Unique furniture pieces and a solid color scheme create a mature, relaxed atmosphere

I like to look around in different furniture stores in my spare time. I’ll go to small stores that stock specially selected import furniture as well as large stores like IKEA, but I really get excited at stores when they have showrooms set up.

I really enjoy looking at how they have decorated a room, comparing it with my own lifestyle, and imagine how life could be with this arrangement. It is, however, quite difficult to recreate what you see in a showroom in real life.

Even if you wanted to buy all of the furniture needed to make it happen at once, a quick glance in your wallet tells you that doing so would be impossible, and by buying each piece one by one over time you would end up with a mismatched interior as your tastes and ideas would change.

And so I introduce to you Crann Terrace Mizonokuchi, a 45-room large-scale sharehouse an 8-minute walk from Mizonokuchi station on the Tokyu Denen-toshi and Oimachi lines. The chic interior decorated throughout with sophisticated furniture is very attractive. With a curious balance of elegance and comfortability, the furniture here adds a certain flavor to the house.

The leather sofa, the natural feel of the wooden table and the steel easy chair among other things are all lovely pieces that will hold you captive as soon as you set foot within the house.

Without further ado, let’s have a look inside!!

「Crann Terrace Mizonokuchi」House Details Page


Indirect lighting creates light and shadow in the entrance

The indirect lighting found around the house exudes a slightly mature atmosphere. Decorative plants here and there add the perfect accent to the decor.


The exterior. The building is sturdily constructed and was apparently once an employee dormitory.


The nameplate is also quite splendid. At night it is lit up, giving off an elegant impression.


Beside the entrance are mailboxes for each room, and there is also a box for parcels. It’s a great convenience to be able to receive packages when you are not at home.


Individual shoe lockers can be found on the right hand side after passing through the entrance.


Seeing a bit of green within the rustic interior kind of brings peace of mind.


The spacious living and dining room area uses even the corridor space efficiently

There is no particular boundary between the living and dining area, one room continuing on to the other to create a spacious interior. As I said above, good quality furniture has been arranged around the room to create a place for residents to sit around together in harmony.


The sofa placed in front of the large television screen is made out of leather, on which you can relax in style.


The affinity of the glass table with the leather chairs is outstanding. You’ll become fixated on setting the table nicely if this is what you have to work with.


In the corridor on the way to the shared area hangs an Introduction Board pinned with polaroids of residents and their names written underneath.


As the corridor is quite wide, tables and chairs have been used to fill up the area and can be used by all of the residents.


The magazine rack is lined with gourmet and Italian issues and I suppose the lineup changes from time to time.


It looks like water will come gushing out if you turn the handle on the legs of the glass table in the living room (it actually doesn’t, though…)


The dining area has an open kitchen with a dining table beside it.


There are 4 stovetops and sinks in a layout facing each other.


Shared space in which you can divide your time between work, rest and play

The carefully selected furniture choices are not the only appeal of this house - another great thing about Crann Terrace is that it has a number of shared areas for different purposes.


This is an ideal Quiet Room in which you can finish off work that you’ve brought home or study for qualifications.


Work at full speed while you’re in the office, then to change up the mood return home to put on the finishing touches in your own pace. Changing things up like this might even be more effective.


This here is a soundproof room. You could pull down the screen and watch a film or move the chairs to one side and use the space as a dance or yoga studio. You can use this room for a variety of purposes.


The room comes equipped with a projector and DVD player (in the form of a Playstation).


An indoor smoking room is good news for those smokers who can’t be bothered going outside to light one up.


The female-only bathroom has a spacious powder room area reminiscent of that of a hotel.


With a television in the bathroom you can just imagine how luxurious bath time is going to be (female only).


The washing machine and dryer in the laundry are both coin operated.


Private rooms are of a comfortable layout with plenty of storage space

90% of the rooms are 12㎡ standard layouts and come with storage space. Even those with a quite a lot of luggage would probably be able to store it all in these rooms.


Storage. Use each section to nicely store your items.


This is one of 3 rooms on the 1st floor. It is new and clean having been fully renovated.

Managing Crann Terrace Mizonokuchi is Tokyo Defence. With a history spanning 30 years of apartment management and rental leasing they stepped into the sharehouse business last autumn. Their first property in Kugaoka continues to operate to almost maximum capacity and it seems like a very fun environment, with the residents talking about all of the interesting plans and events they are invited to by house management.

According to management, the concept of their latest house is ‘Furniture and People’, focusing on comfortable living over something that resonates with a particular set of people, and ended up creating a place you couldn’t help but want to invite people over to see.

Mizonokuchi is also an attractive location with three different train lines running through the town and great accessibility to popular spots such as Shibuya, which you can get to without having to change trains.

Surrounded by high quality furniture in a place built with ease of comfort in mind, coupled with common areas to suit any purpose, this sharehouse is surely the environment to add a little something extra to your daily life.


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