Food brings people together, raises us and enriches life.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there who feel a sharehouse’s greatest appeal is the sense of security in the fact that there is always someone waiting there for you when you come home.

If you’re looking for a large-scale yet unique sharehouse in which a variety of characters gather then you can find them anywhere. But if you want to live both an exciting and stimulating lifestyle with plenty of things to do within the house as well as have a place where you can relax and feel at home, then STYLIO WITH Kamiikedai is for you.

You can probably tell just by looking at the photos of the property, but one great thing about this house is its spectacular wide, open interior. It’s important in life to be able to come home from a hard day at work to such a refreshing environment. You can feel the extravagance of the house in its unique interior and smartly-designed communal areas.

You’ll be delighted by the kitchen in particular. The area is called TAULA and will surprise almost everyone with its state-of-the-art facilities to rival that of a restaurant or professional cooking classroom. The residents can use the areas as they please too, of course.

Alright then, let’s move on to look at the finer details of the house!



 A large-scale share house in a peaceful residential area nearby a shopping district

STYLIO WITH Kamiikedai appears suddenly as you walk along a stream swimming with carp after leaving Senzoku-Ike station. There is a shopping area nearby and the 1F of the house is none other than Italian restaurant Saizeriya. A food-themed sharehouse with an actual restaurant downstairs is almost like a dream come true.


This spacious outdoor area is up the stairs on the 2F. Relax away the day on those sunny afternoons up here. 


Here is the balcony. There is plenty of room for hanging out washing to dry. 


The road on the way to the sharehouse was so calm and peaceful I took this picture without thinking. Many organisms live in the small stream and people enjoying nature can be seen here and there.


Enjoy a meal in the living room with the kitchen, dining and coworking space together in one area

You are greeted by the spacious living room as soon as you step through the door. It’s quite a breathtaking space with the coworking area, dining, kitchen and living room all integrated together.


Surrounded by genuine wooden furniture it’s almost like camping in the middle of nature.  


Decorative plants also play an important role in creating the natural scene. You feel relaxed just by looking at the display. 


Over here is the lounge room. The furniture and lighting help to create a secret hideout-type effect.


In the back there is a raised platform area with a large TV. Relax here with your housemates. 


The interior design has had thought put into with with chairs of varying type and size arranged around the room, calling to your curiosity. 


This area is integrated with the rest of the room so you could even bring over some food to eat here or relax with a coffee. It’s uses are endless. 


The coffee table is also a storage unit and gives a retro, athletic feel to the house. 


Small ornaments add to the unconventional interior. Residents can freely share their books with housemates.


Decorative plants can be found everywhere to unify the interior.


On to the coworking section of the room. 


With large desks and plenty of space it’s a sufficient environment for work or study.


These desks come with wall outlets to plug in your PC and work away. 


Share the enjoyment of cooking in a genuine kitchen

Opposite the living area is a kitchen you could say is almost too spacious. With this much space everyone could cook in here together at the same time. 


The stoves are professional-grade and emit great heat. You may end up trying out recipes you could never cook before in here. 


There is also plenty of room at the sink. Divide up tasks in the kitchen as if you’re back in home economics class.


Almost all cooking utensils are provided so you can whip up a storm as soon as you move in. 


It’s not often you see this many refrigerators lined up in a row. No need to worry about storage with these.


The doors in the rear of the kitchen lead to the stockroom, a room in which to store things like cooking spices and sauces. Every little detail has been thought of in this kitchen. 


A simple design creates the best environment to relax in

Private rooms are designed simply for residents to create an environment in their own style. 


Rooms facing south get great sunlight coming in because there are no tall buildings around and is a place where one can relax mind and body. 


The simple design of the rooms mean that residents can decorate them in completely different ways. 


This is the washroom. There is also a female-exclusive powder room. 


There are dryers in the laundry room to give you relief on those rainy days.


There is also a way to enter the sharehouse directly from the 1F. Muddy shoes are generally prohibited, so take them off in the lounge. 


This is what the hallway looks like. It was apparently made in the image of a monastery.  


The lamps hanging down from the ceiling in the hallway all use different bulbs and it shows that the owners have really paid attention to every single little detail. 


There is one locker per person in the locker room. You can store whatever you like in here. 


STYLIO WITH Kamiikedai was designed by Blue Studio and is managed by Connect House, providing a platform for a community with food as its theme, fully supporting tenants to be able to live in comfort.

By visiting the house you can tell that there is almost no strictness or feeling of oppression inside. It has a wide, spacious kitchen in which to languidly enjoy cooking and sharing food with other housemates. Location-wise there is a bit of distance from the local station, however it is definitely a place its residents won’t be able to wait to come home to of a day.

“His cooking is really great.” “I wish you were my wife.” Different conversations are sure to fly about when housemates sit down at the large dining table for a meal together. This house will naturally foster communication and a warm sense of security through talk about food, perhaps even something like “I got a lot of fresh fish today so I tried making this salad.”

Good food calms the mind, and before you know it you’ll start to try your hand at cooking and time spent eating together with housemates will increase.

During your time at this house you will come to feel as if you have known everyone forever. This sharehouse will help you to reenergise and regain forgotten joys through food.

/Author: Emoto


Rent -
17 min walk from Senzokuike Station
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり
Now fully occupied

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