Get to know the real Taipei living with the house’s Taiwanese owner

Days filled with casual encounters and silly conversations may pass by without us giving them a second thought, however it is these seemingly unrelated connections and experiences that, little by little, help to mould our own thoughts and ideals.

I believe that in the right environment we can rise up to our own potential and challenge the things we’ve always wanted to do. We need an environment in which we don’t have to hold back our true selves with other easy to talk to, like-minded people, an environment where we can just sit back and relax without thinking about anything at all. If you are looking for a place where you can be yourself, Linguang House in Taipei is the sharehouse for you.

Taipei is a large metropolitan city with a unique history and warm, friendly locals with a strangely carefree atmosphere flowing through its old streets. This sharehouse is located in an old neighborhood on the outskirts of the Da-an district, with easy access on foot or by public transport within 30 minutes to places including a night market held in a large park, areas where high-rise buildings line the streets and areas popular with international students. It’s the perfect place for people coming to Taipei to use as a base while they start their new lives.

Now then, let’s hear more about the house and its neighborhood!!!

「Linguang House」House Details Page


The white color-scheme living room immediately catches your eye as you open the front door.

With a large screen television a sofa big enough to seat all house guests, the living room is no doubt the scene of many conversations.


The large sofa is the main stage of the living room. Many memories made in sharehouses are those made in the living room.


Warm Taiwanese sunlight creates a refreshing atmosphere in the living room together with the lush greenery of the decorative houseplants.


Taiwanese front entrances are usually double doors with an outer door built with ventilation slats.


A seat for one in front of the entrance. Behind is the washing machine - perhaps you could sit and read here while waiting for your cycle to finish?


Floor tiles have a cooling effect during Taiwan’s hot summers.


Watch television programs from around the world on cable television. Take the opportunity while you’re at it to brush up on your English.


The owner of the house loves watching movies. You can pop in a DVD or even connect your PC to the television.


There are a lot of electrical outlets in the living room. You could even plug in your PC here and relax on the sofa while browsing the internet.


A multi-use table in the corner of the living room.。


There is also a mirror for checking your appearance and making sure everything is in order.


A world map posted on a corkboard gives away the fact that the owner loves to travel.


There isn’t much of a home cooking culture in Taiwan, so while this stovetop might not seem to be anything out of the ordinary it’s actually a rare feature in Taiwan that you’ll be glad to have.


Salt and sugar sitting neatly on the bench.


In Taiwan it is rare to use a tumble dryer, with residents instead hanging their washing outside on the verandah.


A typical Taiwanese toilet. Most homes have the toilet and bathroom in the same room like this.


What could this be? It’s actually Taiwanese toilet paper. Toilet paper rolls aren’t really used at all.


A perfect hot-water shower.


[Room B] Rooms are spacious with furnishings and storage capabilities

This room, with its desk, mirror and queen-sized bed, already looks comfortable enough to live in and you can up its comfortability level by moving in and making it your own space.


Tissues, clock and small storage items neatly lined up in a row.


A multi-adaptor electrical board in between the desk and bed. You’ll always have a source of electricity whether you are sitting at the desk or laying in bed.


A hair dryer. Bringing your own one along adds to your luggage so it is great to have one in the room already.


Use this basket for your dirty clothes. The owner really shows wonderful consideration for guests.


The room of course comes with an electric fan.


There is also, of course, an air conditioner.


Hooks have been attached to the back of the door to hang clothes and bags and the like.


There is an extra-large closet for storage and hangers to use as well.


You can also neatly store accessories or underwear with this.


Only a 5-minute walk to Anju street, where you can experience the real Taiwan

This street is lined with restaurants, a convenience store, drug store and a Subway. To put it simply, everything you could possibly need is here. To top it off there is a night market as well, and you can’t get more Taiwanese than that.


What I admired about Taiwan was that even if it is raining you don’t need an umbrella because walkways in front of buildings are covered.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Taiwan without getting some COME BUY tapioca juice! You can buy one for around 150 yen.


The McDonalds between the nearest station and the house. There’s no doubt that this fast food restaurant comes in handy when overseas.


The interior and exterior layout of the drugstore may trick you into thinking you are back in Japan. It’s nice to just walk around the streets here.


Taipei’s MRT line connects the city. This is the above ground MRT.


It’s a 2-3 minute walk to the nearest station, Linguang station.


It is forbidden to eat or drink in the station. Enforcement is fairly strict so make sure you adhere to the rules.


The MRT route map.


Linguang House owner Sinyi has studied abroad and during that time lived in a sharehouse in England, and because of this is very sympathetic to foreign visitors to Taiwan. Sinyi will kindly help you out when you are in need, explaining things in a kind and friendly manner, and can also speak a little bit of Japanese.

This is an international house, with it not being unusual for all tenants to be of different nationalities. It’s a fascinating environment in which one can try their hand at speaking a variety of languages, including English and Chinese.

This sharehouse for foreigners, and the owner knows how things work after living in one in England. Sinyi wants house guests to relax while they enjoy all that Taipei has to offer, and you are sure to feel right at home in no time, even though you are in another country.

If you’re thinking about moving to Taipei, please don’t hesitate to contact the owner of this property.

You are sure to encounter many fantastic experiences and make many more memories living in such an exciting place with so much to play and learn.

/Author: Takahashi

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