A sharehouse with all you could need including good location, good design and top-notch security

Kichijoji is a dream come true for people living in the city with its stylish and happening shops, traditional shopping arcades and relaxing parks lush with greenery. Urban House Kichijoji is a sharehouse located close to the charms of this neighborhood. Located in a convenient location 5-minutes walk from Mitakadai station on the Keio Inokashira railway line, a popular route connecting Kichijoji and Shibuya, access to the city is also good.

The great location of the sharehouse is indeed favorable, however the best thing about the house is its interior and facilities. With many of the residents being young men and women, the interior design has been created to imitate a ‘chic cafe’ and stylish touches can be found throughout the house. It would be kind of disappointing to live in a not-so-stylish house in Kichijoji, which is chosen as the top “Neighborhood People Want to Live In” every year.

Living in Urban House Kichijoji you can experience a cafe-like atmosphere everyday surrounded by an interior even those with the most refined tastes would appreciate. You’ll be pleased to know that the house has been designed with safety and security in mind with the entire 3rd floor a female-only zone, and with each room built for one you can maintain your privacy. Let’s get on with the show and have a look inside this house full of charm!

「Urban House Kichijoji」House Details Page


A large-scale sharehouse located a 5-minute walk from Mitakadai station

Mitakadai station on the Keio Inokashira line is two stations away from Kichijoji station, which is an 18-minute walk on foot and even faster by bicycle. The property itself is a former student dormitory and is therefore quite large with a lived-in feel within the building.


The front entrance. You can imagine a lively environment just by looking at all of the shoes.


The hallway. The house is very comfortable to live in with its carpeted flooring.


Spend time chatting on the sofa in this exceptionally spacious living room

リThe living room is a spacious area including the kitchen and dining room and its interior is arranged in a somewhat charming style. You can imagine sitting down on the much-loved sofas and chatting pleasantly with your housemates.


The first thing that will catch your eye in here is the large sofa. It is obviously much loved and you can’t help but feel as though perhaps the whole room has been arranged around it.


I’m sure many people would answer “bright and cheerful” upon being asked of their first impressions of this room, and it’s this cute lighting structure that helps create such an atmosphere.


This is the dining area. So much has it been integrated into the living room that there is really no need to call it a dining area anymore.


These shelves have been arranged in such a charming way you’ll feel like you’re no longer in Japan.


Each piece of furniture adds a nice touch to the interior.


There is even a communal computer. There is of course also a Wi-Fi connection.


From this angle it is apparent how big the sofa actually is.


Here is the kitchen area.


There are induction cooktops and an electric kettle.


Here is the living room looking in from the side. Being such a large space, the more people there are the more fun you’ll have.


Traces of the former student dormitory can be seen in the bathroom, toilet and showers, each redesigned with playful touches here and there.

This is the male bathroom. This style of bathroom is in the house because of its history as a former student dormitory. It is perhaps a little small to be called a traditional Japanese ‘Daiyokujo’ (large public bath), however there is plenty of space here. The tub is currently unavailable for use. How unfortunate.


Moving along, here we see a design right before the staircase leading to the 2nd floor. This is a cheerful and fun design...


and there is a more subdued piece of art in the corridor. You can really see the fun-loving personality of the management team through all corners of the house.


The entrance to the male bathroom. You may be mistaken into thinking you have come to a traditional Japanese bath house.


Here is the changing room. For Japanese housemates this room will bring back good memories.


Here is the female showers. The bright, tropical-style curtains are quite impressive.


In addition to the shower there is also a washing machine.


Stylish mirrors hang behind the basins in the female toilets.


The male toilets are reminiscent of school toilets.


As you can see the toilets are also decorated with artwork.


Seeing art even in places like this really brings out the manager’s eye for detail. Incidentally, this is all done not by renovation specialists but by the management team themselves.


Private rooms are furnished with a refrigerator and plenty of storage space.

This is a room on the female-exclusive 3rd floor. Having a refrigerator in your room is convenient in that you don’t need to go all the way down to the 1st floor just to get a drink.


This is the storage area, which is quite a lot of space for a room in a sharehouse.


Rooms also come with a desk so you can immerse yourself in your work or in reading a book.


This is a corner room and as such is very bright and cheerful.


Taking care of the management side of Urban House Kichijoji is Ishin Corporation. In the past they have been involved in apartment management and by chance have embarked on a new venture in the sharehouse industry. That said, rather than being just a business, I felt more of a relaxed, fun vibe of wanting their residents to enjoy themselves when I visited the house myself.

One example of this is that the Ishin Corporation staff took care of the furniture and design of the interior and created the unique space themselves. Taking charge and exploring all ideas one at a time with their very first sharehouse property is not an easy thing to do in the slightest, however I think that looking at things from the resident’s point of view will result in a very comfortable, easy to live in environment.

Even without being aware of the circumstances behind the design of the house I am sure that the variety and color of communication exchanged between housemates will grow to match the environment of the house as they enjoy the fruit of the management team’s hard work. Before too long that environment will also change and the housemates might even form relationships with the management team as they help to create and improve the house in which they are living. Living together and enjoying a house -complete with spacious living room, one’s own room and art adorning the walls everywhere you look- that everyone has helped to create is a wonderful thing indeed.


Urban House KIchijoji
House DetailUrban House KIchijoji
Area Mitaka,Tokyo
Rent ¥52,000 ~ ¥56,000
Keio-Inogashira station Mitakadai station 5 min walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり

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