too much...

In line with this we introduce to you today a sharehouse that offers that country villa lifestyle right in the middle of the city, Hilltop Terrace Yokohama. It is located in a quiet area abundant in greenery that could almost be mistaken for a summer resort, allthewhile being close to the city center. The building bears a striking resemblance to a holiday house in both construction and design.

This house would be particularly great for people who would like to maintain a bit of balance between their busy ‘ON’ days and fleeting ‘OFF’ days. Many people are sure to find the lifestyle they are looking for right here.

Without further ado, let’s have a look inside the house!

「Hillside Terrace Yokohama」House Details Page 


Residence atop a hill bearing a resemblance to a country villa and a satisfying Yokohama lifestyle living in relaxation

A 6-minute walk from Mizusawa-shimochō Station (right beside Yokohama station), Hillside Terrace Yokohama can be found in the corner of a residential area at the top of a small road branching away from the main road.


The path to the house is almost like something out of a Ghibli movie.


The bamboo trees lining the road add to the extraordinary ambiance, and the entrance to the house can be seen up ahead.


At the entrance stands personal mailboxes for each resident and a delivery box that means you can receive parcels even when nobody is home.


Inside shoe lockers line the wall on both sides, almost like the setup one often sees at an izakaya (a Japanese pub).


The front hallway is very spacious with plenty of room to sit down and put on your shoes.


Main lounge offers luxurious solace with its wide, open atrium and warm lighting

A mature ambiance floats about the room with its subdued design and color-scheme, the atrium feature creating a resort-like atmosphere. The room feels like a mix between a country villa and Western-style house.


Natural light shines in on the room by day, and by night it is lit up by warm colored lighting. The atmosphere changes drastically from day to night.


A exposed beam supporting top lights. A fan also hangs from the ceiling. These factors combined work together to create that resort-like feeling.


The television is mounted neatly on the wall above the fireplace.


You can tell this sofa is comfortable to sit on just by looking at it. This kind of sofa makes you look forward to sit down of a night and chat with your housemates, a glass of wine held in one hand.


When the staff member in charge of overseeing this house mentioned that a record player would really suit the interior, the company president ordered one almost immediately. It really does fit in with the house ambiance.


The wall next to the counter is plastered with indoor mountain climbing handles.


And it’s not just for decoration - you can actually climb up! Please do refrain from using the wall when you are intoxicated as this leads to accidents.


Sure, you can use the staircase to go upstairs, but how about climbing up every now and again? Stair-use might actually decrease.


In stark contrast with the uniqueness of the living room, the kitchen is a simple room with white as the base color.


That said, the stovetop is professional-grade and you can enjoy cooking genuine cuisine here.


Wine classes are displayed in a row above the counter and play a great part in interior decoration as well.


Start the day drinking in the sunlight with yoga, a gentle breeze flowing in through the window as you gaze out at the Yokohama city-scape.

In addition to private rooms a yoga studio can also be found on the 3rd floor, which is also the top floor. The room utilizes wooden materials to create a natural interior, and a gentle breeze flows through the room while the soft warmth of the sunlight filters in by the window.


Being in tune with your five senses during yoga releases you from the hustle and bustle of everyday and calms the mind.


This room is not only for yoga. You can also put on your favourite music and move your body as you please.


Here is another pretty special place in the house. Step outside from the living room and be greeted by a cafe-esque wooden deck area.


As the property sits on a corner, there is nothing to bother you or no one to make awkward eye contact with on this side of the house. The deck is lit up at night, amping up the mood.


It’s a great place to drink your tea or coffee and relax with a book on a sunny day. Spend your day off out here in elegance.


Let’s briefly look at the kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities which have all been remodelled.


The washing machines and dryers in the laundry room can be used free of charge.


Hallways in the house are wide and spacious. One way to amuse yourself is to look down at your housemates in the living room from the 2nd floor.


Choose your favorite from a variety of different rooms

As each room has a different layout make sure to check them all out when you go in for a private viewing. There is something to suit all tastes, from the standard flat-type room to a room with excellent storage capabilities.


This room is the most common layout in the house. One wall is made up completely of storage space.


There is even a room with a full-length mirror attached wardrobe. As available rooms vary at any given time inquiries are necessary.

Managing Hillside Terrace Yokohama is the company Share Design. Everytime they complete a new house it is always with great anticipation that I make my way over to check it out. They always have all bases covered, from their carefully selected antique furniture to stylish bar counters, and the housemates always throw themselves into planning in-house events and the like.

The staff at Share Design love creating sharehouses, and what I found to be most impressive is that they improve things as they go together with their residents.

This particular property may be a country-villa like atmosphere, but as the nearby train station is just one stop from Yokohama station it’s not only a dream location but a dream house for those working in the city.

Just imagine the kind of experiences waiting for you living your very own Yokohama country villa lifestyle. You should definitely take advantage of it.


Hillside Terrace Yokohama
House DetailHillside Terrace Yokohama
Area 12,Mitsuzawa Naka-machi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama,Kanagawa
Rent ¥39,800 ~ ¥39,800
Blue line Mitsusawa Shimocho 6 min
Tokyu Toyoko line Tanmachi 20 min
Condition Male, Female

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